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What Republicans Inviting Mitt Romney To The Utah GOP Convention Says To Christians


References & Sources For This Video:

- Ryan Fournier: KARMA! Mitt Romney just took the stage at the GOP Convention in Utah, and received resounding “Booooo’s” from the audience Rolling on the floor laughing:


hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about mr romney and getting booed at the gop convention you know it's very important that you know this the gop invited him why was he invited to speak at the gop convention and that's what i i actually um spoke about before in a previous video about christians and the republican party the republican party is not the christian party the republican party is not even a truly american first party it only was that during trump's reign and of course um trump changed things and he gave um people who are truly america first a voice now the reality of the mata is that the gop and the folks who control it are just career politicians who care about their career and we don't know what the um secret societies they may actually be a part of and where the true loyalties lie for some it is with whoever is in the room you know but why would they invite mitt romney who spent you know his entire time you know when trump was in office he was basically dissing trump every other day he was siding with the democrats and going after trump now you want to now stand as a republican you know and it goes without saying there are a few people in spite of the fact there are many people who booed mitt romney there were a few people who actually stood on clubs how ignorant are you are you a democrat or a republican because mit romney his beliefs and what he proposes are basically democrats you see how can people not see that you know and for us christians it shows the importance because we cannot um be give be be an afterthought we cannot be given a side glance other people are giving so much respect by others you know the lgbtq folks are giving respect by politicians in different parts of the world and whatever political cause people stand for they respect them and they go in line with them with christians we have greater numbers why are we the ones being persecuted why are christians being persecuted around the world the number one group that is persecuted around the world today is christians

you see why is this so in spite of our numbers we don't look out for each other we don't stand up for each other it's rare to insult one another you know there are those who have built their ministries you look at their um their profiles you look at what they put out yeah they their youtube channels or whatever and all you see is insults about other ministries that is what they do that is not a ministry you know you cannot be somebody who you spend your time you know pointing out what every other christian is doing that is bad or how this person is a fake christian oh this person is a fake pastor oh this person is a fake prophet oh this person is a false that is all you do

so who is the real one you are of course and you you and when you look at these people's prophets they never talk about jesus when look at the the library of work they put out their archives everything they are doing 24 7 is to insult other people there are many things to perhaps criticize about people's um walk with god but you see it is not your place you should be someone who helps that should be your um your goal that should be where your eyes on you should be like christ what will jesus do did jesus go about pointing at other people and saying oh look at what this person is doing is wrong look at what this person is is wrong if anybody should have done that it would have been jesus because jesus was perfect but he didn't look at the woman that was caught in the scene of adultery what did he say you know who my sins are forgiven can't see no more and that is how it should be we should seek to help people and it shows when you are all about insulting um pastors and other um t-shirts and you know that is all that you do you have to see that you are doing the work of the devil because guess what the people that are listening to you are not coming to you now you are giving them reasons for them not to go to those churches you are giving them reasons to see those churches until you are you are actually doing satan's work for him because you think is god leading you by the satan that is leading you so now they have seen all these other churches and all their flaws that you have highlighted and so they are not going to go there and they are not going to come to you as a matter of fact they are not even in chess you don't even have anything to offer if they come to you because you never teach about jesus you never talk about the bible you never there's no teaching there is no there is no um word of god that you are offering anytime you speak it is to criticize other pastors or other ministries you cannot do that you see you are never interested in winning souls you are never interested in leading people to christ then it is that other fellow who is holding crusades or has you know an online profile that folks are coming to and here in the world or perhaps um celebrities are interested in that fellow and or that person you know has looks like they have money then you now attack them and say oh it's under the umbrella of this prosperity preachers and all of that or why is he driving a rolls royce oh why is he driving this car why is this and why is that you you you go into that you know that is very self defeating and you know we as christians if we do not work together we have already chosen to feel and to be divided we are we are already in a position where we are we are conquerable divide and conquer we have divided ourselves and we are basically waiting for the devil to conquer us even though we have been given the victory you know the victory is us but it's up towards how we live this is you know we can leave this head as victim so we can leave this as victors at the rapture you know and it's up to us it's very important for us to stick together and to stand together and to fight that once we we must have certain unique goals uniform goals we must be able to make demands this is what the church wants the lgbtq folks are always making demands they write letters to companies that they do not patronize look at the lgbt and the feminist alliance that wrote letters and made phone calls to gilettes saying that um they need to fight against the patriarchy and blah blah blah blah blah gillette makes shaving sticks for men their target audience is men and gillette bowed down to a people that is not a people that even buys their products and started attacking those that are that buy their products made and we're making all kinds of all men bad advertisements and they still gillette still sends out those messages you see it is the one who talks that should be noticed it's just like in a school a student who is very intelligent but keeps quiet we not look as smart i will not be listening to and will not be ahead in comparison to the students who is an idiot but always raises up his or her hand to answer questions and communicate to the teacher and that is the one that the the teacher will focus on and that is the one that will be heard

you see in spite of the fact that that student is dumb and there is another smart day but this much one is keeping quiet you know when they are good people and they are evil people and it is the evil people that are loud that are making themselves heard that are making themselves known that are talking that are communicating it is what they say that will make impact let us say hollywood makes a movie and there are 2 million christians who watch that movie and 1 000 gay people then out of that total number 500 gay people write letters to that hollywood company and say you need to be more pro gay blah blah blah blah blah blah to the hollywood company this is what the audience wants the christians never wrote letters to the hollywood companies and said you cannot insult jesus like this you cannot make fun of christianity like this you cannot do this you should not do that you know and there are those who previously when christians were doing such things they made fun of christians who were writing letters to companies and saying you cannot put nudity on television when the though put nudity on television christians back in the day you know in the 50s we write letters they made fun of those christians even in through the 90s and recess stopped you know there a lot of family organizations you know christian-based family organizations that cared about substance but now the the world are now writing the letters and are now lobbying private companies we are not even talking about the ones that they lobby governments and they are paid to do this because they have charity organizations that are um tax deductible you know which their job is to hire people who make phone calls and lobby this has to be more gay this has to be monkey what are you doing to help gay people here what are you doing in spite of the fact they are less than one percent of the population but christians who are way more than one percent way more than five percent of the population way more than ten percent of the population you know christians who you know quite frankly were once um the people who had the ideology number one and that is actually the foundational which america and western civilization was built it was built on judeo-christian values christians have now been super silenced and they believe in keeping quiet we cannot keep silence silence is the key to our destruction and satan knows that and he has deceived people into believing things like um don't preach the gospel don't tell people about jesus you know just live your life and when people see you live your life do it change that is a lie i don't know people in nasa i don't know people who um are working in banks and are working as um captains of industry do do you know anybody that has looked at them and sit down and say oh because that person is there let me because of their their being they i will now also um

find myself there i will now also automatically change my life and be that way let me put it this way if a gangster gives his life to christ you know it might touch people's hearts but it truly matters that it will not make people change you know people will not say oh because this person that used to be a gangster became a christian let me become a christian too it never happens and look at all the um people like the justin biebers and all of that the celebrities who become christian how many people became christian because because they became christian or how many people decided to start going to hillsong and become a christian because justin bieber was associated with hillsong and of course celebrities get this thing twisted and they think too highly of themselves they think that they are so important but you see the reality of the matter that he didn't change anything because anybody who went to hillsong because um they saw justin bieber they went there in their own for a concert hoping that justin bieber will be there so they were going there for a free concert they were not interested in christ in the first place so they never actually became christian and the day that they said that justin bieber is not there and all those folks are not there they will not come so what impact is there it is only by the anointing and when the man of god actually ministers when somebody ministers by the anointing you know that there is a change if that person who is to be a gangster becomes a christian and does not preach people are not going to change he has to preach he has to tell people and by the anointing that is now what is going to bring the change there are some people who are putting value you know they think that the kingdom of god is like the world it is not you know the world may need a celebrity endorsements or um look it is this celebrity holding these products the world may think and that's why i'm moving that direction but when it comes to matters of the heart and um something like christianity it does not work it cannot be like oh michael jordan is a muslim now so people are just going to now join and become a muslim because my condolences is a muslim oh michael jordan says he's a christian oh people now become a christian because michael jordan said he's a christian that never works and you can see the same similar thing in politics um hollywood was all anti-trump better but the more the wave outwardly out anti-trump the more the people were actually turned off by it because the people they have made up their own minds so you have to be understand this since you know it is a politics has you know its own um degree of um effectiveness of these kinds of things but when it comes to christianity it has to be you know you have to understand that it's a matter of by the anointing and by the spirit and the teaching has to be dead you know the word of god has to be spoken you know there has to be um a conscious effort for one person to convert another person that is that is a reality you and you some of you may be listening to it and i say well nobody really um um talked to me to become a christian i became a christian of my own that is a lie there is a lie there is nobody that became a christian on their own you know in your case what actually happened is that it truly is many people have talked to you about christ or you have heard the gospel you know and at one point you know it got to you the words could accumulate because there are many people who are like that they hear the gospel they show away the person you know they they react negatively to it but over time the different people who come to them with the gospel it accumulates and they have heard different things and they are like okay you know or it's for some maybe let me just try this or you know at the point there is a conviction and that is what happened but there is the necessity for the president because otherwise jesus would not have given us the mandate to preach the gospel he will just know that people will just naturally come to the gospel itself there's no part of the scripture where it says just live your life where jesus kill people just live your life and people will see how you live your life and become christians that will never happen because keep in mind that as you are living your life the satan satan is telling them that those good things they are doing is actually evil you see that is why they they killed christians you see they are not seeing the good you do in the same light that you are seeing it they are not seeing it as good

when a christian decides to um abstain from extramarital affairs or a stem through you know and not have sex be until he gets married to you that is holiness and that is truth is holiness better the world that is foolishness they are looking at you as a fool they are not looking at you and saying hey i want to be like this guy i know they are looking at you and saying what a fool when you d when you have the opportunity to take bribe as a christian but you don't or when you have the opportunity to steal and get away with it it's obvious everybody else around you is stealing and getting away with it and you because you're a christian you choose not to or perhaps it's an exam everybody is cheating you know and you have the opportunity to cheat but you refuse to [ __ ] and you still take that exam and you end up getting a d in that exam the world looks at you and says what a fool they don't look at you and say what an honest man they look at you and say what a fool so it is very important that you understand that nobody is going to look at you as you are living a christian life and say i want to become like you even if they there may be one person that may admire you and say such a thing they will still keep living their life the way they live they may respect you and say um that is an honest man that is the best that will come out of it you have to go with them to them with the gospel and preach the gospel today the gospel we must actually go out and lead people to christ and reach out to people they are not going to look at our lives and then change and say oh because these guys honest let me be honest to know

you see so these are things that um you must realize that being said let us pray in jesus name allah thank you for this day blessed be your holy name for your love for your kindness and all that you've done in your lives father i will pray lord father that the word of god will go farts and everybody listen to me or have a hunger for the world they will grow more and learn more about god in the name of jesus christ all things are working together for their quote in the name of jesus i pray lord for that that those who are not saved their hearts will be tossed and they will want to start a relationship between the name of jesus amen if you're listening to this one you're not giving a lie to christ go to alfredo vip and click on the salvation prayer in the main menu or simply go to salvation you know that salvation prayer does alfredo vip or just afraid of vip click the subscribe and the menu and you know what you have to lose you know you are just coming to god and you are now going to start a journey a journey with god that you know um leads to better and better and greater things go to alfredo vip sailor salvation prayer and begin your journey thank you and god bless you

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