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Whte Man called racist for shouting at BLM Protesters blocking traffic

 recently a video has gone viral that shows a white man in a man who's of primarily european descents in america an american citizen who was angry and was shouting at blm protesters who are blocking traffic i have said it on numerous occasions that's the only thing blm is doing is actually making a lot of white people hate african americans and people of african descent that is all the blm is doing this obsession with calling every white person you see racist for the silliest of sins clearly those white man has places to go you know these blm people because they are so inconsiderate you know because they are basically wicked people that is what blm are they a bunch of wicked young people that is what they are if they could actually think about the other side if they could actually think about the older person apart from themselves because a lot of these people who are always saying um see her name say her name brianna taylor and all of that you know not even mention the fact that briana brianna taylor is you know was a criminal you know keep in mind that i believe a dead body was also found in her body in her car that was not talked about you know of course this is a woman that was you know the girlfriend of a drug dealer and she was involved in the drug dealing and clearly you know enjoying the benefits of you know whatever drug dealing her boyfriend was doing but of course her family has been paid because all because of the color of her skin you know and you know because briana taylor was killed as a result of her ripping what she sued that being said a lot of people don't even know who briana taylor's parents are if her parents show up you know at one of their rallies or protests would they know who it is no so how can you say they actually care about the brianna taylor and all the people that are screaming um say their names say their name what they really care about what does blm folks really care about is demonizing the white man what they really care about is saying the white man is an excuse for all their failures that is all they care about all they care about is an opportunity to be racist all they care about is an opportunity to display their racism towards white people that is what it is because none of them ever protest about any of the african americans who get killed you know do you know how many african-americans got killed this past weekend in chicago you know the moderate has gone through the roof in spite of all the gun control and of course the silly people who are for gun control don't say that it is the government's way to you know imprison the people and to make a people slaves that is the step that the government always takes mao did it hitler did it stalin did it that is something that they always do they always take away the guns from the people that is something that they always do when gun laws are passed it only prevents good people from having guns you see it's only the good ones it's only the innocent people that will not have guns it's only the law abiding citizens because guess what the criminals will still get the guns and the people who are committing crimes and who are making a living from killing people you know a lot of these mothers in chicago's are gang you know and related mothers you know they are in their mothers that are often carried out by african-american street gangs you know and these are clearly not allowed by any citizens if there are a lot of burning citizens related form criminal organizations to be part of criminal organizations like all these random street gangs no they won't you see so by passing all the strengths gun laws you create a situation where the people do not have power you give all you give the power to those who are willing to break the law and those who have the connections to get access to in the gal guns there is no situation in this world where gun laws you know were actually passed and then it as gun laws were passed criminals stopped getting guns you know criminals are criminals they do not obey the laws so whether i like it or not they are going to get their hands on those coins you know now that being said to get back to the topic

this white guy that the internet you know and as they call it black twitter you know i won't even go right now into the issue with calling oneself black you know i'll never call myself black you know anybody with the brain will never call themselves black when they open up the dictionary and look up the meaning of black but in any case these people who um are social justice warriors online of african american the center of african descents you know they are branding this guy as a racist just for one thing to get where he is going on time what would that do if he actually previously you know was indifferent to african-americans up to african-american life so to african-american issues you know or let us say he did not like african-americans before what how much more would he now not like them now and what about those in his family what about those who love him what about other white people seeing this you see the black lives matter people you know they never think outside of themselves they never look outside of themselves you know they they cannot look at that this is the man who wants to get to where he's going to in a hurry you can't just block the road and be protesting i'm saying you're protesting black lives matter and then you keep people there indefinitely and the police is on their side and interestingly a lot of white people join in you know a lot of white people joining with that without black lives matter nonsense even um a lady that was in the car who was blocked by traffic was actually angry with the white guy for wanting to pass through you know what gives people the right to abuse other people's rights in a free country in that manner what gives black lives matter the right to block the road and to prevent people from passing how does that improve race relations or improve the conditions of african-americans or people of african descent how you see you have to think about the outcome that you are creating when you're doing something if you are trying to fix a hole or a leakage let's say there's a plumbing leakage and the more you are doing it things get worse should you see at the point have enough common sense to stop doing what you are doing and to get a plumber you know even if you do not get the problem but you're stopping doing what you are doing will at least improve things because everything you're doing is is making matters worse and it's also your best interest to by the way get a plumber get somebody who can fix the situation you know so in the same way when all that you are doing is making matters worse

you need to stop you know and to go to someone you know who would can actually help you fill the problem and who better to help you than god himself so go to prayer get on your knees in prayer get to the word get to the bible and read the bible what what the bible said the bible says love the bible says god is love so love is the way to go if you truly care about improving the lives of african americans and dark skinned people if you truly care about like you say fighting white supremacy then you will show white supremacist love

rather than calling random people white supremacists rather than labeling random people who want to get where they are going white supremacists you know if you were carrying out your own day as an african-american imagine if an africa a bunch of african-americans were going somewhere and they were stopped by white people who are protesting whatever issue they want to protest what will the news say what would the media story be you know that story won't slip into go on and when i say oh what kind of atrocity and all those white folks will be cancelled from their jobs from everything they do including their family members will have to divorce them or disassociate themselves from them you see so you have to think about what you are doing and understand that what black lives matter now is a seed what black lives matter is doing now is the demonstration of racism they are a racist organization and a terrorist organization because keep in mind that they are hand-in-hand with tantifa so that's working together in unison and that funding from antifa because a lot of the local chapters of blm are actually funded by antifa and a lot of their events you see them blm antifa you know especially in portland so you can see what they are doing and you can see how would history remember them as this is what african americans did because the blur we go on all african americans is not going to go to just blm and actually blm assistant organization this is how racism and risk was started you know so people need to be smart it is so fortunate that we have chosen not to work in love but we have chosen you know to basically walk in the part of foolishness and listen to propagandized and those who have altera at the agendas those who want to divide america those who want to divide countries those want to bring disagreements and war between races and between people because that is the easiest way to conquer after you have divided divide and conquer you know it's unfortunate so you really need to be smart now also i would like you to go to you know and get in touch with me you know so we can together you know work together and solve these problems you know ourselves because we cannot wait for anybody else to do it because nobody will probably do it you know we have hands we have brains we have legs let us do it you know um the answer is love but how are we going to push forth love and solve all those problems especially you know this wrist problem you know how do we um ensure that the world that they want to happen the risks were that um is they have that setting knew what other agents behind the scenes are fixing to happen that's what would not happen or how do we structure ourselves to actually make sure all things work together for good you know i'd like you to reach out to me go to you know alfred and you know reach out to me i'll be looking forward to hearing from you thank you god bless you

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