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Will Smith's Daughter, Willow Says She's Polyamorous (another new word for Sxxt) : Alfred Reacts



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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

this has been a journey for you miss willow how did you make this decision with polyamory i feel like the main foundation is the freedom to be able to create a relationship style that works for you and not just stepping into monogamy because that's what everyone around you says is the right thing to do right how did you feel when i told you that i was polyamorous when you were like hey this is my get down i was like i totally get it wanting to set up your life in a way that you can have what it is that you want i think anything goes as long as the intentions are clear and i guess i'm not really clear on what it offers you could you imagine being in a group and loving everyone equally no whether it be platonic or not wow well then i don't know what to say hello everybody i'm alfred and this is alfred reacts i would like to talk about willow smith's that's will smith's daughter you know and her um polyamorous um relationship you know her explanation of polyamory and you know have been in that you know it's funny how people come up with new words for slots and prostitutes because polyamory is just basically that you know and it's funny how will suit has chosen to raise his children you know that's um leave them to grow on their own you know will smith did not train his children him and his wife um judah pinkett smith who keeps putting him in very interesting situations you know and that is his faults you know he is the man you know and this um goes to show what happens when you do not raise your children with the bible there is a kind of nonsense that happens now the grandmother is you know at red table talk looking at like what is this madness so basically she's promoting being a [ __ ] you know the concept of being in relationship with um many people understand that polygamy is not new you know and now the aspect of pulley amorous relationship that is just basically um if um being a slot because when you are in a relationship with multiple people and you know the idea of being in love with more than one person if you have a strong romantic attachment you how can you say that you love everybody equally you know you are in a relationship with different people and you love them equally it's not possible it's like you cannot have two or thirty different favorite foods you have to have one you know if i were to write down on a piece of paper um two of two foods that you really like and i say that out of those two um my fists are closed with the paper in it and um the names of the foods and i say out of this to pick one the other one that you do not pick you are not allowed to eat it for the rest of your life you know so what is going to be in your hearts that you are hoping that you are going to pick out of those two that shows you that there is a preference you love this one more than the other you know so there are many ways to look at um the reality of this you know but it all boils down to you know this is basically prostitution and you know this is what people are teaching this is what um celebrities action this celebrity this is what you think about a world where people think it's okay to be sloths and prostitutes you know they the normalization of um premarital sex has gone awry you know that has long gone arrey and people don't see the the disaster that it has brought in relationships and in society now we have this and we have people who are going against celebrity pastors well when the celebrity uh people like this who are talking nonsense people like this who are devoid of god devoid of the bible devoid of christ's minds on things people who do not care about god and god's ways what do you think will result of it and what do you think will come out of this kind of it's a society that is built on polyamorous relationships you know um basically um what you want might actually transfer some open marriage of sorts you know so um this is crazy you know even an open marriage is actually different from this because they open an open match still kind of in the original team two people are married but they allow themselves to have um side relationships which is crazy in itself and has a lot of disadvantages but in this one where it is like three or four people in the sa telling themselves that they are family you know so it has gone from the relationship you know because it was marriage was between a man and a woman then of course this is the typical um setting of if you give satan a step he will take a man you know it moves from marriages between a man and a woman to marriage can be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman now this has not brought it to the realm of marriage can be between five people or six people how can six people be inside a marriage and of course this is what will smith's daughter is teaching and understand that these are the future um leaders of thoughts because they have the money they have the fame you know when the will smith generation passes on this is what is going to be there and of course people are fighting against celebrity pastors what we need are christians who are celebrity we need to take over all of celebrity don't you know because how are we going to be the light of the world when it is the world that is being in the light of the celebrity and only them it can't be we can't we should as a matter of fact create situations where it'll be impossible for the world to occupy positions of celebrity

because they are trying to create a world where anybody who disapproves of their beliefs occupies a position of celebrity and that is what cancer culture is about cancer culture is about ensuring that there is no footballer there is no um nba star there is no musician or all of that who goes against political correctness what is political correctness political correctness is a cult it is a it's a group of beliefs that this is what you have to believe what this is what the government wants you to believe this is what the path that we want you to believe and you have to believe you have to have this opinion on all these things so there's no diversity of thought there's no freedom everybody has to think this if you have if you think outside of this you'll be counsel you see and celebrities are subject to it so everybody's disbelief of what whoever is behind these things and dictates and controls the universal body of what is politically correct because there is no one group that is on the surface that is on the forefront that can say they control what is politically correct black lives matter does not african americans as the people or in any sense of the world do not white people do not so who is behind the scenes who actually make sure that this is going to be allowed pedophilia is not allowed for now but apparently they are making moves for it to be allowed and they are giving it new names you know like minor attracted persons and all kinds of names you know so that is coming up in the future who who are the ones who are behind the scenes who have the power to be deciding what society thinks is right why is it okay for you know a baby to be shot an african-american baby to be shot in the head no protest no nothing but george floyd the career criminal gets killed as a result of his stupidity

you know and because of the drugs in his system medically it is proven that what killed him was not the knee on his neck that man was not suffocated that tactic has been used on so many people but you see the drugs in his system was what killed him the knee on the neck created a great discomfort for somebody who was actually going through a a a dramatic episode a a miracle episode so to speak because of the drugs in his system you see that that is um a fact that many people ignore but you see this is um what happens when christians steal from their responsibility and i'll i would like you to to understand the importance of raising your children rights train your children the world train train up a child in the way they will go and when they grab they will not depart from it that means that the same word train is the same what is used in training a dog when you train a dog a dog has its own mind its own will its own feelings but when you tell it dogs sit down it sits down it may not want to be we have trained it in such a way that when you say sit it sits that is how a child should be trained in righteousness not to be controlled by you but to be controlled by righteousness when the child sees right and wrong the child is imbued strained just like a dog has to situate sits when the child sees wrong decision good decision the child just has to make good decision that is what it means by training up your child in the way you should grow and when he grows up will not depart from it apparently will smith are not just with a lot of people in generation don't do that they have left the responsibility to the school teachers to the government to the television to the media to political correctness to social media to peer pressure you know and all these things are cleverly crafted and controlled for my mass mind problem mass mind control you know because this is all social engineering mass social engineering psychological warfare so um it's unfortunate and it's it's not an endgame in itself it's it's living to a certain direction and where is that direction we are looking at the future where um man will actually be all slaves

you see and it will be an antichrist figure that will now rule over everything because that is what this setup is for but it's also enslaving and when you look at um a lot of the progression of that is where things are going the people who are living these things and are participating don't know what they are doing just like a lot of antifa don't know the full extent of what they are doing they don't understand it to them they are fighting for what is right but they are where they are being basically um the nazi brown shits they are actually being nazi enforcers of a regime that would actually bring about great slavery like never seen before you know so that being said you know um make sure you check out alfredo's vip subscribe if you haven't given life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip and give your life to christ and make sure you train your children and also do all that you can to ensure that we christians are the ones who are the leaders of thoughts we take over celebrity and everything and make sure we use the bible and the word of god to guide us you know that we don't know that we push out there thank you and god bless you

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