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What Ivanka Trump Promoting Taking Vaccines Means

What Ivanka Trump Promoting Taking Vaccines Means

Ivanka Trump 1st Vax Shot Image

What Ivanka Trump Promoting Taking Vaccines Means

Ivanka Trump 1st Vax Shot Image

What Ivanka Trump Promoting Taking Vaccines Means

Ivanka Trump 2nd Vax Shot Image

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Completely Edited By A Human}:

 Ivanka Trump who is usually very silent and has been off social media ever since the outcome of the elections has posted yet another picture of her taking a dose of the vaccine.

   A great deal can be said of what the Trump family did for America but it goes without saying that there are certain contributions that they made that's not useful for America but actually fall in line with the new world order. 

One of those things is the vaccine. 

In as much as Trump was strong and was a force in between the globalists/ the new world order and the American people, he wasn't what we call the most effective tool. 

He was a very important tool but not the most effective and that's something that you can ensure always happens when there isn't 100% devotion and commitments to the cause of righteousness and the cause of Christ with zero compromise. 

President Trump was ready to compromise on so many issues and to work together with the democrats; but the democrats were so hell-bent on making him look bad that they did a lot of things that undermined the safety and the well-being of the American people, but because the mainstream media was so negative about Trump much fewer people than should have actually noticed how the democrats placed their personal careers and NWO vision above the lives of everyday Americans time and time again.

When it came to everything from stimulus checks to the shutting down of the government which most people have forgotten; it was actually because of the democrats not willing to budge and work with President Trump for fear that it would make him took good if they work together and he solves the problem. 

Democrats just loaded their bills with their leftists ideologies and refused to adhere to anything that Trump or Republicans wanted. There was no provision for anything republican or anything that is genuinely Pro-America. 

That being said, the uncontrolled promoting the vaccine is clearly in line with what the devil wants. Christians and Americans have no business taking any vaccine. It is funny that the use of vaccines as the only acceptable solution is still being pushed in as much as there has been numerous alternatives to the vaccine and numerous medical treatments that are actually effectively and has been proven to effectively deal with the Coronavirus. Not to even mention the fact that the virus itself became weak and ineffective especially after the prayers of the saints and the declaration by the great Kenneth Copeland when he spoke and made a declaration about the virus. The strength of the virus weakened and it became such that many people who had the virus never knew that they even had the virus and their immune system fought off the virus and defeated the virus. 

The virus itself became weaker than the common cold. 

It only was effective in those who believed in it and those who went to hospitals. 

As a matter of fact, many people who went to hospitals who died is as a result of the Doctors and the medical personnel following the advice from the WHO. 

Have you ever sat back to wonder why it is that it is the nations that have the best medical facilities and the wealthiest nations that were hit the most by the Coronavirus. 

For other nations that had limited or little medical facilities the Coronavirus was not a problem. How is that possible? 

As a matter of fact, not only where in most cases COVID -19 patients not treated; in the caseS where they were treated they were given the wrong treatments. Things like the hydroxychloroquine was off the table because President Trump mentioned it, it was condemned even though it is actually the same drug that is used to cure malaria and has been used to battle malaria in Africa for decades upon decades and has always proven itself to be effective. All of a sudden it became something that was condemned; that it is unsafe while it had been used in Africa for decades to address malaria and it worked. 

However anything that can be used to insult Trump is you know what most people would happily go for. 

That being said, it is actually because of the WHO and the so-called medical personnels that people trust that so many people died. 

Also note that there were actually programs that gave hospitals medical aid and a lot of finances depending on the number of COVID-19 patients they had. Therefore, hospitals were incentivized in that direction and a lot of shady things happened. A lot of people got rich. A lot of investors in the medical profession got rich and now the vaccines is a way for a lot of big pharma companies to get even richer. 

These vaccines are not free regardless of what you may be told. Don’t say well the vaccines are distributed for free. They are not free. It is being paid for. 

A lot of governments are going into all kinds of deals with big pharma for the supply of those vaccines. Those governments will eventually pay for it with Tax payer money (aka your money) either in the long run or at present they are already paying a lot of companies who are getting richer off something that is not a big deal in the first place and there are many alternatives for. 

Facts and Information about all the alternative ways to address the Coronavirus has actually been put down so that those who spent all their money investing in vaccines like Bill Gates can actually make more money. 

Bill Gates has also predicted again that their would be another pandemic. That means he and his friends are planning a new one just like they planned & created the previous plandemic. 

Why won’t people fall for it again since Bill & Friends control the media and people are so gullible? 

The people of this generation are so gullible they happily believed all the global warming nonsense therefore what stop them from believing any other nonsense they shove down their throats. 

You know, last year in 2020 a document leaked showing the intentions of The Great Reset and the announcing of a new variant of the COVID-19 scheduled for 2021, way before it was 2021. 

The Globalists say anything without proof and everybody is supposed to obey a whole bunch of stringent laws that robs people of their individually & liberty in the name of protecting people while a few people are getting super rich of this and those same people are proposing socialism and saying that people should not be rich yet they have millions and billions. They are making so many deals in plain site and behind the scenes. 

Barack Obama went into the White House as somebody who just had a few thousands to his name but he came out of the White House a multi-millionaire and nobody wants to ask questions about how does somebody do that when the Presidential salary is not a muti-million dollar salary. 

Nobody wants to ask questions about Hunter Biden and all the shitty things that he's involved with, and also about Joe Biden.

Politics and politicians are just being trusted based on what the mainstream news story is, especially when the fake news media use a story that pulls at people's heart strings. 

If you blame white people for something… if you use the racism angle; you can make people do anything… 

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. This Part Has Not Yet Edited Been By A Human}:

Look at how African-Americans happily voted for Joe Biden who is the same person who signed every law within the past eight decades that put so many african-americans in jail that if any one is african-american and they are found with drugs so they are found with any amount of drugs if they a third time offender they should be locked away for life all those kinds of laws every single law that was targeted specifically for african americans to put african americans in jail was signed by joe biden and that is the same person that african-americans united to say this is who we are going to stand for and they turned their back on trump they insulted trump why because of the media people believe lies more than what they see with their eye people believe what they are told people believe what is popular if something is said to be popular no matter how stupid it is that is what they go for you see that being said this portion of those vaccines we must see the stupidity of it we must see the intentions of you know what they are trying to do with a coveted passport the health pass but because of prayers and because so much of what they have planned to do was early was was revealed earlier and because of some liberties that are still existent online which companies like facebook and instagram are fighting to take away from people but in any case because of those freedoms and prayer a lot of what was planned to take place as a result of this host called covid19 you know has actually been destroyed however we must note that bill gates and his friends and this is not even about bill gates because the reality of the matter is that the most powerful people don't want to be seen the most powerful people are behind this since they understand the power of secrecy you know so the organizations that he represents you know as they are saying that there will be an another um pandemic they are planning it as they can lie and convince the whole world to go into this frenzy and they make so much money and quite so much power what our allies can wound they tell these are people that are happily saying you own no property and you'll be happy they want to own everything you know and when people bring out these things in spite of the fact that they are saying it with their own mouths and they they are saying it openly when people bring it out and talk about it they are called conspiracy theories that is how the germans took jews to concentration camps and a lot of jews believed it was conspiracy theories until they found themselves in the middle of the concentration camp that is when they knew it was not a conspiracy theory they were doubting those who were talking about it they doubted those who said this is what the germans are planning to do this is what the nazis are actually already doing they doubted they went on a train thinking that the germans were happily relocating them to somewhere where they defend better off but it's when they arrived there and they saw that it was a concentration camp that is when their eyes opened let us not be that generation whose eyes opens lit you know we must be smart we must do all that we can do to have zero compromise you know it's it's it's a shame that president trump stood for the vaccine and his daughter is still advocating for the vaccine we shouldn't give satan a chance we must attack every stupidity now you have republicans giving way for um catherine jenner you know when you give satan a foothold you know

it is still a problem there are some people that are addressing that cattle in general is fighting against men being a part of women's sports and saying that you know they are women you know because kathleen jenner um has enough sense to acknowledge that that will destroy female sports but that is not enough we should not even allow people like that to be given places of power because you see when you give satan just one and you allow him to put one foot in the in the door the next thing you know not only will he his entire body come in and he make it home there he will leave the door open for and invite millions and millions legions of demons into that home there is no limit there is no place in the bible where there is a limit on the number of demons that can enter one human being understand that a spiritual world is not like the physical world so you cannot use physical measurements of kilometers and kg and centimeters and inches to understand bodily dimensions and see how where is the space for one million demonstrated human being you see there is no limit the bible does not say there's a limit on the number of demons that can enter a human being and then talk about the demons that can operate in a city or operate in a country and understand that these are creatures that are very intelligent there are a lot of them are more intelligent than a lot of humans and they have been along around for a long time you see so imagine a creature that has been learning how how to destroy man ever since adam they have been learning how to destroy man and they have been encountering different men and stuttering all the ways that were effective in destroying great men and women now this is what we fight against but thankfully you know the victory is already us you know jesus has given up the victory but if you do not take the victory and walk in the dominion and do the writings in spite of the fact that we are people who have been who victories are inheritance we're not working that inheritance of us so we must be smart we must fight and have zero compromise we must stop voting for and standing for people that will compromise a little even the aspect of trump running again now it's a lot of time to plan now it's a lot of time for us to build up someone from our own camp someone who is actually a christian you know and we build up the strategies how to deal with this how to deal with that for example there is an organization called big which stands for blacks and governments you know it is this super revelation of systematic racism imagine if there was a kkk you know there are a lot of people who come up with a lot of theories that say they are resisting the cia fbi and all of that but this is if an organization that you can see big blacks in government and the cra is they are the ones that release the video you can go to the cia's youtube website and you can see them talking about it they have an organization within the cia and there and it's within different parts of government so their goal is to have basically a a black supremacist organization within every government organization what is their goal wouldn't that undermine and supersede every single thing that the cia and the fb and every other organization is doing and keep in mind we're living in a world where people who have dark skin are being promoted above people who have light skin or or people are of european descent so you now have an organization called big blacks in government which is only for people who have dark skin and what their goals is it's a it's a totally different matter clearly they are racists just like when you look at blm what is blm's goal one of it was fighting the family the nuclear family that they looked at families patriarchy um patriarchy and all of that it was created by the white man and blah blah blah blah blah blah that's one of their goals is to fight the nuka family so what is the ghost of big you know blacks and governments and when people are in a part of an organization within an organization that's their secret organization organization which is not even really secret because they are telling us about it their goals doesn't he supersede because now we have an organization that is in this yeah a fbi police force every single arm of government so what they say is actually more powerful whoever the leader of that organization is more powerful than a single leader of any one organization whoever is the leader of big is more powerful than whoever is the leader of the cie because the leader of big has his arms and legs in the other organizations you see so understand that these things are being planned by others and they have their goals look at nigeria for example look at what the muslims are doing look at what um bohari is doing you know when you look at the activities of boko haram where do boko haram weapon comes from it comes from the military when you look at a lot of rates on boko haram people within the military are snitching and are giving information to boko haram otherwise boko haram would have been defeated a very long time ago who where is boko haram receiving their training from from people who are linked with the nigerian military

the same governance the same security people who are told to fight boko haram and those are the same people that are empowering boko haram for example they will go the military and the north we go to places that are in the northern region and say let us we are going to take away your arms your boys and arabs and all of that because boko haram is is from among them you know so that's where they will be this i mean boko haram but as as soon as the military takes away everything that could be used as a weapon from the villagers as the military is leaving boko haram comes and starts killing people how can you not tell me that it is it is not planned and this has happened time and time again so the military knows what it is doing who are the people who are giving such orders in the military i'm not saying that all the military are compromised but i'm saying that a vast percentage of the leadership in the military and in the government in the north are for boko haram that is why boko haram is so successful and they are making a lot of money from it you see nobody asks these governors that are that have interesting amounts of money posted into their accounts and are buying private jets where did you get the money to to buy these private jets when your salary so needs to sue nobody asks all these governors to do not so they know what they are doing you see so uh it is important for us christians to be smart we are people who have a book called the bible which is more up to date than tomorrow morning's newspaper we were wonderful all these things we were one of the tribulation prayers but nobody ever prepared for it we preached about the tribulation period we preached about the end of the world coming but we never prepared for it

there's no preparation done whatsoever which is sad so we must move away from

sitting back and not doing enough and we must move away from compromise or voting for people who we know we compromise you know we can't um wait and hope that one day we will vote for a great leader one day or donald trump will come back no you know and i've explained why with donald trump there is quite compromise so what even makes you think that if he comes again he it's going to be like the last time or he's not even going to compromise more or be completely different we must move away from putting our trust in one leader

and come up with a plan that you no matter where you are from outside government you can feel your strength and your hand keeping things in place on the right track in god's way from outside the government you've been able to do it and i'm talking about the church you know so that's it thank you and god bless you and god bless 

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