Alfred’s Comments: Response To The Fourth Man posting a video quote that reads: This is what just happened while we were walking through the park


“This is what just happened while we were walking through the park. This patrol car stopped and my daughter immediately put her hands up ๐Ÿ˜ญ she got terrified thinking we did something wrong when a female police officer approached us with tears in our eyes. She said that her child is the same age and she didn’t want her to feel threatened by all cops.” ๐Ÿ’” [via Shaniqua Brown/FB]

Alfred’s Comment:

It’s the Fear the parents passed into the child. What does that child know about racism & police from 1st hand experience? Has she been discriminated against by the police or gotten arrested before? The parents should continue creating stumbling blocks in the child’s future by telling her the whole world is against her bcos of her skin color & the police and all authority figures are out to get her. She would never become great if at this stage in her life she’s already so full of fear and would continue to be fed Fear by her parents. She would never amount to anything with all that Fear in her heart. Shame on her parents. Shame on her Mom & Dad.


thefourthman_. (2020, June 24th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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