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Jungle Cruise (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine - by Alfred)

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

while disney studios is just stuck on formula it's a far cry from what it was when while disney himself was alive back then it was all about creativity doing new things and basically almost running the company broke in the quest for originality and putting forth something that's not only no one has seen before but no one thought was possible they would ever see it

at all

because disney not only

expanded beyond the assumed lines of creativity but disney also went into areas of technology and explored different techniques that no one had ever done before now disney is all about formula this kind of movie sells so let's make more of it let's remake a remake or make similar movies with new names which is what is the case when it comes to this movie jungle cruise jungle cruise is basically a mixture of jumanji

pirates of the caribbean and indiana jones if you were to put these three things together you will get jungle cruise that is exactly what it is

and if you have not looked at it that way before as i've said it you can now see that jungle cruise is just basically the streets indiana jones pirates of the caribbean and jumanji or road into one

there's not much to say it's basically a treasure hunt you know a search for lost treasure type of thing you know that is of um great importance something that people thought does not exist you know it existed as it meets you know is it a real place or is it treasure real all those kinds of um thing that we see a lot of with the indiana jones um franchise you know whether they are looking for the lost ark or lost treasure or whatever it's always that kind of thing and naturally there are obstacles along the way and there's also the case of other people wanting that treasure also that is basically what this is that being said

it would have been really to live this way crystal movie you know there are a lot of things that could be done even when it comes to um indiana jones which um those movies greatly inspired by you know you can see indiana jones and the the the lost act they didn't even go into christianity as it was meant to be you know as a matter of fact indiana jones you know was basically an atheist you know at the beginning he didn't really believe in bible stories and you know that there was an ark and all of that you know so those kinds of things

implants ideologies in people's minds and you have to understand that people believe what you present to them look at the world today you know that people believe that gender is something that is dependent on what you say it is if you say you're a man you're a man if you say a woman you're a woman imagine that this this was not common years ago but in just in a few years with certain people in setting degrees of authority saying the same thing people have bought into the foolishness now imagine us filling up those setting positions of power and influence and then rather than pushing for nonsense we push for truth imagine how many people buying into the truth how many lives will be saved as a result of that you know it is not difficult to win everybody in the world to christ and i mean every single person in the world understand that the antichrist is going to win a great majority of the world to himself and many people through time have won a great majority of the world to themselves or you know great majority or entire cities and nations to themselves so to ideal ideologies that are basically idiotic just the same way the lgbt is doing and you know christians sadly we do not um focus and grasp the importance of this a lot of times christians are occupies with their own lives and it is selfishness all they care about is god giving them a job or god taking care of their children every prayer they pray is selfish prayer it is about them about something that affects them they do not have the great commission in mind when it should be primarily the reason for everything that you do on it

Official Trailer #2:

it should be the number one thing nothing else matters because you see the reality of things is that when you give your life to christ you belong to god you know you're a candidate of having you a citizen of heaven technically and you know you are only here on it just to main source you are not here for the purpose of getting a job and if your job does not lead to helping the gospel or to expanding the gospel if your job does not lead to the benefit of the gospel perhaps you're still already bringing in um income for you to sponsor the gospel or something of that nature but if uh or even your presence in the workplace you being in that office and reaching out to people there and telling people about jesus if your being on it is not about jesus you have missed it you have missed your purpose you do not understand your purpose understand that there is nothing in this earth for you

your citizen of heaven you are just here as an ambassador we are ambassadors of christ you know we are passing through we are here on a mission we are posted here to carry out the work of the kingdom of heaven so understand that and and let that be something that you know becomes one of the key things that makes up who you are and controls how you act and what you do on this earth

this movie as well as horror movies

will do so much good if there were crystal movies that pushed this gospel of jesus christ forth and if you are someone who god has placed it on your hearts or you've had the idea you know of starting a movie studio started you know

go to um or reach out to us and we would give you some status on starting your own movie studio crystal movie studio no matter what happens it sticks to that and you know there are people who are lost and think that because it's a christian uh movie studio it has to be boring or you know they think that christian movies are boring no this movie can easily be a crystal movie you know when we put the treasure song as something that has to do with perhaps a revelation or you know a lost writing of paul a lost writing of the apostle it could even be good and all of that bits that gold ends up being used to start orphanages all around the world or start schools or you know go into research and all of that keep in mind that a lot of all the schools and hospitals in this world were started by christian organizations as a matter of fact the first hospitals and schools were started by the catholic church the catholics just technically invented charity organizations and that is why you can see the overdesks schools the oldest hospitals always have names like saint paul or since antonio sends this or saint peter you know they always have that kind of name or our ladies or the lady you know referring to mary you know so that is a fact you know and the the the character could you know you it could be a matter of the character working on his relationship with god you know he's all about money you know the struggle about you know going after money and the lesson he learns is you know you cannot say about god on a mama you know he's all about money you know and because he has like perhaps humble beginners difficult beginners you know and you know these different characters still with people trying to kill them and all of that so not much has to change you know and i'm telling you this that you can understand that it is very easy for every mainstream blockbuster movie to be a crystal movie and to still have the same audience retention and even higher get a higher um audience retention and reviews and relatability and that is what we should aim for and work together for you know so i'm looking forward to you reaching out to us so that we can work together you know on changing this world

for the kingdom changing this world with the gospel thank you and god bless you and God bless


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