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FBI Tapped Rudy Giuliani's iCloud Messages Back In 2019 Because He's Pro-Trump


References & Sources For This Video:

- Charlie Kirk: If the FBI tapped into Rudy Giuliani’s iCloud messages in 2019, we should all be asking how is that legal? I thought Apple had insanely strict privacy standards? Remember the San Bernardino shooter whose phone they refused to unlock?

- Ryan Fournier: Everyone should be very concerned about the FBI tapping into Rudy Giuliani’s iCloud messages


hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about you know rudy giuliani and the fbi you know not necessarily the fbi raid you know um i want to focus on the fact that the fbi taps into his icloud messages you know the fbi reading itself is bad enough and this is something that we see you know being overlooked by the left people don't see that this is the showcasing of the shadow government and how powerful they are you know who really runs the united states when trump was running you know for the first time you know when he won over hillary obama was actually secretly using the fbi to spy on president trump on on trump that that time he was just the candidate you know and in spite of the fact that that is super illegal you know when it came out with all the proof that came out everyone kept quiet now we see the same kind of thing the use of government powers to persecute trump supporters you know especially those who are strong for trump you know the media and people like biden are saying that the number one church to america are white supremacists and domestic terrorists who are the people who they are branding and they are calling white supremacists anyone who supports trump anyone who is not on their agenda on their payroll keep in mind that you know just recently blm stumped the capital building not the one in washington but the one in i believe oklahoma that was not called an insurrection the storm data made noise and all of that that was not called an insurrection and the mainstream media is not carrying that the videos and photos that we see and you know the reporting that is done on it is from conservative news outlets which are mostly independent or just you know private citizens that is what we are saying but the mainstream media acknowledges you know they want to talk about you know um the the capital you know the protest at the capitol you know which got out of hand and call it an insurrection and all of that you know um when apparently americans had the right to be angry that you know they were clearly um ripped off you know by the so-called election system you know because there is no way you can tell me that more people voted for biden than trump and more people voted for biden than anybody else in america's presidential history and of course even the accounts of dead people who voted and interestingly voted for biden all of that is thrown out of the window the left spent the last four years of president trump's presidency complaining about um stolen elections even hillary was still writing books called what happened years after you know the election but now social media has banned it now um all the um folks have banned saying that you know um the election was rigged or stolen you know they have made it wrong now that is um they have stolen it and the who they want to be in office is now in office you know this is very terrible it was okay for them to make noise about it and say russian this russian that that um president trump used russian bots to win and all of that you know the election was rigged because president trump won but now that you know the election and dominion systems is showing something else you know they are like oh it is it is wrong it is it is un-american to even suggest that the election can be stolen and we see companies working together to basically walk towards one political goal this is something that is very serious i have emphasized the importance of good people taking you know positions of authority we as christians we have the church we need to take all positions of authority and persons of power you know there are a lot of silly people who believe little just pray when you believe little just pray you are super ignorant of the scriptures and you do not believe in the bible because when you started the bible when people prayed what happened god told them to do something and as a matter of fact a lot of miracles in the bible when it came time for action there was no prayer it was just acting on the wall when apostle peter walked and his shadow was hitting the sick he did not pray for anybody it was his shadow

that was hitting the sick the point of contact of faith with apostle peter's shadow that those two things resulted in the miracle look at jesus a lot of people that he met or let us look at them the reason of lazarus from the dead how did jesus freeze him from the dead he spoke lazarus come out that was not prayer

you know that was not prayer the he prayed before that prayer is communication with god when he come back after the prayer if jesus just prayed and did not say lazarus comforts lazarus would have still remained in the tomb you see he gave a command he spoke to the dead body

for life to come to it coming to it and that is what happened he called him out from the land of the dead into the land of the living that is what jesus did with his words and you see we also have the authority to do that jesus has given us the authority to do that and greta walks you see so you have to understand this things you know when david met goliath david didn't get on his knees and start praying and then expect things to change you see there is the action part when christians fooled their hands they are not involved in politics they have no plan to take over politics but when our people are showing their plans look at how the fbi is controlled and look at how the fbi is used for personal purposes

you see with from the spine of trump you know spying on trump by obama you know to um this issue with trudiani and it shows that it's actually bigger than obama who is behind the scenes that is controlling all these things you know why can't we build our own things you know our own societies and organizations that has more control and power than the freemasons than these colon bones than all these different societies that are in the background why don't we have our own organizations that manipulates things and has more power than the united nations rather we want to sit back and look for the united nations for help africa for example and this is the problem with a lot of africans and people of african descent all around the world they have this victim mentality and this i am nobody mentality and i'm waiting for the wise man to save me i'm waiting for somebody else somebody my prosperity my future is always in the hands of a white man somewhere or somebody else outside you know there is never any looking at oneself as i am the solution not only am i someone who can solve my own problems and make myself great i can solve other people's problems africans and people of africa they said never think that we if they did there will be no such thing as blm

if africans thought that we africans would solve their problems look at nigeria now nigeria is looking for outside help is it the white man that once colonized you that you now now calling him back to now run security for you how is he going to run security for you without control of your government he has to control the entire judiciary that is for sure and he has to be listened to completely by the executive and most importantly whatever laws or suggestions he recommends that you make to you know that that will enhance he what um he believes or what he tells you would enhance security those are what you have to implement in the legislature so that means now you are he now has control over the judiciary legislation as an executive you know and this this is the issue like look at all the resources the natural resources in africa yet africa were always imports africans value materials that are branded foreign even though the raw materials came from africa they were sent to italy or america or china or wherever and then they were made into products that had brand names now that is what africa is buying back at exorbitant prices even the oil you know before the dangote refinery which has not fully kicked off but at least that is a step in the right direction before that the crude oil that is gotten from nigeria is sent outside nigeria you know at a super cheap price and then when it is refined outside nigeria nigerians now bites at the super high price and then tell me that how can national then be reached with that kind of plan you know and when you look at a lot of the businesses in africa why is there little manufacturing you know there are just so many issues that all stem from the fact that they look outside there is no believing in oneself or believing in god in truth there are churches everywhere or in many places in africa just the same way there are schools in many places in africa and they are always giving more money to education they always pouring more money to security but what kind of security is it is it is security where you are putting more money into security and creating new factions of the police size operation fire for fire operations ceasefire operation thunder all of that but all these people that you are calling security and now the ones that all of them are oppressing the citizens and are asking the citizens for money and forcing citizens to to to give them money carrying citizens to atm are saying you have to give me money from your bank account checking the the people's bank accounts and and bringing money is that the security so even though you are putting money into security what is the quality of the security the security is making the matters worse the security that you are so-called bringing that is not security in the same way with education there are always the government is always building free schools we're here oh there's a free school day free school day but what are you teaching in the schools are you teaching them things that are making them entrepreneurs i teaching them things that are making them great what is the outcome of the schools what is the quality of the education where in spite of all these schools all the universities that stitch medicine the president of nigeria anytime he has cough or cold he has to travel outside nigeria to treat himself

you know now there are those who who would raise the argument that he's afraid that um the nigerian doctor will be paid by an opposing political party to kill him that is nonsense don't you have your personal doctor don't you have a doctor that you have always known and how do you have so little faith in your own people you know and what makes you think that that foreign hospital you are going to are you saying that your people are so dishonest that you are sure that that foreign hospital you are going to your political opponents cannot bribe the doctor there to kill you it is only your own country that that um your political opponents can bribe the doctor to kill you

so you see that argument does not hold with but you see these problems need to stop and they will not stop on their own it is not a matter of just prayer god is waiting for you to do when moses stood in front of the red sea you see moses prayed he talked to god and god told him stretch out your hand over the water and divide it keep in mind god did not say stretch your hand over the water and i will divide it he told him he gave that means the authority he gave moses the ability to divide the water it was on him stretch your hand over the water and divide it he did not say stretch your hand over the water and i would divide it as mighty as that would have been he told him stretch your your hand over the water it is you you have the power you do it divide the sea you see this this is something you have to understand if you are someone who is always looking for a white man somewhere or for the government or for one organization to help you that is a problem and for those of you are christians who are listening to me we should be the ones that own the organizations and the the powerful um places behind the scenes that can do all these things look at the fbi you know being used for personal purposes and there are many things to be said about the sbi you know they are looking at um

really juniors um messages and you know imagine the power that someone has that they can do this and they are going to get away with it who is behind all this the left keeps getting away with this over and over again and always says oh they are he put they are hypocrites when when trump did this everybody said it was racist but when they are doing it it is okay and everybody is prison it that is all we say over and over again oh look at how the left are hypocrites look at how they are hypocrites keep in mind that their rights used to be just like the left before trump another trump is out of office there is actually a readjusting we can see some of them wanting to go back to their old ways which remain more worse and just basically the same game of them of the right and the left saying different things but doing the same thing at the end of the day so we as christians you know this is something that's universal in every part of the world understand that politics controls everything look at how many churches have been closed because of the lockdown those justices a lot of them are not coming back

you see we must go and have active plants serious plants and take it as the most important thing this is super important have active plants and work out active plants to take over all the governments and any position of power in the world control everything entertainment family education every single thing you know sports every single thing because keep in mind the enemies look at how the lgbt for example they are obvious but the lgbt is just a face for something else it is just an aspect to the new world order there's more to it that is bigger than the lgbt and the people behind it would not mind killing everybody in the lgbt because there's a bigger plan actually but that is just one visible face that you can see and you can see how they are penetrating every single aspect of society

and of course who is their enemy the church christians

that is their number one enemy you know even though there are other groups that go around killing gays but christians don't we will still be their number one enemy because that is what the devil wants because the devil is behind it and the devil's number one enemy will always be the church see so these are things that um we must take seriously you know we must ask ourselves how do we control the fbi because clearly the fbi is controlled by private interests

they will get away with this whoever is behind this we get away with this you know the fbi is just basically clearly someone's personal toy it's not working for the american people you know and keep in mind that the fbi actually fought against martin luther king in the 60s they had programs that targeted martin luther king and malcolm x as well as any other person who they considered to be a potential rising star in the african-american community and what makes you think that they are not still in programs or involved in programs to control the minds of african americans because african americans are the most vulnerable people in the world when it comes to their minds their minds are the easiest to manipulate you can make african-americans do anything just just say if you do this you are racists or if you do this this is what it means to be black

you know they go for it this is you know align something with being black and i like something what you don't want them to do what you don't want them to be involved with with being racist you don't have to have proof you just have to say it loud enough and often enough i need to become facts in their minds

that being said let us pray in jesus name holy father thank you for this day we bless you in and for your love for your kindness and all that you've done for our prayer lord that christians will get the word of god in their spirit and acts they will begin to take active action on going into positions of authority and power and doing it for the gospel in the name of jesus christ they are going to do the will of god and the work of god in those positions there is not going to be any compromise there is not going to be any provision made for the devil in the name of jesus christ they would not make provision for the devil they would leave no stone unturned in the name of jesus christ i bless you holy name i thank you in jesus name amen if you're listening to this and you've not given your life to christ go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu or go to salvation you know and also you know um when i reach out it's important so that you find out what i'm doing and what um we can arrange behind the scenes so that we penetrate different aspects and levels of power and post our own people it's time for us to have our own behind the scenes united nations you know and eventually have our own version of the united nations that is going to be more powerful than any other thing it's time for us to be the ones who change constitutions and who write the laws and no one else writes it but us you know it's time for us to have our own organizations that are more powerful than the missions and the scotland bones and all the other secret societies mix together it's time for us to own our own organization that is more powerful than any cartel or collection of every single cattle put together you see because if good men don't do this even we continue to rule and we will we should not complain because we never bother to do this in the name of oh it is evil to get power which is foolishness which is what the devil wants you to think remember that adam was created to be the ruler and and to be the lord and king over everything in this earth and understand that we are born after a second other more powerful than the first other you know we are born after christ jesus christ so we are we are actually on a much higher plane than adam was you know when he was created that being said remember to go to thank you

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