Knight and Day : Movie Flashback (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine - by Alfred)

{Note: Rough Draft. Not Yet Edited. Contains Typos}.

 nights and days the movie starring cameron diaz and tom cruise it's not a new movie it's a movie that came out in 2010 bits i just have to review it is actually you know a video still made in the day when you know movies were all about phone and entertainment and that took preeminence over workness you know walkness wasn't even really in effect in in 2010 you know so this movie is basically about a lady who gets mixed up with a spy you know anton cruz you know plays the role of this part you know and he seems unstable crazy and paranoid you know but apparently you know he's trying to clear his name and for some reason um um some folks want to uh kill the cameron diaz character now i haven't seen the full movie but i've seen clips of the movie and it seems um really good 


 the styling and you know the action and how everything was um police the plots you know is really smooth and good now it's very interesting you know that's

movies like this you know are not um quite made anymore thanks to wokeness you know bits we ask christians you know must take advantage of such opportunities you know because bookness has actually created an opportunity an opportunity for us to actually make movies that people want to see you know this movie could easily be a christian you know movie you know a a christian spy character you know he's a spy for the government you know bits he has um kind of in a similar situation perhaps gun rook or trying to claim his name you know framed you know um by an evil anti-christian organization that also wants to destroy you know humanity has some nefarious plan or you know also want to sabotage you know um the american government you know so that plot also works the points you have to really understand is that it is very easy to make great and even better christian movies you know because um number one we have god and we have the holy ghost so our minds are you know linked to the creator you know our minds you know uh in a position where we have inspiration from the holy ghost so we are capable of coming up with better plots and stories and you know really creating entertainment and stuff that no one has ever seen you know so we are the ones that should actually be leading in entertainment and making great movies but the movies with the goal of teaching people about christ and leading people to christ you know and that is actually um very important and something that you should take very seriously you know

that's um the facts i would like you to reach out to us on our freedom friends and you know get involved in what we plan to do regarding movies and entertainment and also going after you know the different mantras and different avenues of her now if you haven't given a life to jesus christ you know click the salvation prayer button in the main menu of alfred vip or you know you can go to salvation prayer dot and say that also there are instructions you know made available for you you know richard's also that you can be a part of the family and you know growing the things of god it's important that you grow in your knowledge and understanding of the sins of god thank you and god bless you