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Who's The Boss Now by Susannah Erwin : Book Review - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the book who's the boss now the book is written by susanna erin does he arrow wan let me read to the official description to claim her inheritance she has to get past her boss if she doesn't fall for him first in these titans of text story by susanna erin she wants what's has and the boss who stands in her way margaret's de la crocs must regain possession of her family's ancestral vineyards when she's caught red-handed sneaking into the winery she comes face to face with a new owner tech titan ivan fletcher but he doesn't turn her in he gives her a job now she's waiting for her chance to turn the tables and claim her inheritance but soon they are off the shorts chemistry threatens to throw her off track and right into the deep end with her off-limit boss so this is basically a cliche situation you know she's sneaky she wants to get her ancestral you know vineyards you know violent that apparently in her family and it's like this guy bought it she was sneaking around she got caught and things turned out that he gave her a job you know this kind of story you know the the basic plots it already reveals all that it's going to be it's now about the journey because we know how it's going to end apparently it's a halloween romance so they are going to get together and of course the conflict is in the conflict of once you know he probably just wants her as um probably a playboy but you know as it's a halloween story it's a redeeming the playboy kind of thing which is crazy and wrong which i keep emphasizing because most women especially females who read such books they have this solution that they can go after a bad boy and make the bad boy good you know when the bad boy meets them he will stop sleeping around you know he will focus on them and all of that um that's crazy in itself and the whole premise you know of social um writings like in this case it's is is crazy in so many different ways you know and i'm sure there's not much to go with the plan because if she wants to get back uh the the land that was in her family why did they lose it and you know what is her plan to bite back you know what is she sneaking around the vine so what is she looking for you know what um sneaky way she trying to um get it back you know it's obviously she's trying to do something dishonest and illegal and what's in any way makes that attractive you know why would a man especially since this halloween so he's obviously going to find out um and then again she's sleeping with somebody to get what she wants in english language according to the english dictionary that is called prostituting oneself you know so that's what basically she's it's amazing that all romance um fiction a lot of it especially when it comes to harley quinn it's always um has this kind of leaning you know the woman sleeping with someone to get what she wants you know i'm making that okay and of course the woman going after a playboy um character you know it's always the millionaire the tech tycoon or the um billionaire you know it's always that um i understand that when most folks write romance it's all about fantasy but you know don't take this into um a crazy ramp you know when you're writing fiction like this you know you should understand the impact you're having on society and people's desires and there's an opportunity to actually teach people because this is what a lot of um

nonsense that shapes people's minds you know is you know these kinds of things um the entertainment helps shapes the minds of a lot of people you know whether people admit it or not so um it's unfortunate but that's that this is cliche and you know it's what harlequin does you know who's the boss now in a real situation it's a completely stupid you know he'll be a dummy for him to actually marry her and of course this is basically saying that what is the idea that um because it's like she wants the land if she marries him she gets his money and the land also you know so is this what's your meditation and it's the question of okay that's in spite of that is what he wanted so that is what she wanted she really fell in love at the end of the day you know and it's crazy and you know a playboy is not just going to turn around just because of one woman you know so as a matter of fact when playboy's actually changes normally not because of a woman you know or because of the girl that they met you know they're doing the way play boys sleeping with as many women as they has come their way you know like a predator you know hunters they were going out and then all of a sudden they met so many that's who might change their life you know after they got in bed with that woman they were like okay now i have found what i was looking for i am not going to get married and be faithful to this woman and we will live happily ever after that has never worked and that will never work you know so um that's that that being said if you like to be a part of changing the entertainment industry books you know movies video games everything for the gospel reach out to us on alfredo vip i'm looking forward to hearing from you and if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu page your as well salvation say that prayer you know telling god you want to have god in your life you know and then begin your journey with god thank you and god bless you

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