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He's All That : Movie Reviews - by Alfred



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A teenage girl sets out to give a nebbish classmate the ultimate high school makeover. An updated remake of the 1999 film, 'She's All That'. 


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie he saw that now i've just seen the trailer and it's kind of ironic that the name of the movie is he's over that's you know there has been a trend towards promoting alpha females and better males in hollywood in this movie you know it is something that we have seen before but the sexes switched you know in this case this is basically the plot is about you know a female in high school a girl has a breakup with her boyfriend who she um allegedly made popular you know he broke up with her and you know it's blow up on social media and she feels down one thing led to the order and then she gets into a bets with her friends that she can make another um guy that will be that popular that will end up winning um from king you know um that kind of thing and so the friend said okay let's so that won't make it um easy for you you know let's get to peak so they picked the most um unlikely person you know the person that girls are not interested in and you know somebody that is not um

socially skilled you know at least in their eyes you know and she worked on him and you know try to become friends with him and all of that and in the midst of this her transforming him and changing him he ends up becoming cool and all of that but he discovers and now his heart broken so that entire setup and that scenario it is it is a situation where she is the alpha in the whole thing because she is the one who is um picking up a guy from the dos so um if you put it at me i'm making him kind of like a high value individual you know in that high school society kind of setting and then you know he is now acting like you know the girl we act in previous um shows with this kind of plot where you know he's upset and he's like i can't believe he used me and all those kinds of things and then of course at the end of the day they probably might get back together and all of that but this situation you know it is so sad she is actually the one in the lead and this concept of women changing men when it comes to relationships it is not wise it is not wise for you to pick someone you know and change them and expect a um a fruitful relationship whether you know it's a woman trying to change a guy or a guy trying to change a female you know a like a imam picking up any and any girl or picking up you know it's like she had this flow she has this little bed so don't worry after i marry her we change her or the woman saying after i marry him i'll change him that never works and that always ends up being a disaster and of course even though that was not the intention of this character the character is not trying to really get into a relationship the character was trying to win a bit you know in this case you know it turns out that the movie is promoting the concept that he was perfect for her you know he was right for her and all of that there is also the issue of the boyfriend girlfriend you know which you know unfortunately

is not going to be dealt with except in a christian movie or from someone who has you know a christian mindset you know that to put forward this issue first of all this um shifts that happened in america i don't know whether it is probably in the 60s or so that's i would say perhaps starting in the 50s that everybody has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend if you're a boy you have to have a girlfriend if you again you have to have a boyfriend you know in high school and you know starting from junior high this tradition and of course things like junior prom and senior prom helps to exasperate that kind of madness but you see it takes away um innocence it takes away from people concentrating on their stories it gives students more issues than they have to handle it creates so many problems you know what should be promoted these people actually concentrated on their books on their stories especially you know you are in high school you are in junior high or senior high that is not a time for relationships you should not be looking at relationships until yes you are trying to get married if you're not thinking of getting married don't get into any relationship you know the whole boyfriend girlfriend saying you know how is that working out society has gone down that path now look at where people are with all the drama on social media between all the people who are in that kind of um situation who you know after years of boyfriend girlfriend and making that normalized even in the church a lot of christian families in america and in the western world you know they they think it is normal but it is wrong you have to live by the word of god not by what other people are doing is everybody is doing something and the word of god says if you do something different you have to do something different you have to do what the word of god says you know you live by the word you follow the word of god so um this issue would have been best dealt you know as a christian story history would have been better just like every other story or movie would have been better you know if it's a christian because then is we have a perspective that is truth you know it's perspective from via the eyes of truth you know for god's word is truth you know just is the word in the beginning was the word and the word was it god and the word was god and of course you understand that jesus said i am the way the truth and the life the word of god is truth so when things are seen through the eyes of the word of god it is seen through the eyes of truth there's no such thing as his truth heart truths your truth you know there are people who deceive people that's you know that's a lie from the pit of hell when people are saying that is your truth or leave your truth you know you can't have your truth there is the truth you know if there are multiple truths then nothing is true you know they cannot be multiple um rights answers you know that point in different directions and you know lead are leading to different destinations you know so um these are things that you have to keep in mind and understand now if you like to be a part of trying to you know what we are planning to do you know what we will we will do you know in transforming the entertainment industry you know taking it with the gospel you know and the official plans you know to ensure that in the in the future sooner than later there will be no such thing as entertainment you know everywhere you look you know the entertainment will show the mind of god reveal the heart of god based on the scriptures based on the bible you know that is you know things that the word of god sees you know the spirit of god will be um ministering shoe entertainment and every single thing else you know it is important for the sense to take control of media and if anything you know this last um donald trump election cycle you know even the donald trump he know his first presidency when you look at what he did you know all the things that he did if you followed for example ivanka trump's um twitter accounts you could have seen daily updates on you know what president trump actually did he's the first president that actually worked daily every day it was another milestone you know he was achieving so much but every single thing he did was ignored it was never talked about the media overshadowed it with gossip lies and all kinds of things that two people attend attention away from his achievements and the kind of hats he had and the things that he was doing for the good of america you know now things have gone back to usual wars have started again you know the military industrial complex you know the israel situation the middle east situation all those kinds of things you know it shows you the importance of taking over media you know let's say donald trump wins again what is he going to win again to to find the same media to find the same social media that banned him you see so um until we take all these things you know we cannot take half and half we cannot just win the presidency and expect things to go well when the devil owns the media when the devil owns social media when the devil you know wants wars wants israel to be at war you know wish now that biden has come back to office you know all of that piece is out the window you know all of that you know it's working towards you know unity for the first time it's out the window they did everything to make president trump look and to try to undermine him now north korea will soon go back to being a threat like it was during obama's reign you know of course trump diffused that situation but got no nobel peace prize of course nobel peace prize is given out by evil people so as a matter of fact you're winning a nobel peace prize probably means that you are approved by evil because it is evil people that are giving it to you so you know a lot of these awards you should not um receive the you know as a matter of fact you should start um refusing them you know er especially all these awards that a lot of dictators have also won there are a great number of dictators in history that have won nobel peace prize on all of all these crazy things you know so the the point is that we have to take everything including media you know and

the persecution of the church is going to come soon a great wave that is what the devil is planning but it is up to us to stop it because before the rapture we have power the the god is not diminishing our power you know we can stop things we can change since we can hold our things and when you look at the lockdowns and when you look at um how the media has carried out a lot of things throughout this so-called and pandemic period we can see that they do not mind killing millions and millions of people especially those in the world the people in the world would suffer but they are ignorant and you know when they will they will feed them lies as to why they have to kill them think about the jews that went to the concentration camp that went there peacefully thinking that you know they did not know they were going to the concentration camp they thought you know the the they were just being relocated you know they believed that those who were saying that were taken to a concentration camp were conspiracy theories it was when they landed there and they saw that the train tracks had stopped it was not going anywhere else when they landed there and they saw the environment they realized that all those conspiracy theories or so-called were true that they have landed and this is where they will die you know and many were killed millions were killed so it is important for your eyes to be open now than later some people's eyes are opened when it is too late you know look at the rich man the story of um rich man you know and the former who begged that richmond yes you know when jesus said this is more than just a story and he told them about an event something that actually really happened in abraham's bosom you know where the rich man you know was begging abraham that's telling lazarus to put to dip his hand in water and you know let him use and quench my test that rich man had all his life to repent but he didn't all his life there's no repentance in the grave his eyes opened when it was too late he was telling abraham that please let's he let mibra send him back you know so that he can warn his relatives so that they will not come to where he is but you see abraham said no they have their prophets and of course now we have people you know some men of god some preachers and you know there are people who like to insult men of god and preach us they don't listen to them those are the people who god has sent to talk to you and to others but when you are um proving you know um like you don't need it you know this is nonsense you know in your mind you will have yourself to blame when your eyes get opened up too late that being said remember to go to you know and

reach out to us if you've not given life to christ go to product after the vip thank you and god bless you

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