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Alfred Speaks On The Celebrity Slave Ship Of Hollywood That Made Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Cowardly Endorse Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Welcome To My Site ...

Welcome To My Site ...

Alfred Speaks On Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta Leader (Sir Maejor Page) Caught Using Donations To Fund His Luxurious Lifestyle

Alfred Addresses The Anti-White Racist Move Of Woke Hollywood Changing Batwoman To An African American Woman

Alfred Speaks On Tesla & Other Car Companies In America Sueing Trump Over Importing Spare Parts From China Instead Of Tesla & Others Manufacturing Them In America

Alfred Speaks On Black Lives Matter Throwing A Large Molotov Cocktail At A Group Of Cops; In An Attempt To Set Them On Fire

Alfred Speaks On Christian Leader Possibly Arrested For Congregation Singing Hymns In Public

Alfred Speaks On BLM Surrounding Home With Trump Signs In The Middle Of The Night

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