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Russian Company SberAutoTech Unveils Self Driving Car For 6 Passengers : Alfred's Business News Updates

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

 the race for dominance in the automobile industry specifically in the area of self-driving cars continues recently a russian bank called zebra bank spells


which also owns a subsidiary company which is a tech company called cyber auto tech spells s b e r a u c as the cyber auto then tech

they just unveiled a prototype and gave a live showcase of their new vehicle that can carry up to six passengers at a time this goes without saying elon musk as well as google have been in a race in addition to that other car companies have been doing all that they can to win that race to take self-driving to the next level there have been few accidents even amazon is in the race and is using it for deliveries i know a company in la was once testing making deliveries with robots that's use self-driving technology the reality of the matter is that

us it keeps on getting worked on and the understanding of the topography that it travels keeps on getting acclimatized to the games and the programmers it will actually become near perfect and naturally the company that has dominance would make a lot of money if all companies play their cards right and minimize

their spendings and how much they spend on research they would actually do well however the reality of the matter is that it appears no one company or individual owns the patents for self-driving technology so it is not like a build great scenario or a special scenario where one person has a patent for revolutionary technology and as everybody uses it the owner of that patent makes a lot of money or the company that owns the patent makes a lot of money this seems to be not the case however i'm sure that season things that are developed by individual companies when it comes to the technology behind the self-driving technology most of those things will be patented to several of the companies that are in the race and naturally as it always happens like it happened with samsung and apple when samsung was stealing some of the protected properties of apple and apple was stealing some of the protected properties and patents of samsung and they kept seeing each other back and forth i'm guessing that kind of thing might happen again because there is no way that some companies with some specific patents on how to best carry out self-driving technology would find themselves in a position where other companies will wouldn't copy them to make a profit and of course it will result in suing and most of this will probably go back and forth it creates a very interesting scenario and it makes you wonder when it comes to investing who is the best person to invest in you have to understand as an investor you have to be rational a lot of people especially in this day and age they invest with their emotions and as a matter of fact they turn investing into gambling investing becomes gambling when you are guessing investing becomes gambling when

the likelihood of the turnouts the probability of a positive turnout is low or unpredictable that is now gambling even though it is in the world of investing and in this day and age especially with young people getting into investing or the world of investing thanks to the outcome of years of financial education and books like rich dad product and similar books that have made people get used to phrases like make your money work for you and don't work for money thanks to things like that and a lot of tuition on the importance of investing young people a lot of them invest but unfortunately they do not really know for understand enough about the world of investing and the reality of the matter is that majority of the people who are writing books on investing don't know anything about investing most of the most confused people on the topic of investing as a matter of fact are those who work on wall street there are so many things that are so wrong with what they see and another thing about investing is that and the world of investing different people have different systems warren buffett's beliefs and system for example forbids him from investing in microsoft let us say everybody in the world thoughts like warren buffets nobody would have ever invested in microsoft's nobody would have ever invested in tesla nobody would have ever invested in a lot of revolutionary companies that made a lot of money even till today for example warren buffett wants nothing to do with crypto but you have to understand in spite of the fact that this since he refuses to toss and making a lot of money understand that everybody has their own system but reality remains the same you have to understand

the markets and what system you are using what kind of investor are you are you a value investor or a momentum investor a momentum investor when on shifts actually is in the world of speculation you know a lot of people are speculative investors and that is actually gambling and for example warren buffett's style of investing doesn't go with day trading you cannot be a day trader in other words you cannot even have a job on wall street and say that you're a buffetologist or you follow warren buffets because warren buffett does not invest in that manner he waits for the best opportunity he doesn't mind waiting a year 2 years 12 years but he waits for the opportunity for a great company to sell at a price that is lower than what he values it currently to be not what he predicts its future value will be so this is just a glimpse of his own system but a lot of people don't do that you know over years people have developed different types of system that have worked for them and in spite of the fact that they have been booms and busts there are people who know what they are doing for example during the crash a lot of people made a lot of money why because they knew what they were doing so many people lost money a lot of people lost money by the way sophisticated investors whose system is carried out in a way that their investment strategy is an in and out strategy and it is well protected there are different avenues to this and your understanding of what system you follow you have to understand your system and it could be a system that is passed down from your something that you learn from someone like if you want to follow warren buffett's system or if you want to follow a different system you know

italian system for example is quite different from warren buffett's sister follow the system that you understand and that works for you and do not compromise because there is

a guaranteed failure that often happens when you have the mindset of one type of investor and try to invest in a different style that is against your personal beliefs you will not have the mental capacity to make the right choices and you will probably end up being afraid and then making the wrong investment move and you will lose a lot of money so when it comes to this situation with self-driving cars you have to be practical you have to look at the ceo and this is the system that i'm using that i'm giving you from some of you who just want to look at a stock price is it going up and jump on it and then if you hedge your investments properly you will jump off by putting stop limits you know that would ensure that if it goes if the stock price goes below a certain price it is automatically sold you know so you would still make a profit depending on where your stock limit is you know so these are different strategies but if you want to do that style of momentum investing okay bets based on the style of investing that i do which is mostly which is value investing but is based on facts and

something solely something concrete you know wish would actually give you peace of mind you have to look at all the available players and you have to look at which company which of these companies is a monopoly

which of them is closest to being a monopoly and why which of this company has the most resources which of these companies has the best marketing which of these companies has the lowest costs when it comes to putting out cars out there which of these companies have a good brand image so these are the kind of things that you have to look at and then you will make the right choice you pick the best one when the price of the share is undervalued if the price is overvalued there's no point in buying it never buy a stock that is overvalued when the price is undervalued especially when there is bad news or something negative happens investors will begin to sell that cell thanks to the loss of demand and supply that selling by many investors will make the price of the stock go down that is when you buy and you don't have to wash the stock every day you can also put a buy limit that when the stock price gets to this particular number when the price gets to this point that is when it will buy for you automatically it's an automated thing so you don't have to be looking at the stock every day or every minute or every second and when you do that you will actually find yourself in a place where you actually make quite a good deal of money from this new move of self-driving cars it is very important that you take all these factors into consideration now as christians it is important that we are wise you know if we are not wise who else is going to be wise we need to ensure that we

take advantage of such situations as well as ask yourself how can we go from just being an investor to being a participator having a company that is that has his hands in the markets for example when you look at electric cars a lot of companies are going that way but what about the batteries that those cars use often times they are outsourced it's a different company and you will be amazed to know that it is the same company that makes battery for tesla that makes batteries for the electric cars of other companies

so it is actually more profitable to invest there and the interesting thing is that most of those companies do not even have a very popular name or a very popular brand it does not have that recognition you also can ask yourself how can i start one of those companies you know that makes things easier you know so you are creating a b2b business a business to business business a business that makes products for businesses how can you make batteries for electric cars or for solar cars you know how can you make setting on the lining elements of the technology and and sprockets and gadgets that will go into the self-driving cars and when you offer these things to the major companies at high quality and at a cheaper price you have an advantage and that is what china does china is making a lot of money because a lot of american companies are believing the lie that we are moving into the information age and they are pushing people into um aspiring to be musicians to be influencers things that don't require making physical things you know to be celebrities to be actors that is where a lot of people are being pushed you know there are a lot of people in america who are computer programmers but what about the people who make the hardware america has gone away from that and china has taken it up and as china has taken up the hardware the software is also easy they also have that push for software within china so you can see how basically manufacturing shifts and since america has a lot of work ideologies and the aoc's and a lot of oh let us increase the minimum wage oh let us see if every employee can end as much as the ceo let us keep taxing the ceo to make sure the ceo is as past the workers and let us see if we can boost up the workers so what that does it creates a situation where the company cannot afford to have a lot of workers and it is cheaper and best for the company to outsource so where does it outsource to it outsources to china and it creates a funny situation because the americans are complaining that work conditions are not good for american workers so and their complaints is making situations be structured in such a way that the companies in in america have to outsource and we are there outsourcing from china where the labor is you know the labor conditions for the workers is terrible and a lot of people may consider it's livable you know there was years back where chinese employees were committing suicide and when it comes to employee suicide china was the highest in the world just a few years back employees were committing suicide because that was how the work was so stressful on the workers yet the americans are then giving themselves awards and the companies are virtue signaling and saying oh look at how well we treat our workers but they are outsourcing with chinese companies who are treating their employees in such a way that the employees are committing suicide in any case these are just things you have to know and at the end of the day when you invest rightly you know and also with the goal of acquiring power because when you control

the companies when you control industries when christians become captains of industries that is when we can cause change look at the damage that one bill gets did to the world and look at how he has gotten away with it now after years of um criticizing actually um one year that was just last year you know and you know part of this year criticizing president trump and anybody who supported him about the origins of the virus and saying that there is no way that it was man-made from a lab now the the left-wing media has turned around and have done a 180 and i've and you know facebook has now and now they are no longer going to send some people who say that the virus may have come from a lab you know in china so this is very interesting when trump was there it was like oh that trump was um exophobic he was using it to inspire anti-asian hatred and all of that and he was calling it the china virus and all of that but all of a sudden now things have turned around you know it's very funny but the power to get away with that you know and imagine the good that happened with america just because one billionaire named donald trump did you know stepped up but the problem is that donald trump was going up against several billionaires that were against him several globally several owners of cnn if the owners of cnn msnbc gave a fair review of president trump's performance if they were not anti-trump 24 7 365 president trump would have had close to a 90 or i would say an 80 percent you know positive written and you know he's he the love for him and you know the way that people would have voted for him you know in this um in the previous election would have been way far more you know than what it was we know the real results of the election and we know that biden is killing himself if he thinks you know that things led to him being in the white house legally you know but just imagine that power the power to actually turn an election it is the same thing with countries like nigeria how many times over and over again has elections been bought in nigeria it is a matter of money you see people voting what is the point of voting when at the end of the day it is who has the most money that will um do what they do at the end of the day i know there are people that say if your vote does not matter why do politicians pay people to vote why do they always advertise and draw that the reason is because it is advisable to attack from both sides when you have the advantage but you see just because somebody is attacking from the left doesn't mean they do not have an army on the right advancing to attack also an attack from one corner does not mean that there is no attack from the other corner the fact that they are bribing people to vote and they are manipulating and you know they want youth to vote in this direction and they are paying you they are doing all kinds of media manipulation that doesn't mean that they are not also paying election officials to buy the election it actually looks more legitimate that's me because if it looks close and in addition to the race being closed somebody also buys the council of the um outcome you know that's now looks more legitimate and difficult to prove that there was any sort of fraud so these are things that you have to think about and realize it is very important for christians to

consciously go after money not for selfish reasons but i say too this is what i need i need this money and power for me to effectively change the world i need to take it to save lives what justifies or condemns you is your motive has money become your god or are you going after all these positions of power and are you going for the money for the purpose of changing the world because you cannot do it without dispositions like i said imagine bill gates look at the damage he did with the lockdowns and nobody has stood up to question him that how come he has now brought so much land in america majority of the farmlands in america is now owned by bill gates he is now the largest farmer in america whatever he chooses to put in the food is what everybody will be eats if he wants to put vaccines in the food that is what everybody will eat whatever he wants to put if he wants to put his urine in the food that is what everybody will eat in america that is power and you have to be wise and realize distance

you see so we must go after it and we must consciously consciously get power for the purpose of doing good and saving people understand that everything we get here we will leave it here nobody is taking all the money that you make all the power that you acquired to the other side at the other side all that matters for the majority of your existence is what did you do with jesus when you're on it understand that your life on earth is short and life continues after death the real you is a spirit your body is just the clothes for your spirits for your spiritual function in this physical world and in this physical dimension you are you need a body you know and that is why even demons for them to effectively function they need a human body on or the body of an animal to enter like the devil satan entered the serpents you know and you remember when jesus cast out demons from the mud mound where did the demon say they want to go send us into the pigs so yes demons enter animals so you know i will perhaps talk about it another day you should be careful what animals you um entertain and also know that you can make declarations over your your pets you know the same way you cast out demons you know so you make declarations you know let um your influence and your protection also extend over them because there could be an avenue for a devil to be around you and you not know it thank you and god bless you god

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