Alfred’s Comments: Conversation with Prop a.k.a Propaganda after he posted pics of himself at a shooting range and saying …

Prop a.k.a Propaganda:

Fish out of water and I have thoughts. I’ve never until yesterday have had a positive experience with guns. I’ve walked way with 2 thoughts.
1. Anyone holding these things better have a reverence for how seriously deadly these things are.
2. I can’t imagine how anyone could find joy in pointing one at a human.
Also that 50 cal goes BOOOOM.

Alfred’s Comment:

Aren’t you a Democrat? What are you doing with guns? The Democrat Party does not approve of American citizens owning guns and spent last year calling Republicans & the NRA racist for fighting for the 2nd Amendment that Democrats want to repeal to stop school shootings & gun violence according to them. Have you gone MAGA now?

Prop a.k.a Propaganda:

So much about your post is misleading and flat out incorrect. I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll just say …. uhhhhHhh

Alfred’s Comment:

Hypocrisy is the natural habitat of some people. Loves Guns but votes for the party that wants to ban Guns. Identifies as a Christian but votes for the party that wants Churches to be stripped if their 501 (C)(3) non – profit status if they don’t support & perform Gay marriages. SMH

You don’t even know what the political party you vehemently support has said at rallies and what legislations they’ve passed. *Sigh.
Black people amuse me. They never seem to know their left from their right. Just call the other side racist and they’ll be dancing to your tune.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7 NKJV). But black people never do that. Black People love to despise wisdom and understanding. So they keep making the same choices that put them in disadvantaged situations. They keep chosing what would destroy them. They keep having the worst mindsets & perspectives that work against them.

In November, blacks would go out in droves and vote for Joe Biden who proudly signed bills that specifically targeted blacks and extended prison sentences specifically for blacks “for everything but Jay walking” (to quote Biden himself).
Black people are so funny. I laugh, but I feel pity. Not pity in solidarity, but the pity you feel for a man who fights to go surfing in Shark infested waters.
Blacks need to start being smart. Nobody else can be smart for them. There is no greater creator of the suffering of Black people than Black people.

In addition to the over 100 people shot in Chicago on Father’s Day weekend. 14 people where shot & killed in Chicago yesterday including a 10 year old little Black girl, but naturally since the shooters are black; it doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter. Black lives only matter to Black Lives Matter when the shooter is White.

I wonder how many more people would be killed in Chicago and New York before this week’s Friday, and since the shooter is going to be Black I guess it won’t matter. Black Lives Matter would be marching and complaining about George Flyod & Breonna Taylor still. While Celebrities use their names to Virtue Signal and increase their followers.

It’s so sad it’s funny. Buying George Flyod a gold casket to be buried in but not lifting a finger to solve the gang problem.
If over a hundred blacks or even 12 blacks are gunned down every weekend, and half a million blacks are put in a dumpster outside Planned Parenthood every year; how long do you think it would take before the black race in America becomes extinct?
Black people are the architects of their own destruction.
Black people need to take a look in the mirror and make a change before they can change the world.

*Then He Reports My Content For Hate Speech*

Alfred’s Comment:

Feel free to delete my posts again and report it to Instagram as Racist content because you’re a Racist who hates White People & a so – called Christian who loves to bash Christians who speak out against Planned Parenthood.
And because Black people are so “oppressed” by White people in America, Facebook would take down the post just because it was called Racist by a black person without even looking into the post or given me any say in the matter. That’s how “oppressed” Black people are in America.
Black people just get their way with companies and everything else just by throwing around the word “Racist”, just like Feminist Amber Heard’s throw around the word “Rapist.”
Evil hateful Racists like you would reap what you sow.
Your deleting the post the proof that black people don’t want to change. Black people don’t want to see America great. Black people just want to hate the white man and destroy everything the white man has ever built.
The only good thing in all this is not all black people are like you. Some black people actually use their brains like me.


Prop a.k.a Propaganda. (2020, June 29th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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