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Last Night In SOHO (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine - by Alfred)

   Last Night In SOHO is a movie that actually shows a lot of creativity.

   In recent years Hollywood has all about being woke and of course the consequences of being work is going broke however Hollywood doesn't seem to care because their main aim is about the mass transformation of mindsets the global changing of the way people think and see the world. 

   If you feed people a particular type of information and there is no alternative... if you kill the alternative; the reality that you  present to them is going to be the truth to them.

   By that what I mean is that in spite of the fact that there is only one truth and that is the truth, you can block out everything from someone's sights and all they see becomes to them what they know or what they see as the truth and as reality even though it is manufactured. 

   Now that is something that apparently has been Hollywood's aim when you look at the sequence of movies put out by Hollywood. The Hollywood studios are aware that they do not make a great profit from a lot of the movies that they put out that's push forward Woke ideologies that people right now do not accept but they keep on doing it with the hope that people will eventually get accustomed to it. 

    Keep in mind that this kind of propaganda is not new. The only reason why there's this much friction you know is something I wouldn't quite want to go into so that Hollywood wouldn't make readjustments and make the world a worse place. 

    This particular movie however seems to abandon the drive for being woke and it's all about Entertainment. It's all about fun. 

   The thing that really strikes me is that this Woke era is an Opportunity and what I mean by that is that with Hollywood making a lot of movies that people don't want to see it creates an opportunity for someone to start their own studio that will beat all the studios in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, for the first time the Chinese box office movies that are made by Chinese companies in China is actually beating Hollywood movies on the international markets. 

   In addition to that, Chinese companies head quartered in China has been buying up American studios in Hollywood.

   Hollywood studios also look at the large population of China. It's a big motivating factor. They want that market and to capture that market they end up bowing to whatever China says and of course China is enslaved by their government as that is what communism always does. 

   Anyway this movie takes it back to the days of movies being made for Entertainment and Fun even though there was a little element of propaganda. That element was toned down or cleverly crafted into the story in such a way that the story and the plots and the idea of it being enjoyable to the audience took preeminence and was first place and was placed above the movie being for lecturing or trying to reprogram people's minds or you know giving people all kinds of  points on Wokeness. 

   This movie is about a young female. 

   Interestingly, I didn't see any African-American in the trailer you know which says a lot. It means that they are not interested in being Woke. They are interested in telling a good story.

   Howbeit, the story will still have some elements of propaganda or to put it in a lighter way: A Message. 

   They create some kind of  spiritual aspects to things... some mystical aspects to things.

   The Protagonist (Lead Character) has some kind of psychic connection to another lady who actually lived in the 1960s.

   There was that link between one and the other and of course this is a a horror movie so things take a turn in that direction. Keep in mind that this is witchcraft. That's something that you must know because this is communication with the dead. 

   The bible tells us clearly about communication with the dead and that is wrong. 

   It is basically demons that are disguising themselves as someone who is dead and communicating with you; and you know the scripture wants us about having fellowship with devils.

   Fellowship with devils will always land you in a very unfortunate situation. 

   This movie is not a Christian movie so there isn't a chance that is actually done to warn people about that kind of thing. This is a secular movie that is for Entertainment and you know how the people of the world are. The way they present these kinds of things it makes lite of serious issues and actually presents false realities.

   Just imagine someone who hasn't heard the gospel watching this movie. They are giving an ideology of falsities.... an ideology based on a deception on something that you know is actually serious.  

   There are people who try to communicate with the dead today. There are still witches & covens today. There are people who use all kinds of instruments and all kind of witchcraft items to try to communicate with the dead today. 

   The Bible makes it clear that by dabbling in that you are having fellowship with devils and that is going to end you in a very unfortunate place. 

   However, Hollywood movies use it for just storytelling and they do not do it with the aim of warning people about it.

   Surely, there are those in the studio who know what they are doing and are probably witches who want their practices and their religion out there, howbeit presented as fiction,

 and you know cassini casting just as lord and all of that you know and god delivering people so those are things that you have to um realize you know so there is still that propaganda that does not work to the advantage of the cause of the gospel and you see this is why we as christians must do all that we can do to ensure that the gospel is actually um priests and actually um dominates all of entertainment all of movie dom you know if you are thinking of starting a movie studio what are you waiting for reach out to us you know stats it's you know if you want to invest in our movie studios and what we plan to do reach out to us but this is very serious and there's something that's you know a lot of attention to be given to it's unfortunate that a lot of churches don't see the importance of movie studios you know we have drama departments in most churches just like you know churches have choirs if you see the importance of your church having a choir how many albums have your church choir released how many you know does your church have a music studio do people come into your church and you give them an opportunity to grow in their musical careers and and to get recordings and put it out there as a matter of fact that is also we are funding that um the trust the ministry you know so these things are very important unfortunately we leave a lot to the devil to be in charge and then we pray that is what a lot of Christians do a lot of Christians sit back they refuse to go into political positions they refuse to become males governors presidents and leaders they focus they when they become Christian they think um by um Christianity um the stronger you becoming your feet it means that you have to grow in position within a local church you know like become a decade or become a pastor or something like that that is how they look at spiritual maturity that is actually a calling and you have to understand something um the more you love god and the more you grow the more you want to reach out so the more you want to bring people in so that is what it is about the fivefold ministry griefs are for the building up of the church that is what they are mostly for you know not for the reaching outs you know they are they are meant for the building up of church for the work of the ministry and that is what apostle paul who actually the first person to come up with those stems as we know it you know the person who is responsible for those terms told us what it was for for the better knows for the of the sins for the work of the ministry what is the work of the ministry reaching out that means all of us are in ministry and that is something that is very important there are some people who use to say that's like have you been calling into the mystery or that person was calling into the ministry and they are referring to the firefighting ministry they think that the fightful ministry are the only ministry there is no true ministry is outside the fifo ministry because that's rational to the world that is in a calling that we have been giving i've been giving the great commission so you know in movies and every single thing when you see the devil um taking charge in every little thing around you make sure you go into it you know look at the world they are so cautious the world even uses stems like micro aggressions you know because when people look at um wokeness and they see how people are getting offended over little things it is not about that when you look at the bigger picture there themselves the individual that is getting offended has been given certain triggers to be offended by but when you look at the bigger picture the person who created those triggers and created the system of putting trigger here and trigger here and trigger here what they have done is they are trying to eliminate any trace of certain ideologies or the or saying certain things so that everybody will have one view one perspective and which is their perspective they want to eliminate every other reality and to paint a reality and a picture that they want to be the only one and every other thing is offensive oh saying that it's not politically correct or saying that it's offensive to people who are saying that is not considerate but when you look at all these things that they say is not considerate they are doing it on their own side but you see it what the real goal is is about reshaping a world where you know they call this is the line of thinking that you should have on every issue that is what is about and it's all part of an endgame a bigger plan which at the end of that bigger plan you will see the antichrist at the top of it ruling the world because everything is going to go to the direction of a one-world government a one-world religion a one-word order you know that is where it's going to and it is the antichrist that will be at the head of that uh one word order so these are things that you um have to understand the world is doing so right now that we are on it this is before the rapture we have the opportunity to actually flex our muscles and to um still minister to greatly influence the world be the light of the world that we are called to be we must do these things and we must take this thing seriously when you look at the movie like this i know there are many movies who have doubled with um this kind of topic and it has become normalized better understand this is witchcraft that is being colonized you know this is making people um find witchcraft common and to be insensitive to it and you know what other ideologies are being passed down and of course you have to understand that um when you open the door to the devil you know by bringing certain items of the devil into your house you open the door for the setting demons that are attached to it also you know so that being said remember what i said you know do what you can to be a great influence in reaching out to the world of the gospel and to you know change this world and you know affects in um all the mountains of power you know entertainment being um one of them thank you and god bless you bless you

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