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Another Attack On Imo Police Station 8 Gunmen Killed

 recently there was another attack on a police station in imo states in this attack however eight of the gunmen were killed and the police working hand-in-hand with the military actually friended off the attack keep in mind that this is a police station that they were attacking if this government were attacking an individual's house we know how that story will go if a police station needs you know to take one hour to defend itself against gunman with rifles you know imagine what would have happened if it was an individual's house or you know a private citizen or or someone who is middle class or worse poor you know so this is very unfortunate keep in mind that just near the police station the militants with telling people to get out of their car taking people's cars to help in you know their have big plan of invading the police station you know understand that this hatred towards police is actually something that is coming for after the answers protests keep in mind that you cannot disconnect the two in as much as first of all it's important to you know show some props and give some props to the police and for the military you know for actually finding of this attack unlike the previous one and that went so badly we must address the root cause of these issues you know and one of it is which of the answers

consent was addressed by the government no you know a lot of people will say that well the end staff does not really have a true leader and you know what are his demands um they never really came forward to the government these are our demands there is a matter of common sense there's there's a matter of knowing the pulse and the hard bit of the people for example for everybody who is going anywhere in nigeria how many times if you are driving a car did you have to pay bribe or how many times did you see somebody else playing bribe or you see a policeman what is the first thing in your mind you are praying that they do not stop you to collect bribe that is what the police do in nigeria so this war against the police and against um military folks people should understand this is a different kind of thing because this is not something that will be put under um the motivation for the bandits and those who are kidnapping because this isn't clearly not about money this is about anger and they are willing to kill and they are willing to lay their lives down for this and these who are these people these are the nigerian people you know the criminals among the nigerian people the criminals among the nigerian youths but still these are the people from between the nigerian youth you know the problem of corruption and the problem of crimes who are the greatest offenders who are the greatest chiefs in nigeria it is those who are in political positions those who are using their pen to steal are stealing far more than what anybody can steal with a gun and everybody knows this the youth knows that this annoys the youths this annoys a lot of people now that the guns that have been put in the hands of these young people by politicians are now used against the politicians to kidnap the politicians and to attack the police the politicians who created this problem should not be surprised even till now the issues of the police taking bribe you know it is a simple matter address it's anytime in nigeria sees a policeman he knows ah this person is going to collect money from me it is not even bright because for you to give bribe you have to do something wrong then you are paying for the person to look the other way so it is not bribe it is just plain theft it is just plain extortion it is just plain armed robbery so the police are basically armed robbers in plain sights so every nigerian how many nigerians can say that a policeman helped them very few nigeria is not like america you know in america they have the privilege of having police that actually help people thanks to setting buffers that are in place for example you can see the policeman's number you can call um internal affairs and you know reports the policeman you know the policeman has to show his bad number and you know he has to show that he's a couple of that you know all this um buffers are there and unfortunately a lot of african americans are not aware of this a lot of african-americans are not aware of this or at least this they cl they seem to be based on what they are saying that if a if a cop abuses you that is a ticket to millions of dollars if a cop pulls you out of a car without just cause and arrests you that is your ticket to becoming a millionaire because then you will sue the states and you will win as long as you did nothing wrong and he has no just cause to arrest you and that is the complaint of so-called black lives matter that um the police is abusing um african-americans for no reason if that is the case if you find such a case that is a ticket to minnesota it's not some to to protest about something that you actually pray for to happen to in america however in nigeria is not the case because the cops the police in nigeria we keep taking money from people extorting people taking what they want and there's no repercussions nothing about changes so um people the government should not be surprised at this as a matter of fact it is an improvement from kidnapping normal citizens to now attacking the greatest and robbers in in place sites which are the police and and you know the military personnel you know because everyone that seems to have a uniform is involved in extortion in nigeria and that is a fact so that is something that needs to be addressed you know you must feel the pulse of the people and feel the heartbeat of the people you know and that being said for the people who are carrying guns and going to police station to shoot people you are doing exactly what the devil wants you to do why would you suffer on it and then sign yourself up for it anything in hell that is what you are doing that is what you have done

you see that that that is the path that you are on that is what you have already signed up for

so you need to repent and change you you need to turn around give your life to christ and fight in a new way fight honestly fight legally you know there is something that can be figured out a right way to fight this fight against corruption against injustice and getting opportunities and writing is that stop looking at the government for opportunities you have a brain we have internet you can be in nigeria and be solving problems for people around the world the same energy and strength that people are using to get online to try to pull up one scam on the other is the same energy that you can use and get a job online and be answering rather than telling people that you are an african principal in nigerian prince you can be taking orders some answering customer service questions look at india a lot of the customer service companies you know and um services that are provided for american companies are provided in india they're outsourced to india you see will not have the internet you can get jobs online you can even if there is so-called no job in nigeria there are jobs outside nigeria that you can do online and that is one thing that kovit has shown you know there are a lot of people who during this lockdown were able to open their minds and to see that they could get jobs and things to do outside nigeria and get paid a lot of books in dollars not in naira that is constantly depreciating or in whatever currency that you know you get um a job in but you have to go on online build your skills there are different ways for you to get skills there are companies that have different programs there is um coursera there is skillshare there is um programs from universities that you could put on your resume you know that provide micro courses that are just hundred dollars eighty dollar sixty dollars you can take one of those causes and get a micro degree you know from edx you know or closer and you know those are degrees that are clearly verified and you can also attach them to your linkedin profile or to your online profile onto your resume and let um companies see that and you can get jobs outside nigeria and you know when you get that money and all those you remember that you also have to help nigeria even if you leave the country you know you do what you can you pray and let god um show you or you join us and you know we you you join in our mission to change every country in the world you know including nigeria you know that is something that um you should do you know bet this part of violence you are giving satan the victory is bad enough that the government is the way it is the police is the way it is but you trying to fight evil by becoming more evil you know you trying to fight monsters by becoming a monster yourself does not solve the problem it just condemns you even more it makes your suffering even worse you are signing up yourself for greater disaster and imagine this exploding and being a mass you know so that is a disaster so the problems will be addressed and solved the rights with the right just there is a right way to do things there's a wrong way to do things let us do things the right way that being said i'm ready to join us you know and be a part of changing the world reach out to me on i'm looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you

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