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Resident Evil : Infinite Darkness (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine - by Alfred)


{Note: Rough Draft. Not Yet Edited. Has Typos}.

resident evil is one of those video games that has actually become part of pop culture and you know an entire generation grew up with it and it has actually become timeless when it comes to the zombie world you know the zombie apocalypse genre of fiction you know residence evil um it's way up there you know and it all started with the video games a lot of best-selling movies have come out of that franchise as well as um full animation movies the animation is just as unique as the movies itself and you know it's a word of its own you know sometimes when certain things cross over from video game to animation or from animation to video game or from video game to movie or from movie to video game you know it is always something a lot of times that is um downplayed in the sense that the the crossover in spite of her populitis it is not impressive and it doesn't take a word of his own and it doesn't really attract people and get people like i'm glad they made this you know it mostly looks like it is just an attempt to expand the franchise and to make money and you know the arts work that was created at the end of the day is not something that stands alone and really justifies you know the farm base or impresses the farm base so to speak but when it comes to the resident evil franchise for some reason the video game is impressive the animation the full length animations um animated movies are impressive and the movies on its own are impressive now this um particular you know have not been done before you know the resident evil franchise has not become like um a series with um seasons and episodes but netflix has made that happen netflix is a company that has so many issues keep in mind that this company is actually anti-gold you know there's a company that supports pedophilia you know there's a company that was um supporting the curious movie you know they are involved in a lot of questionable stuff you know and they like to send certain things that they don't agree with you know they have segments in their um categorizing of um movies for you know the for different um purposes the classified certain movies are black movies you know black entertainment you know they are very leftist and very vocal you know however the creators and the team mats um capcom you know apparently have have decided to force their way with um the creative process and have neglected thankfully to include any form of wokeness in the resident evil

seasons and episodes that will be on netflix so as a plus in that direction but in spite of how um interesting this is you know and a starring neon you know it's going to really go a long way in neon storyline um what's really going on with the umbrella um corporation and it's going to really explore a lot of things when it comes to the aspect of um those politics behind the umbrella corporation and raccoon city and things of that nation it features characters you've seen you know in a different animation you know and indeed and in also the games and i like that it's centered on neon because i think neon is one of my favorite characters from the um series and as well as other because ada is um very um mysterious in what she does and her motives and all of that it's kind of like a bad woman kind of um scenario depending on the seas theory of um batman that here i'm looking at but in any way

that being said you know i'll imagine that because of the quality that capcom brings and the fact that they have not done a series before i imagine that they are going to be hiring a lot of animators and you know a lot of people who would really step up to the plate on their quality level and really deliver something that will last on and on you know and i imagine what will happen with the writers because things could crash and born if the writing is not really good because you know the zombie apocalypse storyline is something that is done and done and you could say that it's often overdone you know um you have to really come up with something new based on what i've seen so far of um this new resident evil series it's doesn't really bring anything new that hasn't been seen before when it comes to the storyline you know and that is something that is sad there has to be uh an introduction of new characters and the character neon has to be really um explored different sides to him and all of that has to be explored as well as other characters as well for it to really work but so far um what is available is good but you know it cannot go on for like season two and season three based on what i've seen you know they have to really do so much and add so much to the storyline on like what has been done before you know because when it comes to the animated movies the full-length animated movies it was my body action and that is what people wanted to see when it came to the movies it was the action and you know a simple plot that people understood you know and of course the graphics you know the visual effects and all of that and when it came to the video game it was more about the gameplay but when you are doing a series like this you know it is all about storyline you know that is the kids and that is the number one thing you know it's not about explosions and shootings and all of that you know that gets boring over a lengthy period of time you can't just do that trial season one season two season three and expect to get to it season seven or s or a season ten you know so it has to really be an engaging um strong storyline that you know really gets personal which is something that has never really been done before with um the resident evil series or a game of that caliber or something that is on that um type of um tone when it comes to the action and um what people expect from that kind of um from presentation that being said as christians you know this is something that can easily have been a christian you know franchise and it is not too late for us you know to make

better um christian franchises you know on the zombie apocalypse team because of course apocalypse you know the name apocalypse there are a lot of things that we can do with that you know and the character you know a christian character that is um trying to save the world and of course the moral decision of you know shooting zombies so actually getting an antidote and rather shooting people in the head you know trying to you know prevent yourself from getting shots and you know not killing them but getting to an antidote and ministering um antidotes and all kinds of things getting people um contained when they are zombies and you know trying to um get ways to you know administer antidotes in in mass and of course other people going um hard on that and of course the conflicts with people who say that's a waste of time you know just um shoot them and all of that and perhaps even going against the government because the government may want the swifter solution of just to kill them or just you know um current in the place and explode everybody inside you know so there are so many aspects of things you know there are so many um ways like you can actually approach it you know as a um christian storyline of franchise you know so if you are interested in you know working on crystal movies and you know entertainment are really taking the entertainment forward by stop reach out to us on our friend and friends you know we can work together we should work together and we'll create great things thank you and god bless you

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