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President Buhari's Deleted Tweet Threatens A 2nd Genocide Of The Igbo Tribe In Nigeria, Africa


References & Sources For This Video:

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about president buhari on his deleted suites twitter recently deleted a tweet that he made you know but it's important that we go into the content of that sweets i just recently made a video about nigerians living the country you know based on the video that i was going for about how full of mohammed airports is you know first of all understand that way before buhari there has always been a goal especially among young people to leave nigeria because of zero opportunities or like little opportunities that is how they have seen it they have bought that narrative now it keeps getting worse with a lot of escalations you know so that has actually um gone into a new phase right now you know and let me just read bohari's um tweets he said many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the biafra those of us in the fields for 30 months who went through the war will treat them in the language they understand

let me read that last past day again in fact let me read the whole thing again many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the biafra war those of us in the fields for 30 months who went through the war will treat them in the language they understand what kind of president would tweet something this foolish you see this is a complete lack of understanding i have talked on several locations about the problem of felida being completely disconnected from the people buhari is completely disconnected from the events in nigeria he is completely disconnected from the hearts of nigerians and the minds of nigerians and wards of nigerians the everyday nigerians when you live in a castle and you are surrounded by people of course or you live in an [ __ ] work or in a in a gated community your view is different from the people in the nation as a whole you are saying things through a setting glass you know you are seeing things from inside a limited crystal globe you know and this is what always leads to one's rebellions and coups if he had just said many of those behaving today are too young too far to to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occur during the biafra war then he he followed on to say what is not good everybody loses you know people die on both sides you know what benefits no one that would have been okay that would have been wise that would have been the direction to go but this shows his hearts you know there are those who are saying that it is his aid that he did this that's where he does not know how to use a computer you know but he does not know how to use it i don't have to his android phone but this is it the point is that this is his team this is what the people that's here he has put in power are saying this is what i talked about and have talked about numerous times that buhari is appointing muslims only full only people only to high positions of power he's appointing people who are sympathetic to the cause of jihad he's he's appointing people who have a certain tribalistic mindset of it is only us the houses and the fulanis and the muslims that is what they want you know in addition to the islamization of nigeria which is their plan there is the funeralization of nigeria which is something that was actually on before the white man came i have said it on numerous occasions before the white man came it is not like we were friends we are not one country when we're different kingdoms and the northern protectories and the fulanis and the houses we're concurring downwards and we are defending our land a lot of the territory that is considered the northern territory of nigeria is actually land that was once ibu land or yorubaland you see now that the white men have left you know the same thing is continuing and as a matter of fact when the white man was here he put them in charge you have to understand what colonization is colonization is partnership colonization is not um a swallow up if it was perhaps it would have been better and it's not like the british came here and made us british you see there was a partnership with the kings you know and for the kings like king judge of opul that did not want to work with a white man he was killed and another person who was from this you know region was appointed to partner with the white man the same thing when you look at south africa understand what colonization is you know there is a partnership so you have to understand like when um ghana and all of that they talk about um africa getting their independence but when you're talking about getting your independence you were always rude by someone from among you who was working together with a wise man however keep in mind that now till today africa is still dependent on the european economy nigeria is heavily dependent on the u.s economy the nigerian naira is based on the dollar so this hasn't really changed it is just that the definitions have changed we africans now say they are independent but they are not independent you know you cannot be independent when if someone sneezes in wall street it shakes your entire country and then you open your mouth and say you are independent you are not independent because it's what the world bank says it is what the u.s says it is what all these global bodies that africa boils down to that is a fact so how is africa independence now buhari making this kind of coin so this is what is in his mind he wants to kill ibus is this what he's saying you know that it is not about is this what is saying this is what he's saying you know it is so unfortunate this is the clearly the worst president ever you know far worse than a bashar could ever have been far worse this kind of comments you would you you would treat them in the language they understand are you are you saying saying that you want a biafra or part two understand that people died on both sides and you know the funny thing is that the people who are saying i have explained before you know i popped evils who are saying i pope or biafra you have to understand that so many people will die if you do it by force and you also have to understand the impracticality of ipob or ibo like where what segment are you going to cut out of nigeria i have explained the best move is for and and also to have a a global bank gaming team because this has to be done peacefully if you want to cut off nigeria and separate nigeria and nothing projected it on certain trajectories like it was before 1914 like it was for majority of the world since we can't get along let us separate you know um come to work together unless they agree they must retreat if we are separating we it has to be do not separate not in nigeria and certain nigeria just like north korea and south korea not nigeria and south niger and maybe rename them the south to something else but all the those on the start the eurobanks have to be on board the ibos have to be on board you know those from rivers have to be on board everybody on the side has to be on board and break away that is the only way it can work if the robots want to break away on their own the evils want to break away on their own the rivers folks want to break away on their own you have divided yourself for conquering because understand something all the oil is in the reverse area you know that is where the oil is so the live stream of the nigerian economy is coming from there so they are going to fight for that side everybody is actually trying to fight for that side especially they're not they are not going to let it go so they are going to sell kinds of things uh depending on how the media brands the media might brand high profits terrorists the media might bump your your national stories but if it is the south everybody on the south unites and says you want to break away that is one option if you are taking that the other option is to leave nigeria as it is however to leave nigeria as it is means that you have to listen to the complaints and the issues of all the different factions durable nation what are the their complaints buhari has a clue here can you imagine that you know he gave a speech saying what is it that these people want that they don't want his administration to succeed does he think that his administration has not already filled how lost is he for him not to have to be able to see that his administration has already filled what does he mean by saying that this these are politicians who don't want his animations to succeed it has already finished failing a long time ago you see and he's taking making things much worse he's making things much worse see the all the people who are saying um ipob the people who are saying you're running all of that you see what created this it is actually bohari and what he's doing that started it because before buhari came to power who was saying i pope who are saying biafra a lot of evils did not even want to hear it because their parents told them about the biafra but when they see the gradual islamization and all these strategic funny things that you know and no delivery on anything you see they are complaining you have to understand that um

you cannot reach yourself based on your own opinion alone you know as a matter of fact your own opinion let us say um um um you are an entertainer and you perform a song to a crowd of people it is not for you to rate yourself it is for the people to rate you you know you may think you are the best singer in the world but though the other people think you are look at american idol you know i don't even go into um why they choose that name you know but look at all the people who think they can sing maybe to them they are the best singers they have ever had they think they are so talented but look at reality the people who listen to you think can they stand your voice do they like it you know you have to understand that in the same way with um being a president or a leader do the people approve of your presidency it is dependent on you your performance on giving the people what they want it's not dependent on you saying that i have given the people what they want i am doing the right thing it is based on the people the people feel like they have given them what they want it is based on them you know you have to understand this it is it's about it's just like a a seller and a customer you cannot tell the customer what the customer wants and and explain that when the customer has a bad experience you now explain to the customer that know that you did your best that it is that um you are trying to convince the customer that he had a good experience when the customer is telling you that he had a bad experience you know you cannot do that so it is same thing with um leadership and presidency a lot of other leaders they have their own ideas shut up and listen to the people call all these um different leaders of all these different groups then in addition to that listen to the different people create sites or apps and let people give suggestions let p let everyone in nigeria feel like their voice is head let it be okay this is these are our priorities this is what we are doing this is what you want and listen to them and do what the people want it is not about you it is not about what you want for nigeria that is the truth in a democracy it is not about what the leader wants for the nation it is about what the people want for the nation you are actually employed to bring forth what they want it is like being employed by billionaire to you know as an assistant it is not for you you know to really give suggestions and to lead the need the story you know you are employed to do to listen you know i'm sure you've you you've you've heard the phrase you're not paid to think you know there are certain positions where you are not paid to think you are paid to make um things happen you know if you are selling hamburgers and somebody comes through and says i want 20 hamburgers it is not for you to give them a speech on how it is not healthy for them to eat 20 hamburgers that is not your place you are not paid to think and to give your opinion you are paid to give him the 20 hamburgers that he asked for you know it is about what the people wants but leadership in africa and in many parts of the world a lot of tyrants you know they have their own ideas and their vision for the world and and their nations what is the people's visions what do the people want you know the more people are not listening to and you know the people are treated like garbage this will only get worse the remaining thing in nigeria is an influx of guns the dead there will be an influx of guns ak for the servants among the youths

that is it it should just be a stone strip away from from war and you see this is something that nobody really wants you know anybody who is um who who can think you know should realize because at the end of the day it is the whites man and it is following us that we enjoy the fruit of the land that is the truth because in this process a lot of nigerians will end up being eliminated and later when the white man comes he will come and eat the fruit of the land you know the oil and whatever resources you know that is that for the picking that is reality so you know you need to be smart i have i've talked about buhari and his plans and what he's doing you know i have kept on emphasizing about um positions of power and who feels positions of power and i've been emphasized that if you know we keep on allowing evil people to feel positions of power what do you expect you cannot expect to put poison in food and then to eat it and then it will be sweet and everybody will enjoy it and you know it will be well you know that cannot be your modus operandi for cooking you know if you put poison in food yeah what what do you expect at the end of the day you know thankfully for those of us who are in christ you know poison does not affect us but keep in mind that they it still has its cause but it is a higher law that we stop it which is the law of faith the law of christ the lord the the new life in christ that is at work on us that we stop that you know the children poisonous they shall not be harmed you know that is what is happening is just like a plane flying when the plane flies it is not like the law of gravity does not apply or the law of gravity suspends itself it is just that a higher law overcomes the law of gravity the law of aerodynamics of dynamics you know the law of aerodynamics the love lives you know overrides the law of gravity gravity is still in effect but due to the law of aerodynamics the plane is able to fly you know so these are things you have to uh realize and understand as as far as the solutions of um this is concerned you know it has come to a point where since the leaders are not going to do it and you know one should not expect um that because you know um it's it's great to do the same thing and expect a different rewards you know we can start by

writing letters and doing you know the work that this layer should have done let us do it ourselves we can begin by writing letters and explaining circumstances you know and making it also known to certain international communities and organizations you know and also to different parts of the world this is what to believe you know this injustice this is um what um we want this is what should be done there should be an agreed upon pass forward there should also be accountability there should also be a stopping of and a reversal of what bhurry is saying then when it comes to boko haram the people of nigeria need to stop boko haram themselves because the government of nigeria is boko haram the government of nigeria is boko haram is the leader of boko haram this is what he wants this is clear buhari is the leader of boko haram this administration they love it because there is no reason for boko haram to continue you know if someone wanted to eliminate boko haram a long time ago it would have been done that is the first you know boko haram is busy getting their weapons from the nigerian military that is a fact you know it is not a matter of funding there are people who are making foolish statements and are thinking that um oh let them give more money to the nigerian military the money that you are giving them the billions and all of that is ending up in the pockets of the heads of all the security agencies in nigeria the heads of the military and all of that and it is going outside the country that is what is happening to all the funding and the the remaining is going to the to to buy weapons for boko haram and all of that then a little fraction is given to the military that is what happens that is a fact everybody knows how much is a policeman's salary how much is the military salary their main source of income is from starting the nigerian people the greatest and robbers in nigeria are the nigerian police there is no human being that has only frequency basis when it comes to the number of times they have taken money from someone that is not their own there is no one that has done it no group that has done it like the nigerian police the average nigerian policeman has stolen more times i'm not talking about the amount of money stolen but i'm talking about the frequency of stealing how stolen has has robbed people of nigeria more times than the greatest armed robber in nigeria and you expect things to to to move smoothly you expect these little rebellions and people not to say they do not want to be a part of nigeria anymore you see and buhari is there arresting everybody that he suspects he's part of hyper part of urban national part of you know especially ipob those are the main targets right now you know it's like a second evil genocide you know so this is very unfortunate and i hope the international community is really paying attention and twitter deleting such a tweets creates a situation where a lot of people will not see this but hopefully it has made um a lot of noise keep in mind that like mohammed you know the spokesman for buhari complained about um twitter deleting the tweets and keep in mind that china sends us um setting websites from working so twitter can be censored from working in nigeria and the way around that is to download a vpn and then you use a vpn access to um link to your your distance um your app and you still use twitter if you want but on the standard now nigerians now have nin which is linked to the identity are now linked to their sim card so when you are browsing the internet in nigeria especially without a vpn your contents and every single thing every website you are going to is linked to your ip address your activities is linked to a ip address and of course this is the excuse is that it's a way to combat terrorism and combat boko haram but no it's a way to monitor the people and also a platform for the boko haram um administration to you know um advance their cause you know so this is ridiculous this is ridiculous and you know if the people of nigeria do not do something now a time will come when they will have to do something and by that time some more damage would have been done and it would even be more difficult you know and for those of you who are living in nigeria may god be with you

no may god be with you i pray that you are safe you know you must also note that you should have a plan to come back and change things you know when um it is possible for you to do so and you know for a lot of you it is actually not god's will for you to live if it's god's will for you to live you have to pray about it and you know listen by faith don't go by emotions you know what does god see does god want you to go because the best place to be is where god wants you to be you know when um jacob was building whales on barren land and everybody else was fleeing to egypt you know he wanted to flee too but god says stay in this land and guess what god prospered him anywhere he built the will on bahrain he was prospering so for some of you god wants you god has a role for you to play right now in the changing of nigeria within nigeria so don't go you know is between you and god you know what does god wants for you you know but for two of you you know we are going the lord be with you you know that being said thank you and god bless you remember to go to alfred vip and you know check out um um the stuff that is that is a lot of content there also make sure you say the salvation prayer if you've not given your life to christ create your salvation prayer link in the main menu and in addition to that make sure you you know spread the word thank you and god bless you

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