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Jeff Bezos Buys The Legendary MGM Hollywood Studio for over 8 Billion Dollars - by Alfred

 thanks to the lockdown that took place last year

a lot of wealth has been shifted into the pockets of a few

one of such companies that benefited greatly was amazon throughout most of last year as small businesses were closed and a lot of medium-sized businesses and some other large stores

bits the biggest ones like the walmarts

and the costco's were allowed to be opened while churches were closed and small businesses were closed amazon for example made a lot of money during that period because a lot of people were now at home and they had to buy from amazon day or that their products from amazon amazon saw extremely large profits and an extremely high increase in customer base last year also note that a lot of businesses that when boss would not be coming back a lot of market share that were saved by the small businesses has now gone to amazon amazon has expanded and amazon now has a whole lot of cash and everyone who invested in social large companies that the government allowed to stay open while other ones were close everyone who invested made money

naturally i expect you to have invested yourself however what's even better is for us to understand the importance of us starting our own companies making them big and using it as a tool to change the world right now the big companies

are actually owned by people who do not have the best interest of the world and among those who seem to have dead do not know any better because they are operating in darkness they do not have christ and they do not have the wisdom of christ as a matter of fact they deny christ so their minds and the works of their hands and their vision for the world is actually a product of what the devil wants to create of the world now amazon with the large increase in its revenue we're still continuous amazon was able to buy mg studios for 8.45 billion dollars now this is the kind of thing that we as christians should have done and should do to all entertainment to all media companies as christians we have a great many advantages i have always said that we have

a book that is given to us that is more up to date than tomorrow morning's newspaper and it was actually catching command that i hate that from first and that is so true the bible tells us how the world will end it gives us a lot of insight so we can see key changes

in the timeline of man on earth you know until the you know as the book of revelation and outlines it for us therefore we can have a lot of ideas on what technologies you know would be beneficial and also to plan for certain things in the future and for certain moves that the enemy would make sedan is planning ahead sydney has seen the book of revelation and he sees the plagues and the changes that we take place he has seen the aspect of the its atmosphere changing you know a lot of things that has talked about in the book of revelation and satan has already even now we can we can see how that will play into the global warming team so when science and plagues are actually happening to signal and in line with revelation in line with the book of revelation to show that these are signs you know to actually make people really believe and to give their life to christ when these things are happening you to go under this the umbrellas global warming that is the message that satan will send out and we can see his pre plans for that time we can also see the issue of ufos for the first time the us government you know has admitted that they are ufos you know and you know when the rapture happens that is a good time to come up with the explanation of alien adoption you know that the folks were adopted by aliens there's also the aspect of um saying that some christians figured out the way to create some technology that vaporized um christians that committed the greatest genocide in the world that you know just killed um several christians you know turn them into dust you know vaporize them you know so there are several different explanations that has already been outlined satan has this in place so he plans ahead you know using the book of revelation we as christians should do that as a matter of fact we even have something more powerful than that which is prophecy and with prophecy because we have the holy ghost we the holy spirit can tell us the future or give us instructions for certain things to do there are many people who are in christ that god told me a lot of it a long time ago to get on the internet that the internet will be bigger than television so when god told you that many years ago you should have first of all invested a lot of money in the internet and also you should have been the one to start the amazon and the ebays and the youtubes because you had that information years prior and many christians god spoke to you about this there are a lot of things that god tells you to do you know and he may not explain so much into it and and give you details on how important it is but your failure to do what he tells you to do you see ends up in a situation where you face a problem or not you bet other people in the future face a problem that what you could have created if you had obeyed previously would have been the solution and it would have been a float for them it would have been an act for them a nuanced act for them when the flood comes you know amazon having enough money to buy mg this could have been something that we could have done but you know we must make up our minds from now on forward you know every single idea god gives us we must execute you know ideas are wonderful but it's not just about that it's about the execution and keep in mind that a lot of the ideas that you have you know they are most of them that especially you know the ones that um serve god and save people and you know um wear on your heart even if it may not wear on your heart you know but it you know you have to understand the origin of a lot of ideas you know that you have is from god you know and especially when you have ideas that you know it this is god speaking to you or you got it when you are spraying in tongues you know and keep in mind that one other aspect of prophecy is speaking in tongues and interpreting so when you have that advantage in this life for you to see the future so you can prepare and do things that would actually change the course of sense it's very important that we christians are in charge of this world because if the light of the world is not the light of the world then we have allowed the darkness to take dominion and it will just be more pain more suffering and worse keep in mind that the devil does not care the devil and his minions do not care about any humor you know he does not care he has no single grin of concern or compassion or you know he does not um

okay at all you know some people have the idea that you know um for example if they're robbed today they feel they cannot be robbed tomorrow they seem to have some false sense of security like well i'm rubbers visited me um yesterday there's no way to visit me again today you know no they still can and they can visit you the day after that again you know so these are things you have to understand you know in the same way the devil does not um operate like oh i have killed somebody in that family let me leave them alone if he can kill another person the next day he will and if he sees an opportunity to kill everybody the day after that he also would take it it's not like he's um distributing um pain and suffering like oh i've already killed somebody over here let me let me go elsewhere no if he can kill another one he will so you have to prevent it from happening you know these are things you must know keep in mind that amazon you know is busy censoring books and also you know right now they have control of um books you know they are the largest distributor of books they have basically that market down when it comes to books and you know for them to buy a giant studio like ng you know that's a big move when it comes to movies keep in mind that there's the possibility that behind the scenes they are buying um big studios but not under the name because you know there is the aspect of jeff bezos you know the the fan of amazon having other companies you know that are not in his name that's bioproduct companies that buy a competition which is a strategy in business you know when um while disney was alive and he was buying upland you know for one of his um parks you see he didn't use the wild disney name you know because he knew at that time that the if you use walt disney the price will go up so he used several you know um frames new frames that had you know very interesting names you know that nobody would link to him but when um so much land was being bought and bought and bought within a short period of time a reporter news reporter actually went and really investigated and they found out that the only person that really has this money to be doing that and we have this interest is probably while disney perhaps he wants to build a new park in this solar ritual and when that news report came out then the whole thing um was exposed and of course um the price of the land went off so the remaining land that um while disney wanted to buy you know he just had to just buy everything in bulk and if the price um had increased at that time so these are strategies in business um you have to understand so just the same way bill gates owns a lot of stock of apple in a lot of people who dis microsoft's and price apple products guess what the owner of microsoft still also owns apple and of course there are people like steve jobs who founded up who has that socialist mentality of i don't care about money who gave away all all his stocks what about the people who don't mind you know and who are not foolish to be giving away money in the name of oh um i want to link being a better human being with being poor oh nobody deserves to have millions nobody deserves to have billions so let me give away all my shares to charity when you are doing that there are those who are acquiring it and imagine all of that power getting over that power and of course they have nefarious games like bill gates and you can see what he did last year you know brigades had made a lot of profits thanks to the stunts that he pulled you know with the lockdown and the whole shot you know and look at how the governments just fell in place so we must length to be smart and we must be serious about this you know thank you and god bless you

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