Alfred's American News Updates - 27th May 2021


References & Sources For This Video:

- NYPD released photos of how #BLM protesters trashed the streets for #GeorgeFloyd tonight. 

- NEWSMAX: Donald Trump predicts gasoline at $7 a gallon under President Biden. 


- AOC : The United States did this to Puerto Ricans, too.

In 1948, the US-appointed PR gov signed a Gag Law making it illegal to fly the Puerto Rican flag, punishable up to 10 years in prison.

It was illegal until 1957. When the law was repealed, the gov changed the PR flag to US blue. 

- ANDY NGO: “All out for George Floyd”

#Antifa in Portland announced a riot for tonight outside the Justice Center in downtown. A year ago, they stormed the building and set the ground floor on fire before running into downtown to loot. #BLM 

- ANDY NGO: Portland #antifa tried to burn down the Justice Center tonight to commemorate their burning of the same occupied facility a year ago. #BLM