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The Rancher's Summer Secret - Christine Rimmer : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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‘Your secret is safe with me.’

Science teacher Vanessa Cruise was spending her summer working in Bronco. Rekindling her short-term fling with the hottest rancher in town? Not on her to-do list — especially since commitment is her Number One don’t. But the handsome rancher promises to keep their relationship hidden from the town gossips, then finds himself longing for more than just a summer affair. Convincing Vanessa he’s worth the risk might be the hardest thing he’s ever had to do...

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book the ranchers soma secrets now the book is written by christine rima you know the first thing that catches my eye is the cover of the book it actually features you know a plus size zoomer to be the model you know however understand that this um genre of romance novels you know this um harlequin stuff is written for women that is a target audience you know typically impressionable women you know and the so-called um incredible romantics but illogical women and you know the giant smile is obviously still in line with the harlequin model type so it still gives a feeling of even though this is new still gives a feeling of a woman who actually looks like the average reader can attain this type of guy you know and of course harley quinn is the kings of creating this illusion that blooneys can come looking like male models you know that are with around the age of 20. it is not that it is not that way and you know that is uh one thing that kevin summers actually points out that by the time a lot of men actually make that kind of money they are actually very old you know for um quite a an interesting number of the billionaires and the multi-millionaires are old you know and the the time it takes for um um men to make that kind of money that women in the young women in their twenties you know are dreaming of marrying and all of that um the kind of money that they associate you know with it is unrealistic for that kind of money if they want a man that is a millionaire they want to live in a mansion those kinds of men are normally it's when the man has gotten old and he has lived a life of investing wisely before that you know those who did that you know for most of them understand that as christians we do not live by the principles of the world that is the standard principles of the world so we are different and of course if someone is a christian he will only want to be interested in a female who is a christian that is um unnegotiable you know it's very important you cannot be unevenly you don't believe us you know so so that is very important and the woman herself will be able to have god to be her god and her provider you know and when you read prophet states you want she herself should be an entrepreneur because that is what proverbs 31 says that every woman a good woman should be an entrepreneur proverbs 31 that is something you need to read first so but anyway back to the book let me read the official description for the book you know find out what happens when you are not allowed to kiss and tell in new york times best-selling auto christine riemer's latest your secret is safe with me science teacher vanessa cruz is spending her summer working in bronco rekindling has shot them filing with the hotest rancher in town not on how to do list especially since commencement is her number one don't but jameson john promises to keep their relationship hidden from the town gossips they find himself longing for more than just a summer affair convincing vanessa his what's the risk might be the hardest thing he's ever had to do now this is all crazy and of course this is all purely um appealing to the central and naturally in logical because first of all it's they switch things up and this is the the handwork of feminism this is familiar to him at work it is the woman who wants to do the hit and run not the guy another one the is the woman who wants to sleep with him and then not have anything to do with him don't call me don't talk to me and all of that that is what the woman wants but this woman who is plus size and you know there are some women who are plus side but they are still beautiful in the face this is not the case based on the cover of this novel you know and then you are telling me that this guy who is he is the most eligible bachelor is now chasing after her you know this is what kevin summers will say that this is just purely fantasy based on you know being super unrealistic a woman like this is not going to get a girl like this and also to get a guy like this to have this kind of reaction you never see it in the real world it's impossible so she's not going to be the one pushing him away and then he you know apparently this is also a big problem you know there's no woman that have had sex with a man then the man said ah this sex was so good therefore i'm going to marry you i'm going to be faithful with you and live the rest of my life with you that has never happened and it never happened you know everyone likes to think that she's special and there's nothing like high in bed but you know that is not reality you know that is not reality this is just pure crazy and this is the kind of thing that young females will read because this is the romance novels and this is what you know um deaf they feel harley quinn is one of the longest running romance novel publishers in the world you know and it's actually the train setter daddy and this this is the nonsense that is pushing out you can see why a lot of females are delusional you know further for this female who is this sweet it's it's in our best interest for her to start by losing weight you know and also to be realistic and you know it is not about um the status of the man financially or how other women look at him or other women wanting him then you know him picking of all the women that want him he picks this plus size woman that is super overweight you know and of course it's a t-shirt because that is obviously the kind of people who be who are the most dedicated readers of um harley quinn novels you know this is crazy but it is going to sell because this is all about fantasy and it plays into the fantasy of their target audience very well so if they put a lot of money behind this particular book it is going to sell really really really well you know so um that being said you know keep in mind you know like with the plus side movements they want to promote women being plus-sized as beautiful they want to put fat women on magazines cover some ugly women rachel rapuna and all those kinds of crazy looking women that look like men they want to put them on magazine covers for men you know but for women they will not put fat men there's they don't actually make fun of fat man they will they don't hold up the same standards they do not promote fat men as handsome you know like even this one they did not put a fast man as the on the cover of the halloween novel keep that in mind you know they did this their um social justice warrior nonsense it's always one-sided you know just like the chris chris brown incidents with rihanna you know where rihanna you know started the her craziness with chris brown chris brown hits her and look at all the um chaos that chris brown's life was thrown into and look at how everybody just oh he's such a terrible human being but on the flip side look at bow wow when bow wow had that incidence with that female from wide enough after she scratched off her face and all of that you know what happened next everybody made fun of bow wow you know everybody laughed at him so it was funny you know a woman receives that same treatment it's a different case oh the man is terrible but the woman does it to a man and it's okay so you can see that double standards that always goes you know so the world is built to fit for women and you know the the women will keep complaining you know especially thanks to feminism they will complain and complain and complain but it is them that everything is built in that people for example the aspect of taking away jobs from men and giving it to women in the name of equity and all of that understand that when a man is in goes to walk when a man has a job it is not just that man that is feeding from that job his wife is feeling his children are feeling and for the ones that don't have wives they have either a girlfriend or street person or um you know their pension support or whatever so any man that is enemy salary inside a man's salary is more than three people that are eating from that muscle area but when a woman and salary is a totally different topic when a woman ends salary it's just her that is eaten that is harmony and now if she's any salary and she's married her husband is still taking care of quite an interesting portion of bills you know so if anything for a society to function men should be given higher priority when it comes to being hired because a man does not represent just himself he represents in most cases a whole village there are some homes that it is just one man that is provided for the entire standard family you know there are few cases where single mothers are taking care of the children and it's only the children and her that is her responsibility and that she actually looks after you know but when it comes to a man it is the entire standard family cousins relatives and all of that so um that is something that i see it is rare that you see a woman that is actually taking care of cousins relatives and all of that in the extended family it happened but it is very rare you know we are talking about the generality what actually happens you know when we are looking at only on a large scale you know immense salary represents so many months to feed but the woman's salary is just her so it is very unfair and it is actually stupid for any society to employ category a system that actually says 50 50 hiring 50 percent of the workforce of every company has to be male and the other 50 female that is actually going to lead to the destruction of that society and of course women will only be attracted to men that are on their financial level or above them especially these modern women these modern women want a man that is earning three times more than what they are earning for them to even look at them so what happens to consumers and understand that a lot of these globalists don't want consumers that is why the most so-called first world countries the countries that have the most of all this westernized education their better rate is always low look at the better rate of white people in all the so-called first countries professional countries it is other populations that are eliminating them when you look at america the fact of the matter is that racism or no racism black has no no black lives matter the reality of the matter is that if african americans were not committing abortion and they were not shooting each other left right right and center like in chicago in just a matter of a few decades there will be the majority because white people are not giving birth to children while people are not getting married and giving better children in comparison with other races when it comes to arabs arabs we have like three wives and twelve children from each wife when an arab has has three wives or so and then the wives left right and center and you know some people that have children they are distributing their seat left right and center the people who are doing that by the time whatever races most of those people are two generations three generations it is their risk that will be all over the place there will be the predominant people so whether you are talking which white supremacy nonsense the white race is actually dying out from population you can see places like scotland the government scotland and japan the government is begging them to reproduce the government is begging them and trying to use financial incentives that oh we take care of your children we will give them free this and free their free that they are looking for ways to make their population continue because at the end of the day it is the people who are the people who are marrying three three wives that are having seeds left right and center those are the people that will dominate the heads and of course those people are not very intelligent people you know for not for the having of multiple children but you know the way they are dispersing their themselves and they have all kinds of children left right and center children that most of them will not even ever see you know and this is unfortunately something that african americans do if african americans were to stop committing abortion stop going to planned parenthood stop committing abortion number one and this gun violence knows and stop it the national cause of sin is that in the future whether anybody likes it or not the majority of americans will be african-americans there's nobody that can stop it because it is too late for white people to actually start reproducing and meet up with african americans because african americans are just giving bets left right and center you know even mexicans mexicans they just give birth like rabbits you know i don't it's not an insult it's just a fact you know so um when people are reproducing like rabbits and then other people believe in small families some people now it's like oh two it went from let us have three in the family three children to let them just have one child to let us have no child there there are there are the lefties that are in the pro oh the world is so evil while we bring a child into this world and of course the incentivization of abortion and the way that most of these crazy people are looking at it as is cool not to have children and you know decision of um a woman to focus on her career that um having children and staying and having and being a mother and all of that you know is traditional and it is old school and all of that by the time a lot of other women are ready to settle down and they are focused so much on their career they are too old to have children and that is a big problem with a lot of white women by the time they recover from all their independent woman nonsense they are too old to have children and a lot of them are too busy sleeping around when they are young they have they sleep real sleep here for money and all of that and they are doing their career whatever and all of that like um so many people you know and at the end of the day by the time that they now see all their mates with children and they want to have children they are too old for them to have children

so that is just a fact the reality of the matter is that just as things are they are setting races that are eliminating themselves because they are not reproducing but you know that is that um make sure you go to you know and you know subscribe reach out to us if you would like to be a part of transforming the world taking over the entertainment world with the gospel of jesus christ if you haven't given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo's vip and give your life to jesus christ it's very important that you become a christian thank you and god bless you


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