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Leftists Throw Women's Rights Out The Window As Cops Beat Woman In Paris For Shopping Without A Vaccine Passport : by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Leftists Throw Women's Rights Out The Window As Cops Beat Woman In Paris For Shopping Without A Vaccine Passport : Paris News Updates - by Alfred


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about a video online about a lady being beaten up by police for going shopping in paris without the vaccine passports you know it's interesting how the government has over grown its boundaries and are shown that it sees the people are sleeves that must be i have always complained that you know the very definition of government means that warm parts of the people are governing why the other parts are governed you know what needs to be done at this point is that the people need to stand up in mass blm organizes riots they gather in mass for their aim leftists the globalists they have their grassroots movements that do things in mass and put forth their agenda in mass terrorizing people and bending corporations to their will look how many corporations were treating out black squares and you know sweep out rainbow days and have all kinds of rainbow this and that linked to their companies you know they are afraid of of those people because they think that is all the people the silent majority needs to become the loud majority the few that allowed will make more impact and be more head than the majority that are keeping quiet there is a saying that it is the squeaky wheel that gets degrees

those who are good need to be loved and out what is going to be the extent of the government's power when it can do things like this and you know what happened to all the women's rights and all of that of course women's rights do not matter if you are conservative or if you do not go along with um the narrative of the leftists they are beating up a woman because she does not have a vaccine passport if they are taking it to this level it is is it when they go against something that you know is more extreme that you want to stand up by then it will be too late and you know this conditioning this slow conditioning into slavery is very effective and that is what the government is doing australia is a disaster france is a disaster and you see how the people keep quiet and let the government have this much power and this so-called pandemic has given governments all around the world leeway to sign all kinds of laws that gives them all kinds of power that override the will of the people how are you not a slave when this kind of thing is happening people want to complain and talk about the slavery that some dark skinned folks faced in america years ago and understand that africa was never conquered there's yes these are things that people don't really understand understand the true meaning of colonialism colonizing means partnership with some people in the country let us say that you say that the era of land that is called nigeria was colonized you know it was a partnership with a lot of muslim ms you know who are basically the ancestors of the current tourists that is really nigeria whose name is biari buhari you know so understand that part yes they overthrow

people who are ruling their virtual kings but they replace them with their own men from those lands also that are also on those lands to rule in their stead that is the colonialism that we saw so understand that facts it was a partnership you know so those terrorists within africa then and many of whom still are now are actually the cause of a lot of problems but in any case until the people stand up a mass and resists it does not matter at this point the debates on the vaccine what matters is do you believe that the government should have these kinds of rights look at the police the police bowed to blm they bowed to all those protests they just floyd riots and all of that but the same people want to force you that you must have vaccine passports look at how france have fallen what will do the people have that have been carried out there's no democracy if people don't stand up now a time will come where they will have no voice and no chance and no platform to stand on because it will be considered a threat for people to have um platforms to stand on and it should just be the ruling party ruling even more which is plain slavery so this is what the so-called democracy of the world has led to for more check out



- Syrian Girl: Paris police beat woman who tried to go shopping at the mall without a vaccine passport.:

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