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Michelle Obama Pulls A Lebron n Says Shes Afraid Her Daughters Will Be Profiled

 recently michelle obama took lebron james racism to a whole new level lebron james is in recent times popular for a lot of crazy things one of which is him saying that he is afraid of going out and walking

about in the streets for fear of being shot he is afraid of the police it's funny how no african american is afraid of being shot in the hood by any other african-american also um this rhetoric we want to go but let's just stick to the topic the assumption that the police are just going around looking for african-americans to shoot is ridiculous now michelle obama has come out and said that she's afraid that her children are going to be shot by police who is going to shoot michelle obama's children who is going to shoot obama's children you know just because of the color of their skin what kind of ridiculousness is this you know it's amazing that no matter how much money an african-american has no matter how popular no matter how powerful they still peddle this rhetoric of nonsense of oppression and the whole system and everything being against them in spite of how many white employees they have look at the jesus the beyonce's these are people who do not have a college degree these are people who barely have a high school degree i know jay-z does not have a legitimate high school degree he dropped out of junior high or something of that nature but he's now a billionaire you know and these people have millions you know of white people some have thousands or millions of white people working for companies that they own or they own shares in you know perhaps they own a percentage of the company or perhaps the whole they own the entire company how can you be someone whose skin is dark and you have companies with thousands of white people who they depend on you paying them a salary for them to be able to feed themselves and feed their kids then yet you are saying that you are oppressed by the white man how does that even make sense and michelle obama you know saying these kinds of things it shows a strong disconnect i have always said one of the biggest problems between you know those in in power and those who don't when especially when you look at something like the french revolution you know france would have had a king today but the problem is that when those who have power are so disconnected from those who are the everyday people it will always result in a catastrophe it always results in a revolution that will lead to war or a great sharing of blood you know and it will eventually to be pulling down of those people in power you know it is because of that disconnect you cannot think so differently you can't just be so unaware of what the everyday person thinks how do you think people will take it how do you think white people light-skinned people will take it for michelle obama to come out and see that she is afraid that her children will be killed by police this is somebody who her children grew up in the white house barack obama's children grew up in the white house they have had not just the police protect them but the secret service that is as high as it gets when you've had secret service to be your personal bodyguards all through your childhood her children are no longer children they are all grown-ups now when you've had the secret service be your personal bodyguards all through your childhood because obama saved two times and that was the vast majority of his children's growing years you know um and then being formed you know as in their uh their primary formative years into and turning into adults you know um moving from childhood into adulthood you know and you know reaching that age of accountability they spend that

on that that's umbrella keep in mind that in the us past presidents still have security detail that is provided for them by the government so when somebody whose children has been protected by the highest level of government security there is made available we are talking about the president's security is your security and now for the rest of their lives they have that privilege of that security because barack obama will always be under that umbrella of security as an ex-president of the united states all united states presidents have that so these are children who grew up under that then you want to come out in the public and say that you are oppressed and that you are afraid that your children will be shot by police

you see this kind of nonsense is the kind of things that will inspire racism where it did not exist i have said often times the activities of blm is actually inspiring and has successfully inspired a lot of people who are not racist before to not be racist michelle obama go into the estimate of saying that an african-american going to get a license you know brings fear in her mind that they will be that she's afraid they'll be killed keep in mind michelle obama was not afraid of all the people that her husband bombed when her husband was throwing bombs in libya and in middle eastern countries she was not concerned about the children that were there now she is now concerned about the

african-americans getting a license saying that you know that even the innocent act of getting a license could get an african-american killed and these are the same people who are screaming that they want to covet 19 passports

now you are trying to pedal this rhetoric that african americans are afraid of getting male id cards made driver's license

it's unfortunate that these kinds of lies keep going on and it reminds me of the days of jesus before jesus was crucified you know so many lies were told about jesus and the pharisees and services called people to lie and lie and lie in spite of that there was no solid evidence or anything that could be used to condemn jesus but everything was based on emotions and the influence of the pharisees and the jewish leaders that actually pushed even pilots to do what he did not want to do and he had to wash his hand and said i am not a monk this thing is going to be on your head you know and the um the jews who are pushing for it foolishly said that let's let it be on our head and on our children's head keep in mind that in spite of the fact that jesus christ died for everybody's sins those particular jews they are opening their mouth to say that they have made a declaration upon themselves that that course will follow them and you see when you make a declaration like that satan is not going to ignore it satan is the accuser of the brethren you have given satan a license to bring condemnation upon you and your generation by doing that kind of thing so you know people should be careful how they speak but to get back to this topic at hand you know in spite of ridiculous things like this is being said and you know we see how cnn and a lot of things are working against common sense all for a particular agenda and a common goal which leads to the new world order and of course the platform for the antichrist you see right now we christians on it how we leave this earth is up to us i have emphasized we need to unite come together you know behind the scenes plan on how we'll take all the areas of government let's what happens in the last days be that as the rapture happens all the christians the time positions of power disappear

they are raptured then the tribulation still goes on as it was prophesied but there is nothing that makes it compulsory for us to suffer pre-tribulation tribulation it is up to us because on the standards we have the victory the aspect of god of um the devil being allowed the antichrist being allowed to have power over the saints is not even in the beginning period of the tribulation it is down in the tribulation for most of the tribulation the saints will have power over the antichrist and the spirit of the antichrist even the two prophets that we come you know that we walk the heads perform miracles you know we'll be killed you know and they will be raised from the dead the whole world will actually use video cameras and all kinds of um camera devices to view them because those prophets are going to raise the dead those people of god they are going to raise the dead and they are going to preach that debt is not actually um um part of the christian life that it is a choice that is why the devil will actually show puts their dead's bodies on display that dead bodies will be put on display and later they would resurrect and after resurrecting they will have their own personal rapture this is all after the rapture the general rapture you know so i'm explaining something for you to understand that even in the tribulation for the beginning parts christians those who have those who are left behind but hold on to christ they will not be under 100 dominion by the devil they will still have the right to do things but you know ever since the days of john the birthday the kingdom of god suffered violence and the violence would take it by force so if you don't have that attitude as a christian you are going to suffer but it is later towards the ending part of the tribulation you know where um god talks about shortening the days you know

it is during that period that the antichrist would have power over the saints those are among those who are left behind but understand certain things about the scripture and keep in mind the same way enoch worked with god and was no more it is same way you can walk with god and be no more that is an entirely french cement altogether you know so for um all of that period but understand that we are approaching that but for now we can move into positions of past so let it be order and also so that the gospel can go forth because this is like the final wave of preaching the gospel this is where we can really do it in mass on on the biggest level before the rapture this is where we can take advantage of positions of power really transform the world and preach the gospel that when the rapture takes place and the scenes are taken away that is when the world will understand the true meaning of darkness you know that is how it should be but if you choose to be playing this game of looking up to politicians so looking thinking like the world and waiting for things to change and praying without acting praying without planning but leaving the plans of the devil and other people to play out then we are we are actually signing up for being in a pot of soup even though we'll still get to heaven but why do we have to get to heaven with suffering when it is not um something that is um necessary a composer for us you know that being said i would like you to go to alfredo's vip and reach out to me so we would strategize and plan you know and i'll talk to you more about what we do in every single country to take over every government and every seat of power and authority because it's necessary that it must be done thank you and god bless you

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