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Thank You Letter To Alex Jones - from Alfred

Thank You Letter To Alex Jones - from Alfred

 Dear Alex Jones,

Thank You for being you. 

If it weren't for you I'm sure I would be in dark regarding many details of how the world really functions.

You have brought many details to light and exposed a great many nefarious activities that take place in the dark in a whole entire world of politics that takes place in the shadows away from public eye and from the farce of the politicial world that is on the surface and on display for the public.

You have stayed strong and stood your ground in-spite of numerous heartless attacks against you by the players who work in the shadows and control the scene & pull the strings for the puppets on display.

You are an icon for Courage. You are an icon for Boldness. You are an icon for speaking your mind. You are a Champion of Freedom Of Speech.

I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.

You have inspired me, and your inspiration would not be in vain.

I assure you that I would take the Truth about the activities in the Shadows and scream it on the mountain top.

I wouldn't stop there. 

I'm sure you would be pleased with me and many other people also who you have inspired and influenced over the years.

Thank you so much.

Much Love.

- from Alfred.


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