Alfred’s Comments: Response To Erica Campbell posting a meme saying: We know All Lives Matter, We just need Your Help with #blacklivesmatter

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We said: Black Lives Matter
Never said: Only Black Lives Matter
We know: All Lives Matter
We just need Your Help with #blacklivesmatter
For Black lives are in danger …

Erica Campbell:


Alfred’s Comment:

“Black Lives Matter” is not just a statement. It is an organization & a movement. An organization that has goals that are anti-Christian, super pro-LGBTQ, pro black baby abortion (pro Planned Parenthood), anti-Capitalism, anti-America .. etc. Check Their Website. Their values R against mine. Supporting “Black Lives Matter” (which is an organization) is supporting an organization that is against Christ & the Church. There is a difference between the statement ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the organization ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The statement is Ok! but the organization is not. However, saying the statement sounds like giving your approval for the organization. There in lyes the problem. Just say ‘All Lives Matter’ then problem solved. All Lives Matter is not an organization it’s just a statement. Or you could start another hashtag with the word “Black” in it & isn’t the name of an organization and see if all the people saying “All Lives Matter” won’t support it. They’ll jump on in if you can get it trending. Over 95% would like it. I’m sure of it.


Erica Campbell. (2020, June 26th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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