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Newsom Recall Voters Told They've Already Voted When They Show Up To Vote : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Newsom Recall Voters Told They've Already Voted When They Show Up To Vote : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the recall election and what is happening now you know democrats that's it again you know the democratic party and you know this is the same thing that happened with the trump versus buying election you know

now there are reports people who are who are you know known republicans you know people who are going to vote are showing up to the ballots and they are being told that they already voted and guess who they voted for knew some who everybody knows that these people would not have voted for you know and even some of the people that these things are happening to uh um probably going to be democrats you know and this goes to show you why they don't want voter id this is why they want votes to be um

made um official they want votes to be counted without proof of id so that they can manipulate things and they can make up things and all these kinds of nonsense yeah these same people that say they don't want um any proof of you know id when it comes to voting the same people that say that are the same people that are saying that this has to be vast passports how does that make sense how can you say when it comes to voting people don't need an id it doesn't need to be an id so there's no way to verify you know if this is actually a real individual you know there's you can't you can't do that you know in the name of oh if you request for voter id you are deciding disenfranchising african-americans you are preventing african-americans from being able to vote and there are a lot of foolish african-americans that are going along with this and allow the name of african-americans to be used for every evil that is under the sun any time the democratic party or sometimes especially in times past before trump anytime the republican party but it's mostly democrat party that specializes in this and the liberals anytime they want to do something evil do we use the name of civil rights or in the name of oh we are trying to help african americans so that's king people know that that is what they always push it's crazy and african-americans just allow it and then they buy anything they are told if african americans are told oh you all have to live

in this part of the world or you all have to do this or y'all have to jump over this cliff for the sake of um being black as they love to call themselves you know i won't even go into the topic of you know the silliness of calling yourself black you know it shows that you have a problem with opening up the dictionary open the dictionary and look up the meaning of the word black understand where that word came from but in any case all those people that look at um um everything that is put across them as oh this is pro black or this is what african americans should do and they just jump on it you are um the architect of your own headache you are the architect of your own demise your own forthcoming demise you know that is what you are doing you think that it makes sense that um voter ids are not required for people to vote you know they should not be required and you know that is how to help african americans but to believe that people must have ideas and show ideas every time you know vax id anytime they want to enter a mall they want to enter a supermarket anytime they want to go to any public garden anytime they want to go anywhere they have to have a wax passport how does that make sense with you

you see but in any case this is not surprising because if they did it before what stops them from doing it again you have to understand that the entire system is corrupt so it's like how do you go against it look at what happened with january 6 january 6 is not an issue generally six is meek compared to the nonsense that brett kavanaugh's face is comp is is nonsense compared to a lot of things that were done to trump look at when um they wanted to burn a church you know because president trump um you know held the bible in front of the church you know look at all the things that were done by the left no comments no that is not insurrection look at all the um police stations that have been bounced by black lives matters look at um the difference um even them courts in certain parts of america that were born or attacked by black lives matter antifa you know what happened in spite of all this in spite of all this that is not considered an instruction that is not the problem you know the the rhetoric that pushes antifa does not exist that antifa just means and the fastest therefore it is okay so you know when you name something that's a practice you can burn down people's buildings and everything like this okay because you're you're under the umbrella of oh the name of our group is anti-fascist therefore you know if you're against us yeah you you it means that you are for fascism what kind of stupidity is that you know if somebody says um my name is love and they go around killing everybody does that mean that what they are doing is okay because their name is love if somebody says that his name is love but he goes around raping women does that mean that what he's doing is okay because he says his name is love you know people need to use their brains you know and um to go against what these people are doing knowing that the system is corrupt it's like how do how do you make the corrupt system good because at this point of the day you know going through the legal way you know it's a good starting point but it is not the answer because the legal way itself is corrupt the system the legal system is corrupt and it is rigged you know it is it belongs to those who pay for it so of course we need to um not just have money but we need to take a stance and strategically make moves to go against a corrupt legal system and fight for justice because if the same thing happens you know when is it going to stop you know if the same thing goes true because you know the they shake that in the last election you know and they they made it illegal for anybody to make mention that um donald trump actually won and that the elections were rigged and then they now said oh the the general 16 happened because president trump said he was rick so therefore he's responsible you know for the january 6th um um protests you know in which nobody was was was was hot that was in the senate it was actually the police that killed one of the protesters you know and they want to paint us a terrible person and and it was an african-american cup i believe that did he shoot you know but this is um something that you know we must take seriously no matter what part of the world you are in you have to understand that you know if you do not stand for this right now it may be too late tomorrow look at how they are cheating who has the power to read a system this powerful and then ban people from talking about this the same way they ban trump these are the same people who are calling um donald trump a fake president and saying that hillary is the one that's won this is what they were saying for four years all of our social media and everything but now they banned any anybody from saying it's you know this video i won't be surprised you know if it is taken down you know but we'll see if it's it is it will still be on alfredo vip via rumble or [ __ ] shoots uh you know um it's mostly rumble because [ __ ] shoot has its own way of censoring you know i even have two channels from big street because b shoot has its own way of censoring you know but rambo right now does not send so you know that so um the video will also be there you know but people need um to stand up and start fighting against it because if they are reading elections in your face like this what is going to happen to you know what is the point of voting this is how they are going against the will of the people and the system is built to protect these people to protect the new swamp and co in spite of the globalist you know nonsense that they are trying to push on the world we need to be smart you know at the end of the day like jones was right about pretty much so many things you know that being said check out alfredo's vip for more




Candace Owens: I received about 20 emails last night from people telling me that they went to vote for  @larryelder, only to learn that they had already voted. This needs to be investigated. It seems like the fix is in.

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