Alfred’s Comments: Response To D-Will posting a Meme saying: 1 Country, 2 Systems

1 Country, 2 Systems

George Flyod; suspected of Robbery killed by the Police

Dylann Roof; murdered 9 people arrested peacefully

“We are murdered so often I started believing Black bodies make better fertilizer” – Darnell Lamont Walker.



Alfred’s Comment:

How one responds when being arrested determines the outcome of the arrest; whether they would be carried away in a body bag or walked away in cuffs is determined by if one resists arrest or not; and to what degree.
The job of the police while making an arrest is to make an arrest. It is not to match the nature of your crime to the nature of your arrest.
The nature of your arrest depends on whether or not you resist arrest and in what fashion you do.
Keep in mind that cops are human beings not robots so the way one would act if you resist arrest in one fashion is different from the way another would act if you resist arrest in another fashion.
Your Meme speaks very badly of your character. You are generalizing cop behavior based on a few not even the majority.
For every arrest made by a cop which was unjustified or badly done. There are millions more cases where it was justified and things were done rightly.
So your claim is not just unfair it is also cops.
You cannot put the actions of a few within a group upon the entire group to justify the condemnation of everyone in the group.
If 3 black men or even 500 or even 5000 Black men go out and rob people, does it make every Black man a robber? No!
Why then would you put all cops in the same category based on the actions of a few? That is unfair and simply dishonest. It doesn’t speak well of you.
The actions of a few cops does not define every cop just like the actions of a few Black men do not define every Black man.

There are many black people who murdered people and where arrested without being killed in the process. As a matter of fact, the thousands of black people who have been tried for murder in America a court of law are proof they weren’t killed while being arrested. So posting a meme that says 1 Country, 2 Systems and your point being both races are treated differently during an arrest; a black person would get killed while being arrested for passing counterfeit bills while a white person who comes murders gets arrested peacefully as a standard, don’t hold water.
It is not a standard therefore you don’t have a point. You are just pushing a lie to pushing a narrative.
There are many White people who where killed while being arrested for even lesser crimes than George Flyod’s.
There has been many White George Flyods but you wouldn’t know that because the lame-stream media would never show that and don’t care Enough about White people to know that. The most recent one was an unarmed white man who was shot on his knees with arms up. There was no media coverage. No hysteria. No protests. No one cared because he was white.
This is a matter of police brutality, abuse of power, inefficient police training (which means more funding for the police not defunding the police), and most important people (especially black people) knowing how to interact with the police.
In all these cases, there is always resisting arrest or saying stupid to the police who have the power & authority to arrest them and who is a human being who may also have an ego issue.
How can Black people solve the problems that affect them when they lack understanding and define the situation inaccurately. Therefore, addressing the wrong matter in their quest to stop the problem.

Darnell Lamont Walker’s quote “We are murdered so often I started believing Black bodies make better fertilizer” is surely something that doesn’t apply and hasn’t applied since the 60’s.
Such a quote is ridiculous today.
The bulk of killing of black people is done by black people, but the leader of murdering black people surely goes to Planned Parenthood. An organisation that was specifically created to rid of world of and I quote “… (Black) weeds.” Those where the very words of the founder of Planned Parenthood.
Yet Black people put no energy into fighting to stop the Abortion of black babies. There’s no so called pro black civil rights organization that is fighting against abortion. They are all for it. From NAACP to Black Lives Matter. They all consider themselves pro – choice by taking away the choice of the baby to live. They take away the right to live of the baby in the womb. They take away the life of the human in the womb whose voice they don’t hear speaking.
If there was no Planned Parenthood black people make over 60% of America’s population today. Black people would be the majority. They wouldn’t be anywhere in America socially, economically, etc that you wouldn’t see a black man. There would even be any silly talk of white people giving Black people power because Black people would be the majority present in everything.
More Black people have been killed by Planned Parenthood than Hitler killed Jews.
More Black people have killed Black people in the last 3 years than Black People were killed in 400 years of Slavery in America.
So a quote that says, “We are murdered so often I started believing Black bodies make better fertilizer.” Is a testament against Black People than for Black People.
It actually is saying Black people are a Foolish people who are like wild savages cannot help themselves from continuously trying to wipe themselves out of existence; because it is black people who are making fertilizer out of black people. Not cops or white people.


D-Will. (2020, June 26th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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