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Caitlyn Jenner labelled Transphobic 4 saying biological men shouldn't be in women's sports

 darkness is not the opposite of light darkness is actually

the states of sins when light is absence or removed from a place or situation

jesus christ is lights the gospel is light truth is lights when you remove jesus christ from a place all that is left is darkness and this is clearly seen

today more than ever when you look at the situation of so many things today would see the danger we put the world in by removing god from so many things sadly the people of the world because their eyes are blocked they can't see the cause and effects that takes place when god is removed from any situation or place god was taken out of schools look what happened with mass shootings look at the african-american neighborhoods when god and the church stop being the center and you know a lot of people started saying all kinds of things against preachers you know and the doors were open for people of the world to come and pose as precious to do all kinds of nefarious things with the gospel including making money because the truth of the matter is that when you hear people say things like this and this priest or this and this preacher is molesting kids let's look at those who are doing it are those christians do those people believe in jesus no if you believe in jesus you would not be molesting kids and the last thing you would do is to want to abuse kids in the house of god you will find the church sacred you would think the church is sacred let me put it this way if you can

throw a quran on the ground or you know put that on it or you know misuse it in front of someone who says they're muslim and they do not address you they do not um approach you or talk to you or at least ask you why are you doing that you know if they do not feel any type of way about it if they are indifferent to what they are doing that means they are not muslim because they clearly don't think the quran is secret in the same way if someone thinks that the church is sacred why would they molest the kid in that church so the reality of the matter is that the environment that is created from church has attracted pedophiles to pose as

priests or clergy and moleskines and keep in mind that the people who are doing this are so small in proportion to the number of christians or the number of clerics and the number of priests and pastors and ministers they are you know if someone was to say oh look three african americans rob the bank therefore all african americans are bank robbers or chiefs and criminals everybody will stand up and protest and say no then why is it that it is okay for someone to see one or two priests you know or two people who are um associated with the clergy in one of the numerous denominations and then because of that say that all christians are certainly now i know that's some of you may be like well i'm not catholic neither am i i'm not catholic however i am aware of the fact that when they are doing these things it is a classification that is falling upon everybody they are using it to attack everybody everyone that is christian you know it's not limited to the catholics when they are dis insulting the priesthood and it is the war that is doing this so you you notice those kinds of things that being said when we look at situations like um

who um is in charge of you know the news the media and the seats of influence and we leave all those places for the world we see nothing but darkness pouring out recently

a comedian who you know is not even really that um popular but it's known and you know apparently now a lot of this um feminist um um comedians you know they you don't you can't tell if they are activists or their comedians you know a lot of these hollywood types you don't know if they are actors or committed or activists you know they mix access activism with everything you know even a lot of teachers are more activists than teachers you know a lot of university professors are more activists than professors you know they are more of being activists than they are actually college professors so that is very sad but we have this um celebrity complaining about um kathleen jenner you know kathleen jenner is actually biological male who became female you know and now she wants to run for governor and it's against biological men being in women's sports and unsurprisingly a lot of people on the left you know the like this um celebrity um chameleon you know or whatever you know and her left his friends are saying that that is wrong that biological men should be allowed to compete in female sports you know if you know if they say they are women if they if they if they are transitioning or whatever you know let me explain something that is foolishness you know it's unfortunate that we have come to this point where this has to be seen and keep in mind that this kind of madness one wave of stupidity after the other is happening in a lot of these western countries where they are increasingly turning away from god and turning away from jesus remember like i said earlier when you remove lights all that you have is darkness and that is actually what is happening there is the darkness of the mind to this comedian and to the other leftists that think like her it makes sense that after all if someone says someone believes that they're a woman they're a woman you know and that actually insults women and takes away anything special from being a woman because for example if i can pick up any piece of paper and say that this piece of paper is five dollars and everybody has to recognize it as five dollars then it destroys the value of five dollars because anything that i say is five dollars anything anyone says is five dollars is five dollars so what is five dollars you know so in the same way if any man can say that he's a woman then what is the value of being a woman a woman becomes worthless that a woman has no value you know what is unique about being a woman what should be celebrated about being a woman you know since anybody can be a woman it's just a matter of saying that's you a woman you know and imagine this um twistedness you know this mental illness this uniform mental illness that is being propagated inspired by the devil upon those who actually turn away from god who make their minds therefore vulnerable to grow up in darkness so as they are in darkness and as their minds is in darkness whatever the devil gives them and tells them this is what will help you this is a touch light you know if you are in the dark if you can't see and stretch out your hand for someone to give you let's say a cup of water anything they give you and say it's a cup of water you know you are you're you're you're in darkness you can't see it so it's you believe in them and you drinking it so anything that the devil gives them now makes sense to them truth is now defined by what the government sees what's certain people who you know are in uh setting political interests and people who have certain demonic views you know certain new words other agendas you know who have their foothold in the government what they say is now what people are thinking to be true look at the climate change nonsense you know for years the how god said that that the world was to end in 2020 you know our god said that when he was pushing his climate change everybody has forgotten that you know that climate change that um the ice caps amount this and that and all of that why didn't it happen in 2020 all the previous prophecies by climate change experts of oh there was even a time they said that nigeria that lagos is going to sink and be under the water bed by i think 2016 or so why didn't it happen why is lego still existing why hasn't lagos sunk into the atlantic ocean you see all the nonsense that this and climate change experts and this world health organization all these other um crazy organizations what they say is not checked you know and when people bring it out they are called conspiracy theories when when the facts are shown this is what they said and look at the reality you know all of that is it doesn't matter because the certain keys of power the certain positions of power are being filled by men with dissimilar ghosts and by evil men people who are in darkness so these kinds of things need to change you see and one of the kittens is all the money the greatest resources the financial power of the of the world has to be in the hands of christians and you know i'm talking about a uniform christian organization that has the interest of the gospel and does the will of god you know and i'm talking about mine because i don't know what other people would do you know but i know what i would do so that is one of the things that our friend and friends is aimed at you know we cannot just sit back and let evil keep happening and then hoping that one day among the world people in the world would do the right thing like imagine expecting and waiting for um kathleen jenner a transgender to do the right thing in this situation to be the one to do the right thing what about all the christians what are christians doing we are waiting for kathleen jenner to save the day and to ensure that um women's sport is women's sports you know and no matter how many hormones you know you put in a transgender woman or as in a man who is transitioning to be a woman no matter how many female hormones she puts into him understand that these people who are you know these females and the chinese and whatever they keep taking those drugs because the biology is still there you know it is yeah they are using drugs to fight against what is naturally them so you see first of all that may help to um reduce the energy levels of the biological meal but it is still a man and it's still an unfair competition you see it is still unfair that is why we now have for example that in this next olympics there's going to be a man who says that he's a woman competing for weightlifting and he's breaking all the records he's now number one but as a woman imagine this foolishness continuing imagine the wnba women's basketball women's you know think about women's sports now we now have a future where all women spots is probably going to be worn by a transgender a man who says that he's a female and keep in mind that this kind of ideology is big in places like bangkok in places like philippines there are people who actually have cultures and even religions that supports the idea that there is not just male and female

so a lot of these people have been predisposed to this kind of thing keep in mind that once upon a time all this um drugs and um things that people take to transition was not there not a lot of the sudden is there and all these people are saying that oh they have always been a woman in in a male body you see this is because of darkness and when you allow when you are in darkness you are susceptible to taking any and any light that the devil puts in your hand now these people have believed lies that they are that gender can be chosen you know and all of that you know there is no kind of weird language and therefore they are trying to manipulate to make sure everybody conforms to it if we do not move now we are like those who were before the days of noah

and you see the day of noah will be that rapture

we are before the rapture we are like those before the day of of noah when things are beginning to go wrong where things are beginning to go wrong on a mass scale imagine how the world went so wrong that god had to wipe away so much of what was left and keep in mind that those people were not 100 human they had been polluted satan had launched a plan to alter humanity i have said it before this world that we live in is not the original expression of what god created

satan has done a lot of alterations to this world and he was altering the dnas and the composite structure of what man is by having fallen angels sleep with human women so imagine that kind of push that they were basically eliminating a race through sex and reproduction they were using sex and reproduction to eliminate the entire human race noah was the only one who was pure

he made sure that he never reproduced with any of those fallen angels and because of his relationship with god he was never deceived because most of those women initially were deceived but at the point it became normal and you know these people will be giving birth to all kinds of abominations and you know imagine the kinds of ideologies and all kinds of belief systems and religions that sprung out as a result of that and those that age went on for quite a while but when all of that was done keep in mind that it would have eliminated the possibility of jesus coming because jesus had to come into is through a seed of adam jesus had to come true seed of other and if every seed of adam was eliminated direct seed of adam was eliminated then how would jesus come a man will be eternally doomed a man will now be transformed you know the entire that entire first race of man will be wiped that that adamic race of man will be white and it should now be this mixture this nephilim which today has asked you know satan has done it again and he plans to redo it and that is part of the reason why um um it is written that in the last days it would be like it was in the days of noah one of the things you know is this um mixture of racist mixture of species this the where people do not value humanity and and and you know people don't value what the man is people don't value what the woman is now it's not a matter of choice you cannot mix here and mix it you cannot say that you are this on this you know we now have um women with breasts and then male genitalia and all of that you know all of these mixings and of course the nephilim is a totally different topic then there are those who are actually trying to grow human cells in animals and implant them in human beings during human transplants and make money all of that nonsense what kind of abomination are you being is being created are people creating oh because people do not value human life anymore you see so it is very important that

we take over every position of power and authority you know we must start businesses unlike the snake of moses swallowed up the snakes of you know the pharaoh's magicians you know when moses will turn into a snake so should we also start businesses and empires and government behind government that swallow up the government behind the government and also swallow up the government so we are in charge of every single thing and that is the only way for that to be good understand that when jesus comes back he will rule with an iron fists and the only way to actually rule properly you know if you want a world that is actually going to be

paradise in any sense of the world you have to rule with an iron fist you know putting criminals in jail is really with an iron fist if you do not believe in ruling with an iron fist then why put criminals in jail they have the right to do what they want to do but now you are standing up and saying no you do not have the right to hurt people you do not have the right to abuse people who gave you that power you are not taking it upon yourself to be the judge and the jury and you know at the end of the day what you are doing is actually what is creating order so you have to understand that and you know it's very important for you to understand the seriousness and i'm talking about my organization alfred and france you know which is no an organization you know it's more than just um a company there are so many aspects to it yeah it's there's more to it that means the eye so we have to plan strategize and go forth and take every seat of power we must have our strategies that are secrets and you know our presence public even if in certain places we may use different names or different phrases and at the same time ensure we have a structure that is very hydra you know or basically better you know something that cannot be stopped but we take over all authority and all power everywhere when the rapture takes place we all go what's left behind is for the devil to meddle with and to really show people the um the results of their choosing darkness instead of lights thank you thank

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