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Kamala Harris wipes hand after shaking hands with South Korea President - by Alfred

 camilla harris recently wiped her hands on her jackets right after shaking hands with the president of south korea now imagine if president trump had done this or a republican had done this everyone will be up in arms screaming racists it's funny that the people who paid all out of calling everyone racist folks like cnn and the msnbc will give excuses for this you know i would support this and they would defend any

sin that is done by a democrats you know and then accuse republicans you know of things that are actually less grievous better actually without any proof but the democrats you know when they do it with the proof you know it is excused or explained the way or they said oh he apologized you know or she apologized you know all kinds of excuses you know go it's so funny and unfortunately a lot of people buying tweets you know especially african americans african-americans are the most gullible people in america you know they believe anything that is said on tv anything that's like oh this is what an african-american should believe if you do not believe this you a [ __ ] you know yeah trito this is what you have to believe this is what you have to go with in spite of what your eyes tell you it's part of what you can see it's part of what you can witness you know that doesn't matter it's oh this is the lane for african-americans and it is african-americans who are the enforcers of this who ensure that americans are one way in their thinking you know they go after and persecutes any african american that falls out of line and the left you know the antifa crowd the social media crowd you know the corporate giants the facebooks and the um tweeters you know and their ceos the mark zuckerbergs and the jack doses you know they say oh they care about um black lives and all of that you know first of all if you care you would know if that's to start with you should not call anybody black because when you look at the dictionary definition of black black is a racial slow and was used on africans as a racial slow just the same way the n-word was you know instituted and used that of the same way the word black was used and that is why the word black actually came into being but unfortunately a lot of um people who have dark skin have ignorantly embrace it but when you look at the dictionaries especially the old dictionaries and the old encyclopedias you would see you know what black means you know what it actually is meant to deny just like the same way africa was called the dark continents you know and it's still called that today that is an insult you know darkness is associated with evil is associated with misfortune it is associated with undesirable it's associated with you know trash garbage you know that's what you don't do not want ugliness you know that is what darkness represents you know and that is what black you know is used to represent

you know something that doesn't have color something that doesn't have uh vitality and life you know so um it's unfortunate that people still use the word black to refer to a wrist and they call themselves that and they even say proud to be black but in any case back to the issue of the corporates you know companies who are always very signaling and saying that they care about people who are dark skinned you know they always persecute and sense so and go after anybody who is dark skinned who does not agree with them look at the candice owens look at you know the um every conservative who is dark skinned you know look at my accounts you know they are banned pastor and you know alfredo gip on facebook you can't share any link from there and you see look at the persecution that goes with having conservative views from the so-called people who create that they support and they want to push forward those who have uh who who are african-american so those who have dark skin though those who are african no that is just their excuse that is their key that is their front for them to do what they want that is what they put on the surface to push for their agenda look at feminists for example and women now feminism is erasing women and let me explain what i mean by feminism is raising women feminists as far as modern day feminism is concerned they are pro-lgbt and pro-trans now that mixture you know has now created a situation where it is not offensive to say the word woman they have now started saying that because men is a woman it is offensive so they have removed the ian 22x in addition to that the trans folks you know the men who folks who are born biologically male who do surgery and you know now say that they identify as women even those who have not done any surgery or taking any homos all they have to do is say that they believe that they are women they are then first chance they are now classified as women and a lot of women's products evil menstrual products for women have not removed the feminine the female symbol the the symbol of the woman this the the symbol for female has been removed you know it has gone beyond um bathrooms allowing men who say they are chance to use female bathrooms now they are removing female symbols and they are saying things like anybody can can have menstrual cycle and um anybody can be pregnant you know that men too can be pregnant you know that eliminates women so what makes a woman a woman you know we now see um things like black betting people which a lot of politicians in america are nice and black betting people and of course folks are laughing at them on um twitter and all of that for easing those terms but this is the agenda and this is what they are pushing you know as long as they remain in power that will become normal because this is what they will teach children in schools that it is wrong to say woman but but as you are um you are referring as you as you call saying people women you know um you are actually ignoring the transgenders those who are biologically born as men and then transitions to women or those who are biologically born as women are transition transition to men because if a woman is biologically a woman she was biologically born female and then she said she identifies as a man she can still get pregnant you know however sh based on this madness of all you have to do is say that you are this gender and that is defended as you are based on that madness now you have now created a scenario where we are folks are now saying um a man is pregnant but it's not it's not a man that is pregnant it's a woman who says that she's a man who is pregnant you know he's still a woman so um this eliminates women thanks to you know biden now the measures that president trump puts in place to prevent transgender men from going into females um spots has been removed you see and we have crazy um people because you know it is it's like a course now of the left whatever they throw into the bag and say this is allowed and this is wrong that is what they run with there are now some women who are you know who are actually supporting that aim that a transgender man has no advantage over a woman in female sports that is foolishness and you can see now the

world champion um weightlifter for women is a man who said that he's a woman and you can see how this um men are saying that they are women and are going into female sports and are now breaking world records you see this eliminates women you know if anybody can pick up any piece of paper and say it is a five dollar note and everybody has to believe it's a five dollar notes you know any piece of paper you can pick it up and say it's a five dollar notes then what is the value of a real five dollar note you have you have destroyed the value of a five dollar notes if anybody can pick up a piece of paper and say this is a five dollar note and that person can actually transact with other people and people will not take it and regard it as a five dollar notes what is the value of a five dollar note if everybody can wake up and say that they're a woman whenever they feel like it then what is the value of a woman so you can see how feminism has now destroyed women and that is the same thing with african americans and you know africans and people who have dark skins you know black lives matter and a lot of these so-called pro-black causes are going to destroy life for black-skinned people for dark-skinned people that is exactly what it's going to do you see because they are introducing a whole lot of things into it that is self-destructive look at the issue for example with the fondue police how many african-americans have died since george floyd africa how many african-americans are not out of a job because of all the riots and old looting how many african-americans are now looked at a certain way because of the antics of black lives matter and all the destruction that have taken place now for the first time basically the criminal and the african america are mixed into one because when george floyd a criminal is used to represent a race of people that means that is a race of thieves and criminals when briana taylor another criminal is used to represent a race you know it's always and you know all these people that they are always saying say their name these are always criminals

you know criminals who in addition to their criminality fight with the police you know or resist arrests how do you think that it turned out well for you and such people in india in cases where they get shot or they get killed then you know they are the ones that are used as the poster shot and the representative of the entire race

you see this destroys the image of everybody of that race you know and a lot of um african-americans and people who are dying are so ignorant they do not see all these things that are really happening they are one way they think in only one direction they never put themselves through the shoes of other people and they never think long term and say how does this actually work out at the end how how what will be the turn out of this you know it's so unfortunate

and this type of thing is why is very important you know for christians you know we need to do everything that we can to get power in every area of the world where power can be gotten you know look at the issue with camera harris you know and what she did you know what disrespects and look at you know this is just a show of how on fate is these same people who lied against president trump these are the same people that will lie about christianity and christians which they have already been doing but it only gets worse the bible tells us about persecution of christians which is coming and we have seen those kinds of things under nero

in ancient days you know many were tossed to lions many were son of sonder you know many were killed in such gruesome and heartless risks you know we are being told that such things will be again and you know the world is going to see a period of violence worse than accumulation of all the violence it has ever seen before you know and that is why it's very important for you to be prepared and go at the rapture but you know it will be a disgrace for you to go at the rapture and you come out on the other side as someone who just barely passed through the fire and you know you come out as someone who didn't do anything for jesus someone who who didn't do any work for the master yes you made it you know [ __ ] what did you do you know are you going to stand down you see um the past of crisis you see the benny hints you see what are people who did sacrifice outside you know it's not about the name it's about the calling and your ability you know your ability and actually it's actually between you and god and god knows you know your ability and your um destiny so it's about you fulfilling your destiny that has to do with winning souls and reaching out to people and actually changing this world and impacting it with the gospel you know so how far did that go will you be able to come out at the other side like paul and say i have finished my race you know now it's time for me to take the crown righteousness you know so and this is very important you know this is the most important thing in the world so make sure that you devote yourself holy to changing this world and impacting it with the gospel nothing else matters thank you and god bless you

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