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Awakened By The CEO's Kiss by Therese Beharrie : Book Review - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the book awakened by the seagulls kiss now this book is written by terese

bihari you know the name the last name that is very interesting that's b-e-h-e-r-r-i-e let me read to you the official description friendship is all she can offer but he makes her want so much more the incredibly attractive man on brook jane's doorstep is definitely not the new housekeeper she's expecting ceo tyler muffy is filling in temporarily yet within days he stoned brooks carefully created life upside down suddenly she's leaving her feeling again but her connection with tyler is dangerous exciting and strangely familiar after losing everything once already can brooke risk her damaged hearts again

okay so

this is

basically nothing you know there's really nothing happening in the plots you you have to understand that um there's the basic structure of the plots and how a story should go there has to be also very important elements you know a story should have a beginning you know if you have the introduction of a problem then it should have how the characters interact with that problem and then a chain of events what happens does the characters interaction with that problem you know make the problem was or make things better you know what is the play between the problem and the characters then it leads to a climax which is the points where you know it's like the what the character fears the most or what the reader fears the most you know what has been building up what's you know the the problem has been building up to you know that is basically kind of like the worst case scenario that should be what the climax is then how what happens next how is that defeated or how what um does that grow into then you know the exposition and you know your the running up of the story so that is basically how um a story should be marked based on that understanding you know what i just read in the description there is basically nothing there you know there is there is nothing happening so basically what apparently they are hoping to sell this book is basically sensuality and sexual sins and you know drama but this is going to be very um boring you know because there's nothing happening he meets is about her meeting him and even their meeting is crazy because from what i understand she was expecting a housekeeper so why did he see you go shop why is the ceo showing up how does that even make sense you know it's it's amazing how a lot of um plots you know a lot of story lines for stuff especially um since like harley quinn you know um it also doesn't make sense it's like why is it that it doesn't make sense why why is somebody in a position where they're expecting a housekeeper and then the ceo shows up you know what is the likelihood and of course apparently their interpretation is that because um this kind of stories and you know which is basically what dominates all of um the romance uh fiction genre it's puts relationship as sparks flying face you know sexuality you know um chemistry sexual feelings for each other and then they have sex and they built they want to build that you cannot build a relationship on sex or or on adultery or fornication you know that in itself is wrong you cannot build a solid foundation up on the it's a solid house on the foundation of sin or the foundation of a mistake you know so this is crazy you know the fact that somebody is good in bed does not mean that person will be a good um spouse you know it does not mean that that person is going to be a kind individual or a good individual in any way you know there are so many things um um about that but you know such romance nov is like oh the sparks fly you know this person has a sexual attraction for the other person this person has a sexual attraction for their person they have sex and then it's like oh it's a license that means the most being a relationship and and they will live happily ever after you know when they work out whatever um conflicts at the beginning and the conflicts are always things that don't make sense one big problem with romance novels is that you know to create conflicts which is important in your story they want the conflict to be between the two people in the relationship who are who they who are the romantic interests but in reality would you even pick a friend like that you know if someone is so biometrically opposed to you how would you work together demonstrate yourself can two work together unless they agree if somebody is from a different world it's like somebody gave a good explanation you know a billionaire a billionaire's daughter once um said something about that she only dates people that can understand her you know that if that she has tried it before if she did somebody who is not like a a bolognese or like her you know or have parents that are worthy like i in that class now what happens is that there's a lot of conflict when it comes to money and you know living for example she can walk into a store and buy a 50 000 bag at a whim but that is her life now to a man who is not on that who is not used to that you know who is not um who doesn't have billionaire parents or he's not a multi-millionaire or a billionaire that is a problem he looks at that differently and he sees it differently but this is the way she has always been living her life you see so you can see that conflict and that is the problem with something like cinderella you know a lot of people like the story of cinderella but if you read the original story of cinderella you will see that cinderella was actually high class she comes from a family of good breeding you know her father was wealthy and was actually a member of courts her father was a high ranking official you know he was not um the royal bloodline as in king you know per se he was not um king or prince or the princess cousin or anything but he was really wealthy in the case of cinderella but what happened with cinderella was that when his his wife died in short beds he married someone else and after married someone else later he died so now that someone else which is the stepmother now was now the official guideline of cinderella i was maltreating cinderella so that is a story that you have to understand that she came from a different background originally so you have to understand um those um logic and in the people who wrote the original cinderella and where they were coming from because they understood the the differences with class and you know such things were very important that back then but we have to come to understand why sustains are important because nero said that cinderella you know did not um want to you know she was like a a an orphan from the street somebody like i am somebody from really poor um a very poor background and you know that is all they knew and they did not aspire or did not have any desire or understanding of high class

it would have been a disaster for that person to marry a prince because what we now have is a clash of two different words in that word of a prince even the way you hold your cutlery could actually make or break you you know the etiquette is so strict and it's it's something like if you've watched my fair lady or pigment you would see what i'm talking about you know the rules of etiquette guides everything you know knowing when to shake your hand knowing when to bow knowing how to speak the way you pronounce your words so many things matter so even and that is something that they they try to picture in the cartoon version of pocahontas you know when you watch that so those two different words you know collide but in movies and in fiction when the conflict is built upon the two the relationship between the two people in the relationship and they bring it from two different worlds it's it builds it helps to build a story but the problem is that in real life or in any situation that is not going to be you know it's difficult for somebody who is who does not understand you come from where you come from to be friends with you they have to first of all transform and understand you so in the case of cinderella cinderella had to do a lot of learning let us say that um cinderella was a real story she would have to do a lot of learning to become high class you know keeping in mind her background and he also you know he's either that or he will have to learn to become low class and have no class and maybe start eating which they have with like like you know what they would call it common and all of that so um there are so many things that um go with this and this is a problem which is something that must be changed in um the word of fiction because the more people write stories like this the more people actually aspire and think it is okay to get into a relationship with somebody that's from a different world there are people like for example you see a christian marine a muslim that is foolishness you know it is of course of course if if a christian you shouldn't have beef with muslims and all of that but understand that you're from two different worlds and two different ideologies you see why would you do something so stupid if you're a devout muslim if one person said devout muslim the other person said devout christian how can they now become husband and wife how is their life going to be those two things you know they're in two different worlds you know this is stupidity now in a story to you to make great fiction you to make a great fiction story when you want the conflict to be that way but you see i believe that um the conflicts should be better sort out with the world against the more factors that are outside them against the both of them you know because in real life you won't look for friends that are so biometrically opposed to you cannot see if you see somebody who for example likes um hip-hop music if you look at their close circle of friends they are probably people who love hip-hop music if you look at somebody who plays basketball who dresses like a basketballer you know or loves basketball it's number one on them when you look at their close friends they are probably people who love basketball too when it comes to choosing friends we choose people who are like us so why are we creating a world where a lot of fiction when it's time to choose a spouse you know it becomes okay to choose somebody that is not like you that creates a lot of problem you know so this is something that's very um important as a matter of fact uh i remember one time someone said something that um even when it comes to you may be a christian but there are different kinds of churches and i'm not just talking about differences with demon denomination but they are certain churches where you know the kind of revelation that is thoughts you know the and and the level that that person is saying you know you have to marry from somebody that is within that truth if you are wise or if you are marrying outside that person needs to come and hear the same thing that you are hearing one of the things that destroys marriages is that the two people do not understand themselves for example let us say that you belong to a church where and you have a level of revelation about giving so you could be in debt you could be in a situation where you are in financial constraints and you have your son's school fees to pay but because of what you believe you carry your money and sue a seed in church now your wife has it or perhaps you are the woman and then your husband has it and it's like what kind of nonsense is this he may also be a christian but he's he's a christian at a different perhaps a different church a different revelation that he's operating so he does not see that what you have done is wise he does not see that you have actually taken a white step what he sees is you've been irresponsible stupid and used and all of that you know so um you have to understand um this issue if people um we're in relationships and we're getting married to people who are more like them a lot of problems will not be you know if you are a nazi you cannot fall in love with mother teresa if you find another nazi two of you are you at least even though you are both evil you are evil in the same direction so your relationship is more likely to last you know than somebody that disapproves of you being a nazi you know and if you are a mother teresa if you believe in going around um going to other countries and doing charity and doing hospitable things you know if you are if you fall in love with someone that is like you there that person will also understand and believe that yes the in the beauty of going around traveling to other countries risking your life and starting hospitals and treating people but if that person is just good the person will look at like you are neglecting your duty it's the same thing with military men a lot of people they believe in you know they they go out um to save their country quote-unquote you know to go out towards as military men and their wife is at home sleeping with people in the barracks so you know people in whatever army quarters is designated to the families of the military men you know this has become a common thing but you see it is because of who you married you know when you marry somebody that understands the importance of what you are doing and understands that the kind of life that you have chosen you know so um things are better you know if you are somebody that is in the if you're a woman and you want to marry a man that is in the mba or something like that or is a musician understand that he goes on tour so he's mostly not going to be at home with you a lot of time or if you want to marry a superstar um actor who understand that will be going to shoot on location in different places and he's going to sometimes spend one week three months or one year or however long away from you that is something that you have to understand and prepare for if that is not what you want then don't want to be in a relationship with an mba story superstar actor and all of that these are things that you have to think about and understand and this this needs to be revealed and expressed in novels and in the story lines it should be made clear so when someone reads a novel a romance novel or watches a movie they should become wiser on the aspects of of relationship not becoming stupider and just merely entertained you know so that being said

i would like you to um go to alfredo vip and reach out to us if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment landscape with the gospel and also if you haven't given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo's vip page your commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer to begin your journey with god you know thank you and god bless you

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