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Niger State In Northern Nigeria To Be Split Into Two States : Nigerian News Updates

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

 nigeria is a nation with so much happening within it and if you have a poor understanding of history or you only resort to listening to the mainstream media within nigeria

and relying on newspapers you would have a false understanding of what is really going on nigeria can best be understood on a simple level by dividing nigeria into two sites not in nigeria and southern nigeria interestingly enough in as much as it is bests the nigeria is split into two due to a lot of fractals

that option doesn't really

seem to take preeminence probably because of other factors primarily the fact that those in the cells do not all agree

with each other or see themselves as one they just agreed that they share more similarities than differences compared to those in the notes now many strategies are being carried out by those in northern nigeria

one of them is the continuous splitting of their states thereby creating a situation where there are more states in northern nigeria than southern nigeria and that also means the government has to focus on different states and more money allotted to those in the different northern parts of nigeria because there are now more states that the federal government has to take care of and all those states are in the north one of the states in the north niger is now being

brought forward

to be split into two that will further increase the number of states in nigeria and also increase the number of

the the allotments of the national kick that has to go to the notes so far sukuto splits and as well as other old states in northern nigeria since the 70s have splits that has not been done in the south and it might be impossible to do so because of the cluster of tribes and their disagreements the notes are more strategic with their planning than the cells keep in mind that if the sharing of the national kick is done based on population which it is not then the problem or the strategy of increasing the number of states to get more money will not be viable lagos has the largest population and that goes without saying if the allotment of the national cake was based on population then lagos will get way more of the national cake than any other part of nigeria

there's also the issue of the fact that the place where majority of the oil comes from the niger delta region gets zero percent of the national kick it only gets the crops that fall from the table of the national kick and that is where majority of the

money and wealth of nigeria comes from naturally that is going to change after the commencement of the dangote refinery nigeria is basically plagued by too many ignorant people in power too many uneducated people too many incapable people too many people who don't know who've act and believe that they know occupying positions of power and basically running the nation into the ground creating new problems every day that's

a positioned whether intentionally or unintentionally to only get bigger and to explode with time

the solution of these problems is quite simple christine's creating strategies to take over the desperations of power because it is only when we are in authority and empire that we can expect

lights and peace and prosperity and wisdom if fools and ignorant people and incompetent people are in power it is foolishness to expect anything but

disaster to be created wise men cannot sit back and be ruled by fools

it makes one question the wisdom of the so-called wise in such a scenario why would a wise man sit back and let a fool rule him expecting the fool to drive the sheep in the direction of prosperity peace joy and to a brighter future that is not what is going to happen that is why it's extremely important for christians to develop strategies to be involved in governments and to take over governments for the good of everybody that is the only way that everybody would actually stand the chance to be happy those who we complain are those who be in the midst of prosperity but listening to demons and trying to rule it for everybody by trying to suggest what they think are solutions or a better way but it's actually chaos however it is better to be afflicted by ignorant people while surrounded by prosperity with everyone else

than for want to be surrounded with poverty and to bear the mercy of the rulership of fools ignorance and idiots who are creating even more poverty


- Split Niger Into Two States, Says Jerry Gana:

FULL VIDEO: Southern, Northern Kaduna Agree To Split Into Two States:

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