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Black Birthing People

 an african-american woman in congress called corey bush represents missouri is being mocked on twitter for using the 10 britain people and this shows the intents of the left you know so now it is not wrong to say mother it is not wrong to say you know that someone you know recognizing females as females and males as meals now you now have to use steps like betting people because you know there are a lot of transgenders who they are born biologically women but then they start calling themselves meat meal now without all the early hormone blockers and puberty blockers and all that nonsense that means technically they're they're still women you know but they are just dressing like men and calling themselves men so now when such people get pregnant they want to now say that it is a man that got pregnant because they want to still say that they are still what they call themselves what they claim they are dead fires you know what they what because now biology and common sense you know has no place so because of that madness you see even companies that make female products especially because they are obviously you know with the lgbt movement and cross-dressing you know which is even going into third world countries and developing countries you know a place like nigeria you know that is actually beginning to trend you know cross-dressing which is terrible that being said because of all this nonsense you know men are now wearing women's clothing so a lot of these companies you know actually removing the symbols for female and you know putting all kinds of symbol you know removing all kinds of language that says woman you know or female you know they are experimenting with that and this shows the creation of a new world order you know a new way of thinking a new set of ideologies you know they are replacing everything with something new and something demonic they are even changing the language you know it was um

the lady who thought the speech that presidents trump gave who also came out you know i was like saying that um

the word mother and father should not be used you know all these things that they have now begun to condemn all of this started with a war against god fighting against god now that that has gone so much that a lot of people have kind of embraced and have become acclimatized to a world where god is not number one where christian principles are not number one where christianity is being attacked now a lot of other things they are coming for imagine it's being offensive to same mother and sh this lady you know it's unfortunate that they are using african americans and people of african descent to mingle with all this nonsense so the blame is going to go there now this lady came out in congress and imagine her saying that she's fighting for only one people that she's fighting for um and of course it's one of these people that uses the word black because she's not um intelligent enough to open up a dictionary and look at the meaning of the word black you know she says she's fighting for black these black babies and all of that and of course she's in the party that supports abortion yet she said black babies and then she actually used the term black betting people you know this is madness you know and she also said that doctors refused to recognize her pain when she was pregnant how stupid is that then how they should give birth was not still in the hospital with these doctors you know the craziness imagine people here in this we we are now in this in this situation where a lot of people of african descent you know a lot of crazy people are inventing all kinds of scenarios that are blaming white people for it is she now blaming her pain during pregnancy on white supremacy on white people what is she doing you know she said doctors did not recognize her pain what does she mean you mean to tell me that somebody went into the hospital and the doctors refused to attend to her what did she say you know and then she went into the hospital again the second time when she was pregnant what does she say is that what she wants us to believe you know people are coming up with all kinds of nonsense it's like you can blame white people for any and anything what does she mean by your doctors did not believe her pain you know is it that when she's pregnant the doctors haven't doctor seen pregnant people before don't are you telling me that the doctors do not know that when a woman is about to give birth that you should feel penis that's what you are trying to tell everybody or that because the doctors were white you know the doctors we only believe it is a white white woman or what that's all only um white women you know i believed in the hospital when they said they are they are pregnant and a few people you know during childbirth what is she talking about you know the statements in itself is crazy and you know it's it's unfortunate that a lot of african-americans are volunteering to actually set up the set up a universal destruction and war against african americans and people of afghanistan because that is what these kinds of things we do you know it has gone to a point that now anytime a white person is called the racist you now feel sorry for the white guy because you know it's probably it's a lie one made-up nonsense you know it's a juicy smaller situation you know this is uh unfortunate you know this is unfortunate and this is in congress imagine if a white person in congress said i am here to specifically fight for white people white babies white children white parents and white betting people are not of that you know the the focus on the race so you mean to tell me that you are dead you are you are you have been sending to represent missouri the state of missouri but yeah but in your mind yeah publicly you have made up your mind and you had said it publicly that you are there to only represent those who have your own skin color day what about the white people from missouri interestingly missouri is actually where catherine coleman comes from you know the late crowd and chroma but you know this is so interesting

and these kinds of things you know are seeds the harvest you would not like you know and it it is so unfortunate a lot of african americans you know uh are going along with this that being said you know much must be done to separate in the minds of people african-americans let it be known that there is the turkish version there there is a talk on one end there is a two-pack those who admire to back on the other end there is those who admire um the ben carsons you know those who go to school educate themselves who believe in love who love different races love different people and work hard and become something useful to society not those who become talks and miscreants and when they manage to use affirmative action to go through the schooling system they end up spending their time wrist hustling and you know being raised pimps you know that distinction must be made in the minds of the people so that's also is is very important and it's important that this recognition is um very clear and very loud so that everyone can see it otherwise there will be a mass grouping of oh this is how all african americans are it is like the summer and that is where um the plan of the new world order to ensure that there is a risk between the races you know that is when that will take place you know black lives matter has been an important tool in doing the work of the new world order and doing the work of the antichrist in when it comes to destroying the bond that was there between racists you know cnn is a huge contributor you know the msnbc and all of those fake news media you know with their attacks on president trump you know they're constantly calling people who are not racist racists you know not only does it take so much away from the actual racist you know and there is also the issue of the fact that african americans are now the most racist people in the world and they are giving a license to be because they are told that if you're african-american cannot be racist because you do not have power no matter how much money you have no matter what political positions you you you feel no matter the fact that obama was voted twice by so-called the white people who are supposed to be racist you know who are supposed to be white supremacists you know so apart from all of that and in spite of all of that you know you know this goes on that being said you know we must make sure you know we identify all these um issues and address over this matters you know it's important that we make sure that the extinction is made between the minds of the public so that there won't be a wall so that it will be like this how all african americans are at least how all people of afghanistan are you know nobody's talking about the impact it makes on them in the minds of other races and other people of different other nations when they look at blm and say oh this is what these people do when you allow them into their country when you allow these african people or these people of afghanistan into your country this is what they do you know they sooner or later starts claiming that you are discriminating against them blah blah blah protesting and destroying property and they'll be allowed to go against do you have to go go along with it because you go against it you'll be liberal it racist internationally all the sins you know and people do not see that at the end of the day is actually decreasing sympathy against african americans and people of afghanistan because he's painting africans as you know thieves are miscreants who use um the excuse and they forget of victimization to actually make other people victims you know so we must address this and you know it's important for you to go to alfred vip or and you know reach out to us and join us so that we'll work together on solving all these problems thank you and god bless you thank you

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