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Old (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine - by Alfred)

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 oh this an interesting movie

from the mind of

em shyamalan who was responsible for the classic the village now all is basically

about a family that you know they go on um to a secluded island for like a resort um a holiday thing and basically you know they meet another family there and it turns out that on that island you know there's something going on that makes people age rapidly and

their lifespan is basically seemingly reduced to just one day you know children turn into adults the adults start getting you know older and aging very rapidly now this

tries to feed on the fear of death the fear of age and that a lot of people have keep in mind that as christians you know apostle talked about you know that we have been set free from the fear of death we shouldn't have the fear of death you know and understand that in christ death is a choice because we have eternal life and if the spirit of god dwells in you he vitalizes your mother body so you are different you know first of all your aging process um is something that's

stabilizes when you reach your prime that is what it's supposed to be you know that is um the way it is for a christian who chooses that you know and if as a matter of fact if you have passed your prime and you get this revelation or you become a christian and then you get this revelation you can now backdate your aging process because you have to understand there's a difference between increasing in yeast and in age based on numbers of days one has been um consciously alive on this earth you know and in the world to come versus you know the degradation of the body you know as if you put it in the way of returning to dust you know we are set free from that we are not of dust you know we are not from the first adam we are from the second adam christ so we are not subject to that situation we have the business returning to dust you know that is a choice you know we can raise the dead you can raise yourself from the dead and that is actually a fact you know if the spirit of god is in you you know this is something that you can choose to do everything that is in your body that shouldn't be you can speak to it you can talk to it and you know this is something that you have to exercise yourself in but of course those who do not work in this have certain fears and they have the fear of death and not interestingly a lot of movies you know engage people's emotions and what they are afraid of this movie has chosen to deal with the fear of death via you know aging and it's interesting how the story plays out you know um i haven't seen the movie i've just seen the trailer and the trailer was made how a trailer should be made a trailer should be made to put questions in the minds of the fellow that sees it a trailer should not be made in such a way that

after seeing the trailer um you basically know the beginning the middle and the end of the movie you know a trailer should put questions in the minds of those that see it and make them want those questions to be answered by going to see the movie you know and avoiding spoilers along the way by folks on the web and all of that you know so these are very key things you know it it's it's interesting that it's like hollywood is going back to um making movies um properly you know at least some folks but the the wokeness is still in hollywood but apparently not in this movie you know the modern day move of weakness that doesn't take away from the fact that this would have been better as a christian movie especially to bring forth the revelation of life and eternal life because a lot of people assume that eternal life refers to just um a a like a fictional scene or a or something that is not necessarily frictional but something that is on the other side you know when you get to heaven you know that eternal life is just um a word that means something apart from what it obviously means you know it means what it means eternal life is actually an english translation of the words

which was the word that the greeks used to try to explain or describe the god life which is the life of god himself so can god die god can die so why how can you die when you have his life you see that eternal life is basically the results of the eating of the tree of life the scripture says you know the tongue is the true of life and that is one key thing if you must live forever if you have to live forever if you have to work in eternal life you have to wash your tongue you cannot say things that are not in line with god's word with regards to this revelation your speech and most importantly your hearts must accept and embrace this message completely no doubts and confessions in this direction every word that comes out of your mouth this should be the way you think that yes you cannot die

this movie would have been a great opportunity to preach the gospel but that no withstanding we can still make crystal movies on this topic and on this um kind of setting you know

and you can be a part of flooding this world with christian movies by reaching out to us you know reach out to our friends and friends you can go to alfred and friends come on go to and reach out to us we are looking forward to hearing from you it's very important that we work together in changing this world and building a world where the influence of christianity is preeminent and is actually what dominates and directs the cause of this world keep in mind that whatever ideologies are laced within those movies are what is being implanted in the hearts and in the minds of young people

abraham lincoln once said that the mindsets of a classroom in a direction in a generation is the mindset of the nation in the next now for those above a certain age you know and even those who are within the age where they are studying school television and entertainment is still very influential in putting thoughts and ideas into people's minds a lot of people who say tv is just tv very reality automatic that everyone is influenced by what they are exposed to and a lot of young people are constantly exposed to entertainment a lot of people their guards are down and they take in a lot of the ideologies from there if hollywood was not pro lgbt the lgbt movement would not have gone as far as it did if pro lgbt stuff was not always on tv and those kinds of points and things that favored them were not constantly bombarded into people's minds it would have never been what it is today keep in mind that in the 50s 40s this would have been ridiculous the lgbt and all of that in the 30s 20s nobody would have been product publicly you know everyone was not on that you know bandwagon but now look at how it is because of strategic

propaganda because of strategic plan because of strategic planning because of the gay agenda you know so we must have our christian agenda we must have our own strategic planning to ensure that the gospel goes into all every single place you know the fact that america was founded by people who are aware of christianity and profess to be christians you know largely

you know it was a result of previous strategic planning that made the gospel big enough for those men to have known the gospel when you look at the new testament and the writings of paul you could see paul's strategic plan to take the gospel to the nations on his missionary journeys everywhere he went he was shaking things of skeletons of winning souls and changing cities

everywhere apostle paul went and that was his strategic plan to take the gospel to the nations if paul lived in a world like us where everybody's on the internet and on tv don't you think he'll be a televangelist don't you think he'll be reaching out to make video games and getting into all kinds of places this is the same man who was so intense or standing before caesar to preach to caesar you know after um going through the shipwreck and beating by snake and all of that he was that intense he was so intense you know and

that's desire to influence politics just like he spoke to king agrippa when king agrippa told paul do you want to make me a christian also he said yes i do except for this bounce and he raised up his hands with his chains around it that the people have put on him so you see that is very important when a christian you know influences politics and keep in mind in those times there's no democracy you know politics was based on

who your parents were you know you inherited it or you fought in a battle now you were rewarded or your parents or your you know somebody was rewarded and that position came so it was nepotism you know the era of nepotism you know and that is how majority of um human existence has been when it comes to um going for seats of power democracy is relatively new you know democracy as we so-called knowledge practices but in any case imagine if christians were allowed to vote 10 what do you think um apostle paul will vote for when he's saying i don't want to involve myself in politics i don't want to involve myself in casting a vote to stop the killing and the slaughter of christians and the hunting down of christians you know so um we have to be smart you have to be smart you know and it's very important that

we put our or impression this gospel imagine if this movie old told this great revelation on life imagine all the lives that would have been saved imagine all those who wouldn't have to die those who will now be exposed to the knowledge that they don't have to die that that is a choice and they will live forever with eternal life imagine those who would say okay let me put this thing to work let me pray for the sick let me lay hands on those who need healing and imagine the miracles that would have resulted as a result of that so these are things that you must keep in mind and understand

thank you and god bless you

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