Alfred’s Comments: Conversation With SoShrexy Regarding Meme saying: For my “All Lives Matter” friends…

Meme posted by SoShrexy reads:

For my “All Lives Matter” friends:

When the Boston Marathon was bombed and everybody’s profile picture changed to “Boston Strong”, nobody said “all cities are strong.”

When the Las Vegas shooting happened, people changed their profiles to “Stand With Vegas” nobody said “Stand With Everywhere”

Have you ever seen someone counter a breast cancer post with “wait, what about colon cancer?”

But for some reason if someone says “Black Lives Matter” it turns into an all inclusive “All Lives Matter”

This is not an either/ or proclamation. When there is a crisis we have always rallied around that particular group/ city/ cause. It just brings awareness and support where it is needed.

Nobody is saying, all lives don’t matter; but right now our Black friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, and strangers need our support.

Alfred’s Comment:

If the people U are trying to address when U say “Black Lives Matter” felt that U believed “All Lives Matter” U wouldn’t need to tell them “Black Lives Matter.” What U sow/give is what U reap/comes back 2 U. If they felt U love em (All Lives Matter) they would love U.

Saying “Black Lives Matter” and condemning “All Lives Matter” says that the White lives of those suffering intense Racial discrimination in America, South Africa, Nigeria, and other parts of the world don’t matter. Educate Ur about that.

By the way, “Black Lives Matter” is not just a statement. It is an organization & a movement. An organization that has goals that are anti-Christian, super pro-LGBTQ, pro black baby abortion, anti-Capitalism, anti-America .. etc. Check their website. Their values R against mine. 


This doesn’t relate to what I said, of course theres problems within the black community, there’s problems in every community, this is about people in power oppressing them and murdering them, please use a proper argument next time

Alfred’s Comment:

A wise person once said, “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.”


Also if you wanna bring the bible into this, jesus wasn’t white, his whole thing was ‘love that neighbor’ so maybe you should follow that

Alfred’s Comment:

Love Your Neighbor means All Lives Matter not Black Lives Alone. The person who only believes Black Lives Matter and ignores racial discrimination against Whites is a Racist who needs to love his neighbor.

BTW, I don’t bring up the Bible. I LIVE BY the Bible. Perhaps if you cared about ALL LIVES you would know such people exist. Not everybody is like you. Christianity is not a religion for me. It is Life. My Life! The Life I received from Christ.


Blm is not anti capitalist it has nothing to do with the economy, blm is trying to stop the unjust and unaccounted for murders of innocent black people, blm is trying to get murders held accountable for their actions ‘when justice is done, it is a joy to the rightous’-prov 21:15

Alfred’s Comment:

BLM super pro LGBTQ, pro socialism, pro modern feminism, anti-America pro illegal immigrants (I’m only cool with legal immigrants not illegal ones), pro abortion (doesn’t say anything about protecting black babies killed at planned parenthood), … etc. Our values differ.



SoShrexy. (2020, June 24th). Retrieved from: Twitter.

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