Alfred’s Comments: Response To Solange Knowles posting a Meme comparing the prison sentence of Tanya McDowell *(Race: Black) to the prison sentence of Felicity Huffman *(Race: White)

Tanya McDowell *(Race: Black)
Lied about the school district she lived in so her 6 year old could go to a better school, even though she was homeless. Sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Felicity Huffman *(Race: White)
Paid $15,000 to an SAT test administrator to cheat on her daughter’s test, so her daughter could get into a better college. Sentenced to 14 days in jail.

Solange Knowles:

#letthatsinkin #blackjustice #justiceforblacklives #justiceforblackpeople #nojusticenopeace #whiteprivilege #tanyamcdowell #sayhername #saytheirname #prisonreform #judicialreform #equality #blacklivesmatter #blackfuturematters

Alfred’s Comment:

This is about Money not Race. Your brother in law is a known ex drug dealer and current street gang sponsor yet even though he’s Black he’s not seeing any jail time.


Solange Knowles. (2020, June 9th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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