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CIA Recruitment Is Now About Skin Color & Gender


References & Sources For This Video:

- Richard Hanania: This CIA recruitment video would be a little too much for a Chicana/o studies department. A collection of every campus buzzword in two minutes. No wonder they wanted the last administration gone, now they can be themselves!:

- The CIA Goes Full Woketard - Their New Recruitment Videos Are Beyond Insane!: 


hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the cia recruitment video you know that is now out the video is you know the most ridiculous node in the direction of weakness that i've seen and keep in mind that in as much as the video is woke you know

it seems no one can ever be working off so the work crowd that you know they are trying to please you know and obviously the work culture that is now being incorporated into the cie say so much about the future of america you know this direction that america is going into is basically going to end in super destruction you know there is no doubt about this because when you are basically hiring people because of the color of their skin you know and not for the ability and at the same time you know the video is very funny because she emphasizes and says that she end her way into the um crea and she climbed the ranks by ending her week then why are you making an entire video based on oh look at the cia we have um so-called people of color or we have um latina people and keep in mind the people of color um classification is racist in itself because by saying that these people are people of color you are saying these other people have no color in their lives it's a lot of people don't have color open the dictionary and see what that means you see so that is exactly what you are saying and it shows basically not just the hypocrisy but the stupidity because these people don't understand the mixed messages the video is just full of mixed messages you know that are going in one direction and the other direction but it goes to show this is if this is what the cia is about now so are they now putting critical race theory imagine people running the cra imagine the police force you know people being promoted in the police force because of the color of their skin not because of their ability not because of their skills not because of their intellect so it is not even important that they are solving cases and they are um solving crimes and you know making the country safe that is not important what is important is the color of the skin of the person doing the job

you know this this is very unfortunate and of course

since they know that people are going to um address them on that they now put a lot of emphasis on her so-called merits and her skills which she did not list and she did not reveal you know when you do that you know all you have is just words you can say you end something but where is the proof you know what um evidence is there you do not offer any evidence of any of the merits that you so called c that you have because you know that aside you know she went into the um patriarchy nonsense you know how you know how crazy a woman is is when she uses what's like patriarchy in her sentence you know

her idea that you know there is this competition between men and women and that um it is a man's world you know and that needs to be fought against and you know um society needs to be broken down and women should have um 50 you know or basically 100 because that is what this feminist wants you know 100 dominance in every position of power

as captains of industries as directors and all of that that is what this is you know that is what this is a push for you know and while these people are doing this is important for us as christians who have the mind of christ and i'm talking to those who are you know friends you know those of you who are family you know and by family i mean those who are in the family of god those who are in the family of christ you know we need to get ahead of these people and take these positions because now the feeling of all the top positions in america with weak people look at the testosterone counts in america has decreased studies have been done that have shown that the men in america are becoming more effeminate and keep in mind that apostle paul wants about it and he makes it clear that the kingdom of god is not for you know the effeminate you know that is one of the things he listed there you know when he was listening you know that you will not find liars and thieves in the kingdom of god they their feminist was also included there so men cannot be effeminate now you have people who are putting all kind of hormone blockers you know people who are putting all kinds of weird stuff in most of these processed foods that are in america you know with all their soybeans and soybeans they are they're stuffing the food that is the decreasing testosterone counts and now we now have a situation where people are actually buying supplements separately to increase the testosterone counts also with the boom of shrimaels and transgenders and all of that these are people who are now taking all kinds of um hormones and all of that to make them more feminine and to you know replace their male hormones with female hormones and all of that and they keep on taking it over and over and over again the now the gross collection of testosterone in america is low this is actually a plan for invasion imagine if um you wanted to um the roman army wanted to invade a nation and they had the technology or the means to make the men in that nation effeminate or to lower the testosterone count you know to make them more feminine it makes them easier to conquer and that is what americans do not see is happening to them by feeling setting places of position and power with weak people and with women especially women who have no um merits look at all the top positions and this is what actually helped with the terra nose disaster they're just excited to see a female ceo and she actually ended up ripping off the world look at the top companies that appointed a female ceo and look at how they crush them bonds now it is possible for a female ceo to do well but that is based on merits and those are one of those are unusual things but when you try to make it common then you will end up putting because the reality of the matter is that men are more productive than women and this world was built by men that is a fact you see who invented the aeroplane a man women were still allowed to use their brains who invented the electricity a man a white male a strict white man who invented a microphone a strict white man you know who invented the solar solar panels inverters just look around you look at all the things around you who invented it

a lot of them over 90 percent of it you know the internet a man a white man a street white man who invented you know the cell phones the laptops the computers you know all of this this world was basically created by men but now by trying to create one particular nation or certain groups of nations you know where men are you know men excelling or men produce producing a man doing well is now attacked under the guise of we are trying to help women let us put women in this position let us spawn so you know there are so many programs to help women so many scholarships so many um programs to help women so many programs to help african americans but known to help white men this is very intentional and when it comes to helping african americans you know the best way that they have seen is to reduce the qualifications if someone's skin color is dark they reduce the requirements you know you can the the sat score that is required for an african american to get into havarilo or any school is far lower than what a white kid is requires to get into that same school and they call it affirmative action no it is it is it's a deliberate dumbing down of african americans and it is actually racism because you are saying that these people are incapable of thinking on the level of other people and a lot of stupid african americans like it and they want it more they want more affirmative action they want to be given positions that they do not deserve and look at youtube with suzanne um whatever whatever her last name is look at how youtube is was already a powerful company but look at how it has um it has more complaints than people happy that they are on the platform since she got there look at the female who was um running yahoo she ran yahoo into the ground yahoo was at the point bigger than google but he put a female there just because she's a woman she destroyed that company she destroyed yahoo did all kinds of stupid things and she was rewarded at the end of the day but now she's now on the board of walmart you know this is the stupidity if you want to um really be honest and fair leave the door open but based on merits and you know it is not about quotas when you bring quarters that is now systematic racism because now you are now saying the company can say don't worry we have enough of this risk and you are this risk now you want to hire from this race so because you are not this race we cannot hire you or because you are not this race we cannot promote you we need more people of this risk in this um position so that is now the introduction of systematic racism you see and that is what critical risk theory is now we are seeing this in the cie this is a field day for criminals because now we know that teams are now working on um the engine of critical risk theory you know and and this also also shows you know the the way um people you know want to reward stupidity and dumbness you know that being said let us let us pray in jesus name a lot for everything for this devil blessing and for your love for your kindness knowledge on our lives father we pray a lot that

christians those who are part of the family of god are going to keep on planning we are going to plan and we are going to act very quickly and move into positions of power we are going to make sure that everything is set as you want since we are doing your will where you are making this world a better place in the name of jesus amen thank you for joining me with that prayer if you are listening to this you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo vip and click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu you know it's very important that you say that salvation prayer is the starting point that is the starting point of your journey you have to pray and tell god that you want him in your life you know and then you will now have to learn more about christ and walk with god you know your christian work so um go to alfredo vip and click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu god bless you

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