MAGA Christmas (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

Maga Christmas (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

1) Intro

2) MAGA Wave (Acapella)

3) We MAGA While They Plot Against America (Acapella)

4) Never Let MAGA Die (Acapella)

5) Teach Your Kids To MAGA (Acapella)

6) MAGA As The Wicked Cry Liberal Tears (Acapella)

7) MAGA Loves All Colours (Acapella)

8) MAGA Everyday (Acapella)

9) MAGA Christmas (Acapella)

10) MAGA Is A Global Movement (Acapella)

11) MAGA Train (Acapella)

12) MAGA Says No To Slavery (Acapella)

13) From MAGA To MAGA (Acapella)

14) Outro


Hello Everybody,
      There are a few things you need to know.

Off The Top Verses:

      All the verses in this album are 100% freestyles. The verses are off the top. They weren't written down. However, the Choruses of all the songs where written down to maintain consistency and add to its quality.

Pure Acapella:

      This album is a Vocals Only version. It contains Only vocals. No beats.
      It wasn't tinkered with, mastered, or anything. It's just raw vocals.

Have Any Special Business Propositions Of Your Own:

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