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Apple Music Puts A Satanic Looking Image As My Profile Image And Won't Let Me Change It - by Alfred

Apple Music Puts A Satanic Image As My Profile Image & I Can't Change It - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about apple as in apple music you know i have noticed and some of you may have noticed that the image icon for my artist channel is now some kind of weird you know satanic looking image you know i can't alter that image apple has not given me access into that you know i wonder where it came from because you know before when i posted music to you know because i use a distribution service when i post music the cover art is what is updated you know it now becomes the new profile image for my apple app artists channel so that was how that worked but recently they changed it to some kind um satanic looking weird image and no matter the new music i upload with artwork it doesn't change and of course i know this is intentional because apple does also does not approve of a lot of the things i see in the songs you know clearly i'm the only person that is emphasizing an opportunity that christians have now that we may not have in the future and which is numbers crystals have numbers and we have some amount of money a relatively large amount of money if we were to examine the amount of money in the in the bank account of christians around the world that is very interesting and god will ask us why didn't you easy to take over the world i'm the only person who is emphasizing the importance of christians taking over the world keep in mind that if we do so it will only it is not going to change the book of revolution of revelation you know there are people who may look at what i'm saying like oh if if christians become the president all over the world if christians become people who are sitting in places of power all around the world what happens to the book of revelation it will still happen however what christians being in all these positions of power we do is going to create a situation where before the rapture you know things will be blissful for christians but after the rapture because all those christians will leave all those positions of power that is what is going to happen they are all going to disappear they are all going to be raptured after the rapture that is when the chaos is setting but the state of things before the rapture is dependent on you and me the state of things before the rapture is dependent on whether we agreed to take dispositions of power understand who the christian is you see you you have to know that we have the power to raise the dead we have the power to refuse to die we even have the power to raise our souls from the dead if you die you can raise yourself from the dead because the holy spirit is still in you and you have to believe what i see if you don't believe what i said it cannot happen for you you see and one problem with a lot of christians is that we we live in a world where you know we walk by faith not by sights a lot of people have filled their eyes with a lot of what the world has to offer so that affects your mind and therefore it affects the results you can bring forth in christ so even though you have christ and you are super anointed thanks to the fact that you have not been renewing your mind on a level that you know makes you see only the the impossibilities the life of christ and the life of impossibilities you know even though you are renewing your mind there is still um you haven't renewed it enough you haven't gone far enough to let go of earthly and physical limitations your knowledge of what you learnt in school your knowledge of what we observe by sight people die and they cannot get up you know your knowledge of that remember the prophets who will be killed you know during you know around that tribulation period who many people say that is a elijah and you know some people say elijah was elijah and enoch it is neither of them it is not elijah moses or elijah and you know those are christians who realize who they are in christ remember that it was said that elijah will come again you know before jesus but jesus made made it clear that it was in the spirit of elijah that it was and that person was actually john the baptist he said john the baptist that he was referring to that prophecy was referring to so you have to understand um those kinds of prophecy those two prophets are just christians anybody can work in that realm where you can be killed and you can wake up yourself without being prayed for you get up because you have to understand that your your spirit is never unconscious

you see and when you work in that realm of faith you know you feel like your your eyes are closing you feel like um the cuttings are drawing then you can fall back in total submission to the holy spirit into my hands i commit my spirits those were the words of jesus you fall back in total commitments and in faith so rendering 100 to gold knowing that there is nothing like impossible impossibilities with gold god can do anything and then you get up by faith

you have to dispel all the um common sense stuff it doesn't matter if you wear shorts and you have dirty holes in your body they spell it and just get up you act you know when peter talked to you know

the man you know that was at the gate of this fool he said silva and god i have no body i have i give one to you in the name of just rise up and walk the man was still there you know he didn't feel anything but peter reached out his hand and pulled him up you know some people wait for the spectacular they want god to manifest in a setting we face but when god has given you what that is all you need that is it so these are um realities that you have to you know understand and embrace it may be difficult for some of you to um swallow but the reason is because you do not dwell in the world in the world you know you you have so much of the world in you and in your ear you know that and that is a problem that is actually restricting you from you know getting um the best and becoming you know someone that really is a representative of christ because ui jubilee duplicates when it comes to the actions you know as he is who are we in this world you know there's nothing that jesus did on it apart from you know the things that he had to do as just jesus you know when it comes to um he's dying on the cross for us since you know that is already taken care of so it's not like you can die die for anybody since you know that is already taken care of by jews but what i'm talking about is when it comes to the miracles and the extraordinary ordinary works the working on water the raising of lazarus from the dead all of that you have the ability to do that there are a lot of people who think that when they get to heaven that is when they have their ability that is a lie there are people who believe that eternal life is what they will get on the other side after they die and then they go to heaven you get eternal life no that means that jesus like because he said that you have it here on it so you are not supposed to die the correct way to exit this world you see it's basically like a knock you can do it like a local you can read like a lighter that is it but you see the dying is not for you you have to understand that the fact that you have no sin eliminates the power of death from you

you see the fact that you are justified because the wages of sin is death when there is nothing attached to you how can that stand what space does debt have you know but when you don't exercise yourself in this exam of course you have to start small perhaps you have a pain in your stomach you know rather than looking for aspirin you lay your hand there and say healed in the name of jesus you started yourself deaf so other people you start um demonstrating the power of god your faith rises you know you you you it's called exercising your feet some of you exercise your body you understand the importance of exercising your body some of you have even got to the point where you understand the importance of exercising your mind some people don't even understand that concepts you can exercise your mind there's no such thing as oh this kid is intelligence he's an a student node this kid is intelligent he's um a plus this other one has c students this one i want to have students no you can exercise those people's minds a lot of schools don't know this otherwise they would know that they can turn an f student into an a student and that is what they should be doing especially with the as exorbitant school fees that they are paying bets a lot of schools don't even know that but you can exercise the human mind where to become sharper become it will increase its ability to retain information that it is thought it will it will become more active my life more creative and unfortunately thanks to this dan if this generation is the most unimaginative you know this generation has he does not exercise his imagination you know it's not like the abilities know that the ability is their best since all the reasoning is done for us you know two plus two now people need calculators to look it up you know it's not like they cannot sync but they have chosen to to to refuse to exercise their mind so now two plus two ten times ten you know twenty times five hundred they have to bring out the calculator you see they they have put themselves in that position where they have refused to recognize the importance of exercising your mind but in any case that same way you can exercise your mind you can exercise your feet you have one thousand dollars in your bank account you exercise your feet by the end of this month i'm going to have a hundred thousand you know and you pray you declare you believe that you receive you don't worry about um anything because you know that god is your source you know and god can also give you ideas of channels that you could create you know even without those channels somebody can give you money and say god ladies on my heart monica will appear miraculously expect such things so um when you're in those kinds of positions you know when you you start exercising your feet you begin to see these kinds of things you know but in any case that being straight back to what apple has done you know apple playing games like that it just goes to show the importance of owning our own platforms on everything you know because the image that apple uses for my profile image is not the album out of any of my albums where did they get it from you know and due to selling content i don't even go into setting celebrities right now and you know they are beef on what they did because some of my albums are actually restricted you know it was denied you know by um apple music you know because of the content but many of my albums are on apple you know but if you are not careful you will not notice that one or two you know there are i think two albums that you know um were not allowed but they were allowed on you know you can find them on other platforms you know so these games that these companies play to control what people see you know i want to keep emphasizing the importance that right now as christians we have the ability to fill up positions of power and change this world imagine if christian says all around was said we'll stop buying apple products we'll start

buying a product from a christian company you know which is even better than apple you know which which will make products that are better than apple right now there's no christian company but or imagine if christian started making demands like the lgbt community the lgbt community makes demands and look at black lives matter they are now doing all kinds of um educational you know in-house education or um critical risk theory nonsense in a lot of companies coca-cola is telling his employees to be less white you know all these kinds of nonsense why can't we christen spiritual companies and say you start preaching the gospel or we will not use your products if the lgbt completes google can pressure apple can pressure all these other companies and say you have to push our agenda in spite of the fact that the lgbt folks are less than one percent of the population yet they push that weight but christians in spite of the fact we are way more than one percent of the world population you know in spite of that we don't take advantage of the numbers that we now have so those who are actually acting and doing things are going to pull measures that will make it difficult for new christians to come forth by restricting the church attacking the church destroying the image of churches and the gospel and you know doing all kinds of things to make sure god is not in schools god is not in any public sphere they know what they are doing and specifically christianity that they are attacking they want to eliminate it this is not new so why can't we if we we say we love jesus why can't we fight for what we believe and take this positions of authority and when we are there we are not going to play the game we played before everybody has the right to believe what they believe and it's that kind of mentality that brought us together now america was founded by people who had to who felt the need to write in the in the year of our lord every time that was how far christianity was ingrained in the the language that they spoke in the year of our lord that is how they they wrote the dates in the of our lord 1776 india of our lord's sentence that is how they wrote the dates we are not even going into the communication to see how the impact of christianity is but they believed in everybody should have their rights to believe what they believe it's a free world these people are not um giving us freedom so why should we bother to give them all this freedom you know it is giving them freedom that has created this situation we allow people to have all kinds of religions in christian schools in in in state schools that were founded and named by christians and named after saints and mary and all of that but when these people came in after we in our let us give them freedom to worship who they want to worship and do what they want to do their god's power started protesting oh they don't want the name to be this they don't want god in school they don't want us to pray they don't want this and they took over everything and banned us

we should have banned them from the beginning you see we cannot play this game foolishly we cannot be fools and say um okay now we are going to allow you to do this and do that remember all the things they are banning those from we should also ban them you know so that is very important that being said thank you and um god bless you remember to go to you know also check out the music there you know there's a music link there in the main menu as well as the salvation prayer link if you've not given life to christ so click that link and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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