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Alfred Speaks On Prophet T.B Joshua Falling Asleep


References & Sources For This Video:

- Controversial Nigerian pastor TB Joshua dies aged 57:

- Popular Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua dies at 57:

- Submit a message of condolence and share your testimony about how Prophet TB Joshua has impacted your life HERE:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the death of prophet t.b joshua you know i would like to at this time you know tell people to be careful about what they say you know prophet t.b joshua or somebody that um a lot of people found controversial and a lot of people got into the habit of saying all kinds of things about him and you know he was involved in so many different things you know i have observed that in christianity it is best to keep quiet you know don't say anything negative about a man of god or someone who you know

feels that sort of position even though they may not look like a man of god to you you know and this is um not just about um t.b joshua you know this is just a general outside when you look at books like god's generals i like that book so much it shows so many things you know there are a lot of people who you know were classified as you know the book puts it as why who why some of them failed you know these are people who did great things for god it is not a glory for somebody to do great things for god and then later fully we you know it that that that book like when you look at um graham and a lot of other people in that book god's general how they started and how some ended like um there's a gentleman named alexander you know i believe that was before catching cool man's time you know so many things that happened you know the thing is that you have to pray for um everyone you have to love everyone um you have to understand that you are who you are because of god's mercy and god's grace it's only by god's grace so who are you to look down on someone else you know that helps to put things in perspective when you realize it dawns on you you you have that epiphany that it is not by your power and by your mind that you have the revelation that you have or that you are on whatever level you think you are on but it is a matter of just because grace and god's missing when you on when when you attribute that when you understand that that is it is not just like you yeah you are trying to see that um um i am this i i made myself this bet let me just give credit to god's mercy no it is because of god's mercy that you are where you are so make sure that you have a heart of love towards everybody and when you see anything happening in christianity because there's a lot of church politics be careful what you see it is best to keep quiet pray for everyone i love everyone and hope that people turn in the right way if they are heading astray pray that they will turn the right way don't get into the ministry of correcting there are some people who take the ministry of rebuking in a way that you know they completely misunderstand it when they are always pointing out all the wrong things that people are doing that prophets are doing that pastors are doing you know there are so many channels you know on youtube or on social media that folks you know happily want to point out what this christian did wrong how this person was a bad christian even the people that are opening their mouths to condemn christians for being judgmental they don't realize that by saying that you have been judgmental you're saying that look at the person claims he's a christian but look at how judgmental he is you know i won't even go into the technicality of that word judgmental you know perhaps it would be another time but you have to understand the wisdom of staying away from things that puts you into trouble you know when you look at a lot of um ministries and pastors most of the most successful ones and the ones that actually end well and they have a great run a very long run are those who mind their own business and are not professors in every other christians business and every other ministry's business you know what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right and then you know talking about all the things that um that person is doing wrong and all of that you know when you look through um church history you see that those pastors who are always condemning people you know their lives are different you know and you know for those of you who are trying to figure out how this falls in the context of prophet t.b joshua am i talking about him from the side of he talked about other school people talked about him this is not even about him anymore you know that is not what i'm um all about you know it's important that you understand these concepts you know this this very important spiritual truth of keeping your mouth shut because of the anointing understand that satan as lucifer was once anointed he was called the anointed sheriff and you know a lot of people talk about david how david refused to kill so when he had the opportunity to do to do so because of the anointing that was also in spite of the fact that god had now um anointed david to be king david because son was once anointed you know and that anointing you know was still dead you know whether you want to say that the anointing left you know that is a different topic you know but because of that anointing you know david refused to cut um the you know he will not even cut you know he was he did not hurt him i was and he felt guilty for cutting a piece of his gluten you know and understand that in that same thing that is the same thing that akai and jamaica did when he stood before satan when he stood before lucifer and they debuted they debated over the body of moses

ark and jamaica could not directly say to satan you know saying a lot of things he had to say even the lord you know the lord rebuked you he understood that authority you know even though satan had fought but because of respect for the anointing not respect for satan but respect for the anointing you know this is satan he's talking to but he had to say the lord he did not in jamaica did not say directly you know so these are spiritual things that you have to understand in the same way if someone is if there are a lot of people that are that anointed and then they go the wrong direction just like saul who was anointed and went in the direction of chasing david who god had anointed he he was not chasing you chasing somebody who could have donated to kill the person wasn't he now being a philistine doing the same thing that goliath wanted wanted and wished for

you know so you have to uh under understand distance there will be pastors and prophets who will go in the completely wrong direction but understand that that anointing you know makes puts them in a position where i will bless them that bless them cost them their custody it is not in your advantage to go against them or to say things against them you know now there are some of you who may say okay what about if you have a need to correct people you can preach about something let's say that the pastor says something like um it is not a sin to steal if you are hungry now if you hear it and you know it is on your heart to correct it you know there's the issue of are you are you going to be speaking to the same audience do you guys share the same audience you know now you can you know preach a ceremony that is not even about that then include that you know stealing is stealing you know that's whether you're hungry or not you know it doesn't change what's um what you have done you can say it cleverly without including the pastor's name and you know going directly at the pastor but what you are after is ensuring that the body of christ has the right doctrines or belief systems you know the right to understanding the right revelation you know and that is something that you also have to pray to god first does god want you to do it and to do it in that manner you know here the holy spirit leads you to directly perhaps you know the person and you know there is really you to directly confront that person and to be fair then do that you have to follow the living of the holy spirit with that but you know this is something that you have to be careful and understand that there is so much attached to it you know so i you know have repented from the aspect of talking negatively about any man of god you know or anybody that says you know he's a man of god or anybody that seems to be in social position it doesn't matter whether i feel that person is not you know i choose to leave that alone you know i won't say anything you know it's very important that you understand that you know you rather pray for that person you know if you have an opportunity to reach out to that person personally do that because social media and sermons to or i would say social media review can rebuke someone on social media has never worked so far it has not worked in you know helping matters for you know um really rectifying situations a lot of times what it ends up doing is making the body look bad and creating more division among those who are on this side and also on that side a i love that that being said i hope you've been blessed i hope you listen to what i have to say you know pray for um

those in the fight for ministry and everybody else you know pray for anyone who is a minister pray for your brothers pray for those who are not ministering that they should become ministers because that is our ministry we have the military of reconciliation everybody you know so pray for the saints and a love for the sins and understand that you are what you are because of god's grace are messy don't look down on others and be like i know far more than this person this person that person that person who look at this and look at that look at my spiritual resume and all of that you know don't don't be that way you know don't also be one of those people who um

have great hashtags so for or any that is trying to build any sort of playlists or series of teachings on this person is fake and that person is fake you know and those people who are doing it's also prayerful there and love them you know so that is the that is christianity we don't have a choice that is how god wants us to do it you know thank you god bless you remember to go to if you've not given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer menu you know the salvation prayer link in the main menu and give your life to christ they praise you commander as your prayer salvation said i pray and give your life to christ thank you and god bless

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