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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about amazon you know the censorship that i get is uh ridiculous but expected i've at this point gotten used to it you know amazon associates you know recently just closed my account i received an email from them that said you know the title is your amazon associates account has been closed you know says hello alfred vip um-20 you know effective today amazon is terminating your associate's accounts as well as the operating agreements that governs its link below why we review the accounts as part of our ongoing ongoing monitoring of the amazon associates program during our review we determined that you are not in compliance with the operating agreement found here then they gave a link the violations include the following and this is the only violation they listed an account belonging to you or a person or entity connected or affiliated with you has previously been rejected closed for violations of the operating agreement or one of the other amazon marketing programs you can see that kind of wide brush that is a very wide brush and look at their language here a person or entity connected or affiliated with you are they talking about donald trump you know who who are they talking about because this is a very wide brush a person you know or entity connected or affiliated with you what does that mean connected or affiliated that could be anybody is this somebody that is following me you know because that's um this kind of broad brush includes somebody that is following you somebody that mentions your name you know and and a person or entity connector affiliated with the reality of matter that they just want to shut down my account you know because of what i'm talking about you know and when someone says the kinds of things i see you know it is expected that um

the devil's children will come after you but the reality of the matter is that amazon is just a company you know and i should and i would start the company that will be bigger and better than it you know sales sales is just the websites and the engine behind amazon you know can be easily replicated anywhere at any time

that is the fact you know um the the model of amazon which is just basically buying stuff from china destroying the us economy and you know selling them um on their website that is it's anyone can start the website and anyone can build an app you know the little things that amazon has done you know it is it's something that it is not extraordinary in any way you know it's easily replicated and apparently i would and i have to and you know it is important that christians do this um some days ago i used this amazon um associate i linked a url to it which was know so it redirected to my an amazon associate link because you know amazon has accepts that you know so it is like putting that in um

um profile link you know bio links of like um social media sites get clicks and you know when you especially when you put like this how you support you can support me by making your procedures on amazon through this link so that kind of thing you know it's you are not um necessarily you're not asking them for money i'm not telling them people to donate to you but you are going to get um compensated financially by amazon by driving them that damn that traffic but in any case you have to understand something and which is something that bothered me even while i did that by doing these things you know even a lot of the things that we do you know we are actually supporting platforms that work against us like look at amazon this is not a surprise you can see how amazon banned trump you know and look at what they did to parlor you know they don't want certain kinds of messages out there anything that they don't like you know they brand it as hate speech or this is offensive we don't want this you know but the thing is that right now that capitalism still lives right now that we can start our own businesses we need to start our own businesses and beat all these guys this is why i emphasize this because i know what is coming these companies will be used by the devil even more than they are currently used now look at how amazon and all these companies can you name an american company that is not pro lgbt and pushing this imagine that kind of money imagine that kind of resources you have all the money of the government you have all the money of the federal reserve pushing for an ideology why are they not pushing for christianity why is that one offensive they will fight against christianity but they will push for the lgbt ideology and keep in mind that the lgbt ideology has its place it's it has its purpose it is not an end game what comes next at night it's just like when people talk about for example the olympics that is coming up and they say that the transgender athletes that are going to perform in it you know because now apparently they are not allowing men people who are born men who have taken hormones and said that they are women to now um participate in the women's olympics so obviously a lot of women you know this is how when it comes to your athletic career it has ended you know for a lot of women like you know with the weightlifting and all of that um especially you know basically in a lot of sports any sports that is physically exacting a man is built different so by the time a man says that he's a woman and he's playing sports with women he will break all the records

you know and this is you you have to understand that first of all it started with oh that gay people just they are just if you allow them to live their life it is not bothering you but look at how the thing keeps evolving into something what's unless and what's they are heading somewhere so you have to understand that this is a total change and restructure of everything that you believe and everything in society what are they building you know it's unfortunate it's like joining an organization that you cannot see the full scope of it you know you you don't have a bet iv you don't have a multi-top view to see the full scope of it maybe from your angle they are just answering phone calls or you are just doing some little accounting in one small department but i seen the full scope of what you are doing you know you don't know if you are working for a company that is actually manufacturing um reports for terrorists you know and you are just in one small angle because the reality of the matter is that expertly um in the um world of espionage sometimes to protect information they give people assignments to carry out that are little pieces they do not know the full scope like they can tell somebody um just build a an engine to these specifics you build this type of gun to these specifics you build this kind of propeller you know you don't know what they are going to assemble at the end of the day and the people that are working on all these individual products don't really know the scope of what they are going to assemble you know so this this is um something that you you have to think about what what are they working towards you know so we must do this the links to amazon promotes amazon and gives them more money which they will use to fight against the church and promote all kinds of agendas understand something about the lgbt people and the gay people the people who are supporting it for the or the so-called christians who are interested in saying that i don't mind and all of that you know that let them live their life and you know all those kinds of things because there are a lot of churches that are like that now especially in america you know one thing you have to know is that these same lgbt people you know they are going to cost you when you when when they are in hell they will realize the truth that you have always been their enemy it is the one that was preaching to them that they wish they listened to think about the story of the the rich man and you know um the the the poor man that was at the richmond gates that you know dogs were licking up his source when the rich man was in hell what did he say to abraham you know he was begging like um can can i be sent back so that i can warn my relatives you know and abraham was like no they have the prophets they have all these people you know and i'm sure that he he was now hoping that you know they listen to the prophets now we have pastors or christians you know people who are preaching the gospel some people would they'll always want to take issues with christians and all of that it is very unfortunate you know it's very unfortunate so you have to um be smart and understand that this is a war and everything that we do you know everything that we do is eventually um we are going to leave it behind either you pass on or your rap should whether you're passing your own personal rapture or the general rapture you know whichever way bet you we are not here forever having an edge will pass away so all the money that you are doing here it is not about um the money god is not blessing you with money just so that you can have money and say oh i have this you have to use it for a purpose money is for a reason yeah you have to use it for the great commission for the for the course if you have somebody that is uh you are saying like um

i don't trust any person i don't trust any ministry you know i won't even go go into that aspect of the matter let's be realistic you you are you not a minister don't you have the ministry of reconciliation did god not tell you were you not included when god gave us the great commission when he says go go into the water pray the gospel are you not included you know as a christian you're included so what are you doing you don't have to be a pastor to preach someone post it on the internet and advertise it to the rest of the world you know since you do not trust other um churches and pastors you know what you are doing is ministry and it is it is blessed it may not be a mystery in the sense of a ministry that is ordained and blessed of god but it is still part of the great commercial it is still part of the ministry of reconciliation it is still part of you know spreading this gospel you know you can buy bibles and distributors look at what um um i believe it is um gideon also that there's you know there's an organization of of wealthy um christians who made very small i don't normally see it's any um that emotionality but um the gideon's bible you know very small blue book they put it in hotel rooms in every hotel you know back in the day you would see that bible the gideon bible and the distributed and distributed you could use your money for that you could use your money for more powerful things like movies like you know when it when people wonder why i put emphasis on movies video games and things of that issue it is simple because let's say you give um or you put your a a church or a ministry puts a sermon on television that is nice but it takes the spirit of god for the world to hear it for example you as a christian do you know that they are muslim tv channels some of you don't even know you see you don't even know that they are muslim tv channels because you are not a muslim so why do you think that a lot of people even know that there are christian movie um christian channels where they are preaching you know just like they are muslim channels with the um the imams um muslim doctrine 24 7 that is changed all around the clock on the on on on tv there are muslim tv channels now let me ask you a question as a christian or even somebody you know even before you you gave your life to christ if you were flipping through channels and you stumbled upon a man um preaching the quran would you listen no you will go on and look for a movie or you're gonna look for a cartoon or music or something else that is what you would do you know so in the same way why do you think that a christian someone will attract the world it's only by god's grace and by god's miracle that it does so but you see look at ideologies like the lgbt they if they put their ideologies in movies and that is why they push for movies sitcoms cartoons they want the music look at they say tanismi music they're doing it for a purpose that is where we should push the gospel in all these things that the devil is taking over like the education on this schools why is it that the school system was built by christians that is why you have so many schools that have names like um our ladies um high school our lady referring to mary saint peter's um um school and you know saint peter's hospital saying paul d saint anthony of this and since this all that all of that you can see the upon the influence of you know christianity the catholic version of christianity anyway but you know that was actually what helped to form this modern um um push of education of the educational system why did we allow it to be taken over by the devil completely you know and of course true christianity never really had it because you know the catholic church version of christianity you know um is not the pure unadulterated um version but that is a topic for another day you know so um there's more to be said about that and i'm not saying that they are catholics um who that all catholics would um certainly go to hell no that is not what i'm saying i'm just saying that the core teachings that have been passed down through the catholic church you know and by a lot of priests are actually um deviants from the truth of the bible you know so that is something that you know the advice the only thing i'll tell you if you're a catholic and you're watching this is for you to get more into the world and read the word forget the denominations just

believe the word be willing to throw away what anybody of any denomination sees if you see it you know if you if you if you observe that the word says something different you know stick to the word it doesn't matter if the what the person the person saying it is catholic or is the pope or is fro is um one of that denomination is pentecostal or baptist or whatever you should stick to the world you know and you will you need to get into the world yourself so um um that is that you know that being said you know we we need to understand the importance of taking over industry you know be the captains of industry you know be the ones who are the giants behind the twitters the facebooks you know the teslas and all of that it is important and it is part of the great commission without that kind of money and we turn that kind of pound influence we will not be able to beat the influence and the move and the united fronts that the devil is using those people to do like you can see they're all united with the lgbt look at how they're all united to be anti-trump soon if things continue those people and as the scripture shows us that people in such positions will be united against christianity and christians will now be persecuted once again and it will be worse than ever before so in the meantime the quality of life that we live before the rapture happens is up to us it depends on what we do if we decide to say where we are going to be persecuted and we fold our arms and leave all the people of the world to take all the positions of power and influence we are going to end up suffering we will still go to heaven but we suffer when we didn't need to i would not win as many souls as we could have you know so that being said let me just um end this here you know remember to go to you know and um reach out to us if you've not given a life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you're at the page you'll come at the house of prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you