Let's Go Brandon - Bryson Gray's #LGBChallenge Version - by Alfred



Let's Go Brandon 'bout how the media ghosts Truth like a Phantom/

Cancel views, that free dudes, using nooses at random/

Spin truth, add sugar, beat dough, serve fandom/

Spill Tea, make belief, fake teaspoons, fake lions/

They run around town loud, seeking who to devour now/

When they come around resist, they 'n' they demons will run far/

Use Truth, hit through, their tools, and walls of lies the media builds/

Use Tools, God's Word, The Truth has outlined, knockout their tooth/

They can't bite, if you have Christ, no weapon fashioned can prosper/

They can't fight, they have lost, they just hoping you don't know that/

Oh - Uh! Liberal Tears are about to form now/

They wish that I, didn't just say that/


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