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Don't Look Down - Tom MacDonald : Music Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about a song don't look down by tom mcdonald now this song is i would say um the song i like lists from tom mcdonald you know the song you know i don't get what he's doing you know but of course creativity is a great thing but you know in spite of being creative the creativity has to create something that is not just unique it's not enough to be unique but it has to be loved you know and liked by the audience you know the thing is that there are audiences that would love this i suppose but i am not part of the audience that would like this you know because of what he does you know is he talking is he singing is he rapping you know the the flipping between that's you know um didn't really work i'll say one of my um favorites when it comes to the packaging and the quality of the music the putting together of the music i would say the favorite work from tom mcdonald that i like is i hate hip-hop you know and that is unique that is so good you know and one thing about some i don't know is that he's all about gimmicks and presentation you know one might see you know like what does he really believe it's hard to pinpoint you know a lot of what he believes is in his music but it is packaged in a syllable way he knows his audience and he knows you know what he's trying to sell so you can see that you know even to the the fact that you know when you look at his woodwork he said some very black lives matter things in his early walk later he changed and then he started doing you know what we sell to the maga crowd you know so these are things that are intentional and you know you know it's all typical and if you look at his biggest songs his biggest songs are songs that are maga crowd topics you know um him going against cancer culture you know all of these things which i approve but it's like the man himself and you you could see he's stunning eminem you know the way he he really admires eminem somebody who is truly is a trump supporter would not at a time like this want to praise eminem you know as a matter of fact a lot of your respects for eminem would have if you had any would have declined you know when he pulled his if you vote for trump i don't um i don't want anything to do with you guess what i'm pro-trump so you see how then can you know um that stunning still be they you know so it's um there's so much to be said and of course there's a hypocrisy on eminem spell because you know considering eminem skin color does he really believe all the nonsense that black lives matter say you know i don't know people who supports black lives matter such um anti-trumpness they are crazy you know you have to see the few of you you see democrats just do something they get away with it you know the same people who we condemn you know look at eoc condemning president trump for you know the border you know and all of that under abiding since we're one million times worse in trump's case trump was actually carrying people are sending them back putting them on planes and sending them back to where they came from you know and he actually made sure that the facilities had the buddha the people were treated in human ways but the media did not cover that and that is why there were no pictures to show except from pictures from obama era of kids in cages you know that is what was blamed on on trump now we see the kind of madness that is happening on that island the situations are a million times worse than what the democrats lied it was when it was trump's term but everybody keeps quiet you know it's like every now and then like um hunter violence emails you know apart from the other ones there are new emails with him saying the n word you know randomly he gets a pass imagine if it was trump or somebody on the trump scene you see the democrats go open arms about things you know when um it's like oh this issue is associating oh how can you do this how can i do this but when it's under abiding and what is being done or the amplified version you know it's much more being done it is it is a his pr violence is being praised and all of that i can see um that is part of the hypocrisy with people like eminem you know when eminem is is pro-black lives matter and these kinds of evil celebrities sponsor the releasing of this antifa guys you know in their in their mind they and in their circles yeah they are fighting against demand you know they are helping african americans because the thing called african-americans are criminals and are roasting on the street because that is how they see african-americans but in any case when they are putting people back on the streets after they finished burning out written you see they continued doing that and destroying the african-american communities and image because like after all this why would you want to see an african-american moving into your neighborhood it's just the potential for madness it's the same thing with the feminist movements when feminism the feminist movement started out they are made to nonsense you know men's statistics staying away from women now women are complaining online that men don't approach them why would we approach you why would any man approach you when we know the the all the race and all the drama that will fool you know the potential of it has has ended that and you know um it's time for people to be smart and really get through but in any case back to this song you know it is for who it is for you know but when it comes to the term i don't know as a person i believe you know the word yet to see where what he really believes but i think he wants to be accepted by um the left's he wants to be asserted by the leftist another and that is why you can see he's kind of um trying to stone a balance even though people don't interpret it that way when listening to his fake work songs and all of that you would think that he just pure trump and promaga but he's never said anything of that you know all that nature you know you would think that um he's there but that is not where he is and you have to be careful about that and people like even kim clay sack you know there are a lot of people who have hold ceremonies all they care about is their own career someone said that the biggest problem with politicians is that you know they have only two problems you know and their first problem is getting elected and their second problem is getting re-elected you know so that is the only problems of politicians you know and and and that is why people are in soup so that being said you know it is what it is make sure you go to alfredo's vip you know and subscribe keep in mind that tom mcdonald is not a christian at least he's not actively you know he's not fully sold out and he's certainly not showing in his music you know we need to pray that that happens because that would be a good plus for the gospel and him actually preaching the gospel and spreading the gospel because i believe that there is a very strong possibility he can go full you know let him go full blown christian and fool going for christ you know and so that he can be stable and we cannot yes this guy is for god and he's pushing the gospel and all of that that is very important you know it should be a great plus he-man um nova rockefeller so put tom mcdonald another rockefeller in your prayers you know so if you have not given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that page come out that has a proud salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ so that is it thank you and god bless you

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