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What Caitlyn Jenner Running For Governor As A Republican Means For Christians

References & Sources For This Video:

- Vox: Trans people are dreading Caitlyn Jenner’s run for governor

- BBC News: Caitlyn Jenner announces bid for California governor

- The New York Times: Caitlyn Jenner Announces Run for California Governor


hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about caitlyn jenner running for governor of california as a republican you know for those of you who do not know you know caitlyn jenner is um a transgender that is somebody who was born a man who you know after taking hormones and doing all the um soldier and whatever now looks like a woman now this fellow you know she is running as a republican and the reason why i'm using she to describe catherine jenner and not he you know like some people who want to use is that when you start dressing like a woman i cannot in good conscience still call you a man you know and i cannot give you refer to you using male pronouns you know because being a man is something that you have to you know end you know being male is one thing but being a man is something you have to and it's something that requires a lot of respect you know to it so when a man starts um cross-dressing or you know goes that route of you know taking those hormones and all of that i'm referring to that fellow as is she and as you know female i'm not assigning or referring to that person in using anything masculine because there's nothing asking about that you want to be effeminate you know i'm no way going to insult men and being a man by referring to you by something that um can be linked to being a man or being male you know so that's out of the way now kathleen general running as a republican you know a lot of people would say that that is not what the republican party stands for and of course there is the issue that's you know christians you know a lot of christians that is the only party that you know is somewhat um open to christians but you have to understand it is not at its core christian and it's probably would never be if christians want to take it over okay but understand that the republican party is not the christian party and this is what i have tried to emphasize christians we need to come together and you know within our churches we need to have a program you know what you don't plan for and make preparations for you you are not serious about that you will never enjoy you know successes for those who plan for it if you fail to plan you have planned to fail christ says we need to agree that this is who we are voting for not based on these are the available options now we are going to vote for this person or somebody comes and pitches themselves to christians as a group and say um we will represent you which is basically what um bill clinton's under george bush is you know those folks did with the transgender and lgbt folks you know they went and pitched themselves and the lgbt folks were like we are going to vote for you if you stand for this if you do this if you do that if you do that and all those things were done and keep in mind is that the clintons and folks they have their own new world order agenda which happens to be in line with the lgbt so that's um corporation worked um well because both of them have that same goal of pushing for lgbt and of course pushing lgbt into a state where it's a human rights affair it's actually a move to destroy the fabric of christian influence in the society because now christians cannot be looked at us because you know even if the reality of the matter is that in america a lot of christian organizations embrace lgbt there are churches that are even performing gay marriages and all of that you know when statistics have been taken about how many christians oppose lgbt and gay marriage in america the over 60 it which is shocking you know but the reality of the matter is that over 60 percent i'm not i'm not talking about those who are who did not speak up or or who are like um i'm indifferent to it i don't care i'm talking about those who are for it who call themselves christians it's over 60 percent but you see in spite of that christians will be the targets of the lgbt and the the reality of mata even though muslims believe in trying um lgbt folks from buildings which they normally do and they believe in killing lgbt folks you know these lgbt folks are not going to go to muslim countries and expect not to be killed but christians we believe in converting them through christianity we believe in converting them yet we are the ones that are always used you know as the um oh this is the picture of a bigot it is christians versus lgbt because the reason for the pushing of the lgbt was to actually to attack the judeo-christian values and structure in american society which is something that has to be done for people to actually get to embrace things like the 666 which um we can see this um covet passport to help passport is actually a prototype for you know and it helps with um control america is a nation that was built with a lot of christian based principles at its core and for you to create a satanic society a new world order you need to get rid of all those christian elements you know freedom to bear arms you know things of that nature they have to go you see imagine if africans in africa bore arms and white folks came to try to make them sleep it will not have worked keep in mind that um the slavery period you know um where um europeans you know and people of europe and the same time you know foreigners you know made um though because two things were happening they were those they made sleeves and the way people you know who were just buying slaves from slave masters who were african but from different tribes you know which is a story that is not stored and of course the arabs making slaves of africa of um african folks of certain tribes that was actually way worse but nobody ever calls them or looks to them and say what about their own reparations and nobody ever talks about the tribes that actually you know um have always had slaves way before the white man because you have to understand that slavery is very old it has been dead since since abraham you know abraham did not own slaves he had servants not slaves which is a big difference but ever since then you know even before abraham slavery existed you see so the africa is um a continent that has very very old tribes you know and people that have who have actually been around for a very long time you know in the days of jesus and before jesus you know so i think before jesus came to the earth not you know because on understand that jesus is god and you know he has no beginning and he has no end you know so by before jesus i'm talking about before jesus came to the edge you know he also went to egypt you know as a child as a baby basically you know understand this that means you know that first of all um slavery has always been and of course it is the white man that ended slavery in africa because when he ended it in america he you know and making it um a generality the places where have also be colonized by here also the ripple effect and of course the um civil rights movement and all of that bits that is actually what ended slavery in africa otherwise slavery would have never ended in africa if it wasn't for the white man certain african tribes would still be slaves today though even certain african tribes even after slavery had ended where certain people refused to marry from and this is something that's setting um africans who who who actually go um abroad who go to american uk and school day you know they have a different mentality and when they come back and their parents say don't marry from this tribe don't marry from this tribe they don't understand this thing because the truth of the matter that a lot of african parents they have certain aspects of their history which they know which they never pass on because of how dirty it is but these are part of the reasons why certain parents tell their children do not marry from this tribe do not marry from this tribe the reason why they are telling them is because they know the history of that tribe and they know the history of their own tribe a lot of these tribes are enemy tribes and a lot of times it is a matter of that tribe you want to marry from where actually slaves that is their lineage and you can see certain words like usu you know they are setting words that actually pinpoint that and actually reveal that reality and truth but certain young africans who have a different mindset they don't understand those things so they think that it is a bigotry tribalism you know yes in you could say this tribalism better tribalism stems from somewhere you know the parent is like i don't want this bloodline to be mixed with these people that have been slaves and you know they have it has been a tribe of slaves for a long time you know and this is before the white man you know so that being said you know all the students you know that um nobody talk talks about or nobody takes into account you know these things need to be looked at you know this is need to be you know addressed and one thing you have to understand is that it is important i have always said for christians to you know come together you know build within our from ourselves the churches you know have a structure that we are we are training people just like they have um foundation schools and discipleship you know classes within the different churches this is political class we are training politicians for each and every position pick out those who this one you will feel this and this one you will feel this position you will feel this seat you'll be the secretary in this office you'll be the justice chief justice and all of that groom people towards this because keep in mind that other organizations are doing that three missings are doing that you know certain other um groups and occult societies are doing this that is why they are filling up places because they plan for it that is why they are filling up setting key government positions because they plan for it you know it is not a coincidence that you see scholars members in all top positions in in a place like the us and you can see how they can get away with stuff when one is a member because they when they have agreed this is the direction they are going to go they only go after remember when they violate the overall vision you know they plan for it we christians we don't plan for it you know there are people who have actually deceived and they say things like well they are christians and politics no that is like me saying there needs to be good people in politics then you seen and what what good will that do they're already good people in politics you can't have that mindset you can you can't get things twisted in that way you know when i say there are christians in politics that they need to be christians in politics what does that mean what does a christian mean to you christian means christ like are you telling me that if people who are like jesus people who have the mind of christ people who are acting like christ people who have the wisdom of christ you know if you put jesus in all the different positions of power if everybody who is in every single position of power and i'm not limiting power to just executive like president no i'm in every single position down to the person who is sweeping the floor in the courthouse if all these people have the mind of christ you are telling me that things will not be better if it shows you how little you think of jesus it shows you how little you think of the the the thinking process of christ it shows that you do not believe truly in jesus you know and what he brings and who he is you truly don't understand it that is what you are saying you know the answer for all the world's problems is the gospel understand that you see when jesus came he brought the answer he brought the solution for all of mankind's problems and that solution is the gospel jesus is the gospel and he is the answer you see there is a conviction that you must have otherwise your christianity is in question and your understanding of christ is in question you need to resist make your mind up and understand that the answer for every problem is jesus and this is why a lot of people i'm bondage a lot of people who receive christ are still in bondage because they don't know how powerful jesus is they don't know that just the answer for every problem so when they have problems with their family when they have problems when their children are trying to beat them up or when they find themselves in in situations where they have financial difficulty or they find themselves in situations where you know um so much is happening and it looks like the whole world is crumbling down when they find themselves in those situations they do not see jesus as the answer so they never come out of faith because they are running helter skelter to everywhere else apart from jesus you know and there are people who have one eye on um the religion of christianity and their main eye on something else you know a lot of people their main eyes on doctors the main eyes on government that's why we see um christians expecting the government to save them no it is you that we save the government that is what i'm saying it is you as a christian that we save the government it is not the government that will save you the government is not going to come and then save you and bring you out of poverty and make your life better and improve your life and make things um all awesome and great it is you that will go into the government and make the government awesome and great and make the government right it is you that will fix the government it's not the government that will fix you you a christian understand that you know so that being said let us pray in jesus name allah for i pray lord father for christians all around the world i pray lord father that they will understand the difference between political parties that accommodate them and they themselves creating their own parties and creating their own plans to go into every party and over and actually conquer every party do their own thing and in places where depending on the strategy that the spirit gives them if they have to start their own pariface and then also have a backup plan to swallow up other parties let it be so in the name of jesus christ i thank you lord for that i promise for that our folks are receiving understanding and wisdom i pray not father that the spirit of god is ministering to them and letting them know the right thing and they are going to make the right choice and do the right thing in the name of jesus amen thank you for joining me with that prayer god bless you

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