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Biden doesn't mention God on National Day of Prayer in left's anti - Christian Agenda

 recently it was the national day of prayer and the national day of prayer is something that you know

says a lot about america as a country that was founded as a christian country however due to the war on god and the war on christianity and the one all sins righteous

unsurprisingly during this last national day of prayer under presidents biden there was no mention of god of course traditions in the white's house like you know reading the bible you know from start to finish which was something that was done yearly you know all those things are slowly going out the window and even more so when they are leftists in power of course you cannot be pushing for lgbt and then transgenderism and all this nonsense and at the same time pushing the bible you know it goes without saying this one god and this one christianity from politicians is a precursor towards persecution when a people are to be persecuted that used to be on top this is how it starts remember that the jews in nazi germany they were once the most powerful people in germany there were once the most prosperous people in germany the jews and that is part of the hatred against the jews by the germans they were angry that it was this foreigners that that the world yes once in their nation and this is the thing that follows jews anywhere jews go they prosper more than the people who are originally dead and the people who who were originally there they have beef with the jews this is the same thing with pharaoh this is why the jews were the israelites were first made slaves the reason they were made slaves in egypt in the beginning place was because they were becoming too powerful they were becoming rich they were becoming mightier than the egyptians themselves and the fraud was like we need to do something before egypt becomes israel in other words before these people become so mighty that they colonize us we need to do something and what did they do they made us leaves that was their way of stopping them and this is the same hatred that we saw in nazi germany that made people rise up against jews even when you look at some

works of shakespeare like you know the reference to shy look and all of that when you see the jewish missions you know and how people had a certain view of the jew the jews were super rich you know look at they went through the holocaust and now they are still today after coming through all that they're still some of the richest people in the world today and that goes without saying the importance of not blaming people for past tragedies in your lineage there are a lot of african americans who are always referencing slavery and you know always this oppression all of this this victim mentality this um embodiment of their victim that is what is keeping them back look at the jews the jews if anybody should complain the jews should have complained because the holocaust was worse what african-americans face during slavery you cannot compare it to yet you don't see jews running around saying oh the reason that i mean this difficulty is because of the holocaust and all of that you don't see that you see because it is a weakness in any case

this war on god this fighting against god

will always results in the future persecution of those who hold on to god and we can see that you know i gave the jews as an example the jews went from being powerful to persecut super persecution

you see and when they were powerful when they were rich they did not get their grasp on political power they did not occupy the face of political power they just restricted themselves to financial power and this is a problem a lot of people believe that politics is corrupt you know you that is holy go there and make it make it righteous if you stay out of it then don't complain when all that comes out of it is darkness and corruption if the jews had gone and taken political power when they had um financial power because a lot of the businesses in germany at that time were owned by jews and that was also a complaint and when was going around smashing windows imagine being so sure that the owner of every shop is a jew it is just like in america now the cab drivers are always indians or foreigners the hotel owners are always india's so foreigners what about the americans themselves some of them have bought into the idea of is the age of technology so they are either working for google they are working for a technology company some of them have restricted themselves to just being youtubers and bloggers thinking that that is the way to go but the things like the manufacturing the building of cars and all of that we have people like elon musk with tesla india mox is actually not really an american because he's from south africa from south africa a white south african that went to america and who are the majority of the people he hires look at google who are the majority of the people that they hire foreigners on f1 visas you know so these are things that you have to um realize and notice these changes and the implications of these changes you know in the case of the jews and the nazi germany they are not taking over political power made the the germans who had political power there was no push there was no um move for why can't jews get political office so the germans put blockades to make sure later on in spite of the fact that um the jews once had all the financial power they put blockades to make sure that jews do not enter political offices then they started persecuting jews and taking away their financial power and then later when it ended up in you know the concentration camps and the killing of jews by gassing and all of those terrible things you know and most of which was even filmed you know so this is something that you have to be aware of these kinds of things cannot be looked upon as an omission and christians need to be careful what they see you cannot look at this and say well perhaps the president for god's presence abiding for god no this is intentional they're the same thing with the one christmas they know what they are doing they do not want christ in anything that's why they will remove christ from christmas and call it ex-mass why don't you do that to a muslim holy day and remove all the muslim words from muslim holidays and put x day why is it only christianity why don't you remove all the you know words from all the other holy days you know people say well if you say merry christmas what about those who are not christians you may be offending them well in the same way when you are saying whatever lesbian holiday that you want to create and all of those things what about those who are not lesbian what about those who are not gay why don't you consider them and then since you want to open your mouth and say that christians should not say merry christmas because it means to offend those who are not um christians first of all why are they offended but in any case since you want to say that then don't say um any of the other holy days don't celebrate any of the gay holidays and the gay parents and all those nonsense don't say it what about those who are not you know in line with that you see it's funny how they say these things and they do these things the double standard you know all we do is point out the double standard but they keep doing what they are doing we need to take over all these positions of authority so that we keep doing what we are doing and we do it for christ and then we swallow up everything you know they want to omit god from the national day of prayer then then what is the point of prayer who are you praying to are you praying to man are you praying to the government how can you omit god from the national day of prayer what is the point of the national day of prayer you know who is the one that you are praying to you know so if they want to start pulling all these games if the time has come for us to start using their own weapons against them you know when they lobby and then they they pass laws and they say things like um hollywood has to make movies that you know has 70 gay characters we have to approach them and say you know hollywood needs to make movies that are 100 christian you know and put christianity in a good light and actually bring people to christ

better yet we need to ask for you know if these people can have the mind to demand for their own people for the people to be put in positions of authority and put as head of company just because of their gender or their risks or because they are lgbt based on whatever um boxes they take when it comes to their diversity quota nonsense you know because you know when when if someone is a female that is an advantage the person is um um gay that is a lesbian that is now another advantage you know on the check box all this nonsense that they add together to boost their themselves and to ensure that certain positions of power and authority are filled up with this lgbt and weird people that have these weird agendas have all these evil agendas we must start placing demands and carrying out plans to ensure that all those positions are full of christians if the new york stock exchange can open its mouth and say that it must have um somebody of a minority group or somebody that is gay or lesbian in the board of directors otherwise it will not register the company then we should be able to stand up and say you must have fifty percent or sixty percent christians in the board of directors otherwise we will your company should not be registered why is it that we keep quiet and i'll see what they are doing because at the end of this of the day it will lead to an environment for the persecution of christians and after that it will become to become the destruction of the whole world because when the salt of the earth has been attacked and and you know distinguished what happens to the earth and eats without salts and eats without lights you know so we must start using those strategies that they use an even more we must do things in front you know do things in public and do things behind the scenes to make sure that we fill all these positions of power or otherwise what is going to happen is going to have because we can see what their plan is these are not good people many of them are probably not even human you know these are people who advocate for the killing of innocent babies who walks around advocating for abortion how evil can someone get you know more people have been killed by abortion than any other tragedy in the history of america

more people have been killed by abortion than any war in the history of america

more african-american have been killed as a result of abortion than any slavery or anything of that nation

as a matter of fact the slaves were not bought to be killed away but to walk you know nobody will buy oxy or carton you know and then the light and torturing the oxen or cattle that they bought for the purpose of using it to um cultivate the field in the same way the people of african descent who were boats and used as leaves they were not brought to be tortured they were fed kept ignorant and sent out to walk and to walk to the best of their optimal human ability when of course the abolitionist movement came which was led by white people not africans or people of african descent those white people fought against the other white people who were slave owners and ended slavery that is what happened those are the facts but nobody wants to do anything that would actually bring about you know peace and love as a result of the truth being told because the people who um are responsible for the freedom from slavery of um current african americans who have always been there i'm not talking about those who migrated three days ago who are claiming black lives matter and that they have been oppressed for how many years even though they just arrived in the u.s three days ago i'm not talking about those ones i'm talking about those who whose ancestors were always there you know the reality of the experience you know should be told and why they're they're they are free today is because of the white man you know the those who are abolitionists you know who fought against um um those who were slave owners it's that simple you know it was abraham lincoln with his emancipation proclamation that declared i made um and meditate law that slavery is now illegal you know he's white that must be noted now we have blm and antifa tearing down his statues and all of that and saying that uh where they found the letter where he said he doesn't really care about um africans or people of african descent people need to be careful and people need to stop being foolish and so easily used and manipulated that being said it is very important you know seeing all that is happening a time will come when it could be too late you know there's a point in time when it is still ready to stitch a rip in the clothes and when you see the beginning signs of your clothes starting to tear you know at the point that is when you know at that early stage you can do something about it you know at the point no matter what you do about it you know you you all you have now is rags so all you have now is a mess so before things progress to that level we must you know together work out a plan work out a series of plans to take over positions of authority and to run in those positions of authority and never be dethroned from the those positions of authority political positions economic positions educational positions every place that there is power we must be in church we must call this truth now we must do it for christ this is not for selfish reasons you know this is not something where you put yourself first or you will allow whatever spirit that was in alexander the great overtake your head no it is about righteousness ruling it's about god being in church it is about the bible being number one putting god first but if no man will stand up and say i'm a man of god or i will stand and fight for the cause of god or the cause of righteousness then what else do you expect it to be the children of darkness that stand up and say let me be the man that will rule as they actually shrink us the nonsense that they are capable of and the the extent of their foolishness which apparently seems to have no limits

that being said go to alfred friends of scotland alfred dot vip and join us and be a part of what we are doing to you know change this world and to take over every position of authority and power thank you and god bless you

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